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Products ranging from clutch, tote, purse, satchel and many more!

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More about Bagbeg

How to sign up for discounts and promo codes with ShopBack Malaysia

If you are unsure about how to get your discounts with us, we will teach you how! Simply register a ShopBack Malaysia account with your email address or Facebook account, click on the ‘Shop Now’ button on the ShopBack’s BagBeg page and be redirected to their website and start shopping for bags! Once you are done selecting the bags of your choice and made payment, you will receive a cashback for your purchases! You can check how much cashback you will receive and also keep track of your past cashback transactions at the ‘CashBack Summary’ page of your ShopBack account. Stay updated with the latest bag collections from BagBeg by connecting with them through their various social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and/or Google+

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The company BagBeg is founded by Chabel Yeoh and Sanz Teoh in 2013. BagBeg is a company that is established to provide ladies with high quality bags that are elegant in design. BagBeg has a range of different bags that can cater to casual, formal and dinner styles! From messenger to purse to bucket, there are so many types of bags for you to choose from! In order to ensure that the bags are of high quality and standard, the bags are imported from overseas and goes through a strict Quality Control process by the BagBeg team before they are released for sale. BagBeg also guarantees 100% satisfaction for its premium quality products, top notch customer service and next day delivery! The company is called BagBeg as it is easy to remember and the founders hope that they can provide quality service and products that will make you “beg for more”. With such exceptional products and service and dedicated staff, it is hard to not shop at BagBeg!

Save on the costs of buying bags with BagBeg and ShopBack Malaysia

You can save on delivery costs when you shop with BagBeg because BagBeg provides free delivery for those in West Malaysia and a minimum flat price of RM10 for those living in Sabah and Sarawak. Free delivery is not available to those in East Malaysia and those who live overseas as it is quite expensive and too costly for BagBeg to do so. However, even if you cannot save on delivery costs, fret not because ShopBack Malaysia has discount and coupon codes for you! When you make purchases through ShopBack Malaysia, you can get your bags at a lower price as we offer a 3.5% cashback for your purchases from BagBeg. This allows you to save by making use of coupon and promo codes while you shop till your heart’s content. Also, BagBeg offers a free return policy within 7 days of purchase to ensure that you will be satisfied with your purchases from BagBeg. You can easily visit their website to take a look at the terms and conditions for their free return policy.