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Looking for a romantic getaway with your beau without burning a hole in your pocket? There’s a wiser way around this. Cheaper alternatives are waiting to be discovered here at ShopBack. The good news is, none of these alternatives will cost you more than RM100.

A beach holiday in Port Dickson

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How can a “places to go with your beau” list go without a beach holiday as part of it? Think about the joy of leaving the city’s hustle and bustle behind while enjoying a romantic stroll along the beach, and wake up to a delightful breakfast in the company of your loved one.

Such a blissful getaway doesn’t always require breaking the bank. If you are a seasoned ShopBack and Agoda visitor, you would have noticed the number of deals available to get low-priced stays. On the other hand, a 2D1N stay starts from RM75 through, with different hotel options catering to your needs. Most come with free Wifi and some with breakfast inclusive, so check them out.

When you book a hotel through ShopBack, you also get up to 9.0% cashback which can help offset your transportation costs. Aside from, there are other hotel booking platforms such as and Expedia where you can find similarly affordable and enjoyable beach holidays.

Swedish Full Body Massage in Beyond Beauty

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If leaving the city is not an option, how about taking your beloved to a relaxing and luxurious full body massage.

At Fave by Groupon — where you’ll be receiving up to 4.5% of your purchase price as cashback — you can enjoy a 1.5 hour full body massage for two at RM68. There are also tons of different types of massages and even facial for as low as RM18 for a one-hour session. Pick and choose your preference at a massively slashed price point and unwind those knots from the week’s worth of work stress.

Foodie trip in Malacca & Malacca 5D Art Museum

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This goes out to the couples that love food. Other than its historical attractions, Malacca is also known for its variety of scrumptious food, especially Baba & Nyonya cuisine, chicken rice, satay, curry laksa and more. As it is only a 1.5-hour drive from KL city, Malacca makes a great destination for a weekend getaway. There, we recommend Jonker street’s Chung Wah Chicken Rice Ball, Asam Laksa, and Chendol.

In between the adventurous food hunt, you can take your beau for a cruise along the Malacca River or take a night stroll along the beautiful city lights. For a night stay, check out some of the cozy homestay options, starting as low as RM35 from Agoda. Some of these locations are a stone’s throw away from famous landmarks such as Jonker street and the Baba and Nonya Museum. Plan your route and clock in to the closest stay to rest up from the day trip.

Besides those mentioned, you can opt for something different like visiting the Malacca’s optical illusion museum, Malacca 5D Art! A fun place to unleash your creativity for the best wefies, this is a perfect way to release stress too.

Dining the Thai way

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Get transported to Thailand with this authentic Thai cuisine offered at Seeri authentic Thai restaurant. With this RM50 Fave deal, you get an RM100 cash voucher at Seeri’s. The restaurant uses only the most authentic and best Thai ingredients in their dishes – green curry, deep-fried sea bass with lemongrass and mint, and refreshing mango curry, among others. Especially for the spicy-food lovers, immerse in the savoury Thai spices to quench your short-term wanderlust.

A Splash-tastic day!

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For the couples who want a something different and enjoy theme parks. Start conquering all the theme parks in Malaysia starting now!

First of, one full-day admission to the Lost World of Tambun starts at RM58.50 for locals. Featuring water park attractions like Jungle wave pool and Cliff Racer, it also has other attractions for those who like to keep dry, such as the Storm Rider and Lupe’s Adventure Roller Coaster. The most interesting and not-to-be missed, of course, would be the Tiger Valley. Sit back and be wowed by the roaring greatness during the tiger feeding show, where you can observe live tigers.

Jungle trekking and farm visiting at Cameron Highlands

Vast green tea plantations at Cameron Highlands
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Be one with the nature and away from the bustling of the city on these slow-moving treks. After a week’s long of working, this comes as a well-appreciated break for the body and mind. Visit the Boh Tea plantation for a whiff of relaxing scent of fresh tea and a jungle walk. Alternatively, enjoy the cool crisp air of Cameron Highlands, and treat yourself to something healthy for a change.

Head over to Expedia and you will find various budget getaways and room bookings for less than RM100 per night. Hostels and budget inns start at around RM50 after discount, while three-star hotels would range around RM100 area, give or take ten plus ringgit. Pick and choose from you and your lover’s preference for the dream budget staycation. Also, receive a 6.0% cash back upon booking through ShopBack.

Langkawi Wildlife Park

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A romantic date doesn’t always have to revolve around movies, dinners or strolls in the park. Fun, hands-on activities are often more memorable – such as bird watching or Crocodile feeding. In fact, the whole of Langkawi Wildlife Park allows you to get up close with the animals through hand-feeding activities. Get a pair of full day tickets to Langkawi Wildlife Park to meet birds, mouse deers, reptiles and more, for only RM20 each on Fave.

Double dating at Snookball Game Center

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Did you say Snookball? For football and pool lovers, Snookball is the game for you. It Is also a family friendly game that is intuitive and easy to play, so fret not even if you are not an avid football or pool fan. What’s more, this is ideal for double or even triple dates, and is sure to bring about much fun and laughter. Furthermore, inviting another couple to join you on your date also helps strengthens relationship as it breaks the usual routine. Fave by Groupon is offering tickets at only RM28 for two hours of fun!

Learn a new skill

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It’s always nice to pick up a new skill, and even more so when it’s a couple activity. Don’t be afraid of falling or looking out of place. It’s just part of the process of learning something new. Besides, you get to snap some pictures and laugh at each other fails. Sports enthusiasts, look out for the inline skating (RM32), indoor archery (RM18) and fencing (RM80) options for something new, prices via Fave. If you want to learn instruments, there are also deals catered to your preference. Learn guitar, piano or percussions in a 8-lesson package starting at RM88, musical instruments provided based on availability.

Candlelit dinner at home

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If you are more inclined to spending a quiet night indoors, you can still enjoy a home version of a candle lit dinner without cooking up a storm. With Foodpanda, you can have the food of your choice delivered to your doorstep, with up to 9% cashback of your total bill. You can choose from a vast variety of cuisines from Chinese and Japanese, to Indian and Western. Alternatively, unleash your inner Masterchef as you whip up a healthy, luxurious meal. Just order your groceries online for convenience at HappyFresh or Honestbee, Top it up with a bottle of wine if you’re feeling fancy, and get 5% cashback when you purchase on Wine Talk.

The best part about dining at home? Simple or indulgent, control your pace and keep your tabs under RM100.

Which of these budget date ideas tickle your fancy? Leave your comments and let us know!

First published 03 Apr 2015, last updated 12 Sep 2017