Kuala Lumpur is one of the hippest neighborhood in Malaysia if not Southeast Asia. It is replete with modern cafes, restaurants, boutique bars and a burgeoning art scene from its many haunts such as Bukit Bintang, Damansara, Chow Kit and Chinatown. If you’re looking to experience KL like bonafide a hipster, you have to be sure to stay in one of these boutique hotels for a truly holistic hipster adventure. Anyways, it’s not as if it’s going to cost you an arm and a leg seeing as how they all go at under RM 200 a night!

1. Anggun Boutique Hotel

Price: RM 198 with RM 25.00 cashback



There is a certain old-world charm emanating from Anggun Boutique Hotel that you simply can’t help but feel intrigued by. It is a charm brought about by its homely albeit regal furnishing of four-poster beds, dark timbre furniture, and flooring. A stay in this boutique hotel is like a trip back in time to days colonial.

2. Chaos Hotel

Price: RM 123 with RM 25.00 cashback*


Image Credit: Hotel 81 | Agoda

This hotel follows the minimalist school of thought in terms of its interior design. Bare brick, concrete, and timber dominate the walls while simplicity and practicality are favored over extravagance in terms of furniture. It all makes for a pretty unique and hipster experience – one you should definitely not miss.

3. Hotel Maison Boutique

Price: RM 187 with RM 25.00 cashback



Hotels don’t get more boutique than this! At Hotel Maison Boutique, every room has its own theme, from the ultra-chic to the downright extravagant (front body-kid of an old-school Volkswagen Beetle retrofitted onto a bed, anyone?).

4. Lantern Hotel

Price: RM 92 with RM 25.00 cashback*



Rightly so, this gem of a hotel is located in the Chinatown district of Kuala Lumpur. In contrast to the oft-bustling nature of Chinatowns, a stay in the Lantern Hotel is quite a calm experience – or zen as some of you might call it.  In fact, it is not entirely wrong to say it looks like a library of sorts owing to its subdued and serene interior.

5. Le Apple Boutique Hotel KLCC

Price: RM 173 with RM 25.00 cashback



Boasting unmatched views of the famed twin towers of Kuala Lumpur is Le Apple Boutique Hotel KLCC.  With that view comes the knowledge that you’re just mere minutes away from the center of the city and all that is happening. Stylish and convenient, this hotel is a steal.

6.The Yard Boutique Hotel

Price: RM 150 with RM 25.00 cashback



Owing to its namesake, The Yard Boutique Hotel is home to an oasis of greenery and scenery in the middle of the urban concrete jungle that is Kuala Lumpur in the form of a yard – that’s right, a bonafide yard in the middle of land-scarce Kuala Lumpur City Center. Not to be upstaged though are the rooms which looks mighty chic!

7. Bagasta Boutique Guesthouse

Price: RM 154 with RM 25.00 cashback



Rested atop a steakhouse is the Bagasta Boutique Guesthouse. This guesthouse is what staying in kampong would feel like, if the kampong was owned and designed by a hipster after years of staying in the city studying interior design and sipping coffee in the ultra-cool hipster haunts of Kuala Lumpur. The fact that this is a hip joint doesn’t discount its aura of homeliness for its pleasant and almost whimsical decor removes all sense of it being insufferable.

8. Orion Design Hotel

Price: RM 140 with RM 25.00 cashback




Orion Design Hotel might just be the swankiest entry on this list. Everything about it is ultra-chic and modern with its use of rich and deep color scheme and mish-mash of eclectic modern furniture that somehow seems to fit in seamlessly with everything else.

9. The Mesui Hotel

Price: RM 138 with RM 25.00 cashback



From the outside, The Mesui Hotel looks like something out of a sci-fi film with blocks fitted with round windows jutting in and out of its general facade. A step inside though presents you with something much more fantastical – a bar set against a backdrop of furnishing more akin to a Mexican bar albeit with a boutique touch. Rooms are however much more subdued with the cool looking round windows taking center stage. Stylish from the outside in!

10. Ritze Perdana 1 – Damansara Perdana

Price: RM 173 with RM 25.00 cashback



This is more of a homestay than a hotel but that doesn’t make it any less of a cool choice of place to stay. One thing the Ritze Perdana 1 – Damansara Perdana has going on for it is the sweet looking pool which is adequately sized. The stylish and airy rooms are also no pushover boasting amenities such as a kitchenette – which is pretty rare for a stay in a boutique setting.

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*Cashback will only be awarded to bookings over RM125 in value.

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