The two biggest sales of the year is approaching and it’s time for us to prepare our funds. Gotta get ’em money! If you’re trying to find a way to strategise for the upcoming sales, then let us enlighten you on some of the best practices!

Here are 10 tips you need to know!

1. Look beyond local. Explore international brands


The advent of online shopping has resulted in both Black Friday and Cyber Monday to be an international phenomenon – a far cry from its strictly American origins.  The origins of the names of both events aren’t really that important. What is important though are the number of online stores participating in this  sale due to the enormous volumes of transaction going on. It is one thing to take advantage of the sales from local retailers but it is another thing to shop from international retailers especially the U.S. where these events originated from simply because of the fact that the offers are so much better.

2. The difference between the two days is small and insignificantqueue

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Black Friday is fought on two fronts – physical and then after that the online stores. Cyber Monday however happens solely online as a result of online retailers feeling the need to set aside a special day for online shopping.

Regardless or not if you’ve read tips or hacks to take full advantage of these sales, you should definitely take into account what we have to say. After all, we’re partners with some of the biggest online merchants. Trust us, Black Friday and Cyber Monday is a whole ‘nother level of online shopping event and you’ll be needing only the best tips to navigate through the gauntlet of deals and promotions.

Deals come at alarmingly quick-fire rates and it is erratic in nature – only limited by the whims and fancies of the retailers. If they sense a certain product or services on offer might sell, they’ll pounce on the opportunities. Such is the nature of Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

3. Timed sales/Flash sales

Always look out for timed sales or flash sales. These sales are concentrated into a single time frame. In that duration, certain featured items will usually be displayed prominently at the front page of the website. The great thing about these sales is that the discounts are unpredictable, but usually positively high.

Some of the most outrageous deals are being offered in the timed/ flash sale format. You have to be quick to make the most out of it though as these sales only last for a set amount of time.

How exactly do you take advantage of these outrageous deals? Our next entry explains just that.

4. Follow social media


Social media channels are the best and most accessible forms of communication. It offers real-time updates useful for consumers in aiding them make the most informed of choices – and this goes for information regarding flash sales.

5. Register for newsletters

You know those emails that you get from some stores? They are called newsletters. Electronic newsletters. What’s great about them is all the updates you need regarding good deals are all in one. Since companies can’t send you an email more than once every few days (in fear of spamming), all their great deals and plans for the week needs to be nicely packaged into a single email. That’s when you benefit.

Another channel of communications for online retailers are electronic newsletters. Due to fears of being reported as spam, these newsletters are usually a big compilation of the best deals – especially during big sale events – sent out at one go. It’s time to properly discern the useful newsletter from the spam before deleting them.

6. Save.

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Here’s one obvious tip: Make sure you save as much money as you can. Every ringgit you leave in your bank account helps you with shopping. Shipping cost a bomb, especially when your items are huge or you’re in need of express shipping.

Hoard that gold. Every single cent matters. It helps you not only take full advantage of the sales, you will also need that extra cash to cover certain hidden costs such as shipping or if the circumstance calls for it, express shipping.

7. Allocate funds for 2 days

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Exercise restraint and limit your spending during Black Friday. You wouldn’t want to run out of funds come Cyber Monday and see all those sweet deals that come after Black Friday slip between your penniless fingertips.

8. Find friends to shop with. SPREES!


Online shopping can be a team sport too. With friends around to share the burden of shipping costs, you get to spend more on the product. Plus it’s always more fun to shop with friends around – a second opinion always helps!

Some stores offer free shipping based on certain terms and conditions so be sure to read those fine prints properly before giving any retailer a go.

9. Earn cashback for your purchases

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Do you know that cashback (some may recognize it as rebate) isn’t just an incentive model exclusive to credit cards? You’ll be able to find that online too. ShopBack (that’s us!) pays you when you shop! We offer attractive cashback to those that shop online through our portals!

Contrary to popular beliefs, the concept of cashback (or more commonly known as rebates) is not strictly limited to credit cards.  You can get rewarded with cashback whilst shopping online too. This is where ShopBack (that’s us!) comes in to the picture. We reward shoppers who shop through our portals attractive rates of cashback! That’s right, you practically get paid to shop.

“ShopBack? Rings a bell but care to explain?”

Well ShopBack is an e-commerce website rewarding shoppers with up to 30% cashback from over 500 merchants including some of the biggest names in the online shopping industry. Click here to sign up now.


10. Mastercard is your bestfriend


This is exclusive only for ShopBack users but hey, it’s our blog! Count your lucky stars Mastercard cardholders because from now till 31st January 2016 you get to earn double cashback courtesy of yours truly, ShopBack. Simply click this link and to know more!

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