Buying a gift isn’t an easy task, especially if you are on a budget or if you’d prefer to buy a more thoughtful and practically useful gift. If you are clueless about what to get, you just got lucky as GearBest has some really cool gadget deals in their Dollar Deals Zone.


GearBest has an extensive selection of gadgets and that they ship directly to your doorstep. What’s better, ShopBack Malaysia gives you additional cashback on your purchases at GearBest!

Here are 10 gift ideas from GearBest which your loved ones will love!

1) Nostalgic Virtual Pet

Nostalgic Toy Tiny 49 Pet in One Virtual Pet

Digital pets were sold by the millions and were one of the biggest toy fads of the 90s. It’s a great retro gift that will keep you entertained anywhere you go! Great for the kids and the adults who never want to grow up.

Price: RM4.14 (RM4 after 3% cash back)

2) Whistle Key Finder

Whistle Key Finder Key Tracker Anti-lost with Flash

Can’t find your keys? Simply whistle and this key finder will flash and beep at a 60db frequency to help you find your lost keys. A great gift for your forgetful parents and grandparents!

Price: RM4.63 (RM4.49 after 3% cash back)

3) Pocket MP3 Player

Simplicity Fashion Pocket MP3 Player

This chic and compact mini MP3 music player comes with a micro SD card slot and back metal clip so you can secure your MP3 whilst on the go. It has a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that lasts for 2-3 hours of playback and provides high-quality sound.

Price: RM6.74 (RM6.54 after 3% cash back)

4) Magic Colour-Changing Egg Timer

Magic Color Changing Egg Timer This magical egg timer changes colour as your eggs cook so you will know exactly when your eggs are done! Useful and essential for homemakers and aspiring chefs who want to make the perfect egg!

Price: RM9.35 (RM9.06 after 3% cash back)

5) Clip-on LED Reading Light

Clip LED Gooseneck Lamp Reading Light

This clip-on LED reading light is perfect for your bookworm friends and family. It can be powered via USB or batteries and comes with a flexible gooseneck for you to adjust the light easily. With a sturdy clip that can be attached to various objects, this light and portable USB lamp is a perfect and thoughtful gift!

Price: RM13.36 (RM12.96 after 3% cash back)

6) Iron Man USB Flash Memory Drive (16GB)

Iron Man USB Flash Memory Drive

A cool and fun design with a purpose – this plug and play USB2.0 drive allows one to store videos, music, photos, movies and other important documents. Your nerdy friends and family will certainly appreciate this cute thumbdrive keychain that boasts 16GB of storage space!

Price: RM14.60 (RM14.16 after 3% cash back)

7) iBlue DIY Cardboard Virtual Reality Headset

iBlue DIY Cardboard 3D VR Glasses Headset

Virtual Reality is one of the latest developments in gaming technology and you don’t have to break the bank to experience it! This pair of DIY virtual reality glasses are affordable and are made from high-strength corrugated paper! These virtual reality glasses are suitable for 4.7 to 5.5-inch screen mobile phones and there are tonnes of free apps for you to try and have fun with VR.

Price: RM16.42 (RM15.93 after 3% cash back)

8) Retractable and Foldable Headphones

Retractable Foldable Headphone with Mic Stereo Bass

This headset has an adjustable headband for added comfort and even comes with a microphone as well. It comes in bright colours and a 3.5mm jack that is compatible with most devices. It’s even foldable for easy storage.

Price: RM16.55 (RM16.05 after 3% cash back)

9) Portable Multifunctional Screwdriver

Portable Multifunctional Screwdriver

This pocket-sized and multi-functional screwdriver is made from stainless steel and comes equipped with not only an LED light, but also a flat screwdriver, cross screwdriver, socket head wrench, bottle opener and quick release buckle. It is durable and perfect for outdoorsy and adventurous friends!

Price: RM16.75 (RM16.25 after 3% cash back)

10) bEITRS X4 Wired USB Gaming Mouse

bEITRS X4 Wired USB Gaming Mouse

This sleek gaming mouse comes with six keys for macro functions and features an ergonomic design that makes it more comfortable for intense gaming. It comes with chromatic breathing lamps that makes it perfect for working or play especially night.

Price: RM18.41 (RM17.86 after 3% cash back)

Get these gadgets and more, all for less than RM20 each! GearBest even provides a 45-day money back guarantee for your purchases and they also have a 24-hour customer service hotline to answer all your queries. Remember to use the latest GearBest coupon in addition to ShopBack for greater savings!

All images are taken from GearBest unless otherwise stated