Stumped about what gifts to get for friends, family and colleagues? Try Rakuten, home to all things Japanese and kawaii. From food to accessories, furniture and everyday practical items, the Japanese have mastered the art of cutesifying everything. And it’s not just women who are into the kawaii trend; men can own kawaii items that are not too overwhelmingly pink! Besides, kawaii is more than just colour or Hello Kitty – packaging, function and general aesthetic appeal is very important to the Japanese so there are many items that are so quirky and unique that they stray into the territory of cute. Rakuten stocks a large variety of things so the next time you wanna buy a present, you know where to go!

1. I just had to start with a Hello Kitty product, sorry. Hello Kitty is practically the definition of kawaii for Japan and symbolises the country’s obsession with all things kitty. This nifty case is for your ultra feminine lady friend who always carries tissue around.


SANRIO Moisturizing Wipes with Hello Kitty Case 

2. Sand that can be played indoors! How amazing is this?! You can give this to a friend with young children and they will thank you for it.


3. For your friends who work in offices. Here is a little something for a cute little midday perk-up!


Strawberry Tea with a Panda Designed Tea Bag

4. More than just a snack, this chocolate bar will help you exercise your brain as well as your mouth. Solve the puzzle while you and your friend chomp away happily on a sweet treat! Who said you couldn’t play with food?

rakuten4Meiji White Chocolate Puzzle

5. Socks in Egg Carton for Boys. No, this is not weird at all. Eggs and socks. Anything goes for the Japanese!  Just don’t start associating the smell of worn socks with dirty eggs…But granted, these socks are toddlers so maybe little kids don’t smell as bad…?


Socks in Egg Carton for Boys

6. A handphone case that’s shaped like a slipper! What’s not to love about this? Comes with matching earphones and a screen protector. Give it to the friend who’s always up for laughs.


Buku Wireless 3pcs iPhone 5 5S Accessories Bundle

7. This might be either cute or bizarre depending on your taste but one thing’s for sure – it’s going to attract stares. Not for the shy friend.


GOgroove Groove Pal KDZ Cute Brown Bear Animal Headphones 

8. A piece of art that is aesthetically pleasing!  Give this to a friend as a housewarming gift! The cute jellyfish and the blue colours make it a great decorative piece for the bathroom.

Cute Jellyfish Canvas Art

9. For the cooks and bakers – thank them for always filling you up with delicious food!

Kitchen Cute Strawberry-Shaped Countdown Reminder Timer

10. A baby pink tee that screams “I LOVE ALL THINGS JAPANESE”


Too Kawaii to Live Shirt

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