What is 11.11?

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11-11 originates in China, as the answer for lonely hearts to Valentines’ day. It is a day-long shopping festival where retailers put out the best deals for eager shoppers. Today, anyone can celebrate 11.11, as long as they have spending money!

Why 11-11?

singles' day
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The date 11:11 was chosen as it resembles 4 solitary bare sticks. It shows four single people coming together as a representation that you can be alone, but alone together. Pretty cool, isn’t it? We love the fact that a community is important for people to interact in. You can grab a single friend or two to spend Singles’ Day together shopping!

What do people buy during 11.11?

singles day
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The answer is everything and anything! Many stores offer big discounts on 11.11, and a lot of items see price reductions each year. Here are last year’s top items; health and beauty, travel and fashion! Just make sure you have enough money to catch these great savings deals.

11:11 — The Wish-Granting Minute

singles' day
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You would have heard friends say “Make a wish at 11:11 pm!” Or people obsessing over it when the clock turns 11:11. Well, we decided to find out the world’s fascination with this time — and found nothing! It is simply a strange, unexplained phenomenon but fun to wish upon anyway. Maybe you could… wish for big discounts on that makeup palette you’re considering?

We can grant your discount wishes with upsized cashback! On 11 November, we will have a huge array of merchants offering even bigger savings. To help you with your shopping needs, we’ve prepared a cheat sheet below with upsized cashback!


MerchantProductOriginal CashbackUpsized Cashback
TravelokaFlights and hotels booking service.Up to 6%<11%
Booking.comTravel booking services6%9%
AgodaHotel and homestay booking5%<8.5%
TravelogTravel sightseeing tours, attractions.Up to 4.5%< 7.5%
KlookTravel experience packages. Up to 3.5%<7.5%
KKDayTravel experience service3.5%4.5%


MerchantProductOriginal CashbackUpsized Cashback
NikeSports shoes and attire.2%15%
ZaloraMens' and Womens' Fashion.3%<21%
RosegalOnline Womens' and Mens' clothes retailer7.5%11%
LookFantasticMakeup, Skincare and Haircare productsUp to 5%<10%
JD SportsSports shoes7%9%
Cotton OnWomens' and Mens' Fashion5%9%
Under ArmourSports attire retailer6%<7.5%
SephoraMakeup productsUp to 6%<7.5%
Fashion ValetFashion Retailer4.5%6%


Merchant NameProductOriginal CashbackUpsized Cashback
TaobaoChinese-based online marketplace.Up to 10% Cash RewardsUp to 30% upsized Cash Rewards
LazadaOnline shopping products.Up to 10%20%


MerchantProductOriginal CashbackUpsized Cashback
LenovoTech Products6%14%
Book DepositoryOnline bookstore.Up to 4% <11.5%
RentalCarsCar rental service6%8%
WatsonsHealth and Beauty Products3%4.5%
EatigoFood reservation serviceRM3.00RM4.50
SenhengTech Products3.75%5%

Bonus: Flash Upsizes

Leading up to 11.11 starting 4-10 Nov, ShopBack will be running flash upsizes on a selected merchant each day from 12-2 pm! What’s more, some of these flash upsizes include bonus cashback so you can save even more! Do keep a lookout on ShopBack for more updates on these deals!

Deals you should look out for

All-Day Deals

1. Earn RM2 Bonus Cashback when you reload Touch N Go eWallet when you spend a minimum of RM10!

2. Get RM0.50 Bonus Cashback for every Survey Completed once per user!
3. 10% Bonus Cashback for your first travel purchase (capped at RM50) when you book through this page!

Hourly Upsized Cashback

4-6pm — Extra 5% Bonus Cashback on selected merchants (capped at RM11)

6-8pm — Lazada Double Upsized Cashback for Existing Customers

8 pm-12 am — Zalora Super Epic Upsized Cashback, 14% upsized cashback for existing customers and 21% upsized cashback for new customers

Reward yourself this 11.11!

singles' day
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Plenty of successful people are single too, and you’re not alone this 11.11. You can always treat yourself with some retail therapy, and buy that item you’ve always wanted. We hope you have fun shopping this 11.11!

ShopBack offers upsized cashback and crazy deals during 11.11! Keep an eye on this page and ShopBack’s 11.11 deals for more updates!