Single on a Singles Day? There’s no need to fret about your singlehood and lament your lack of luck in love this year. 11.11 Singles Day is a time when you can stock up on your shopping carts and get some pretty fly goods. We promise they’ll help with the state of your love life.

Here are our tips on what you can get for a steal this Singles Day so you will score a date… next time. ?

1. A Brand New Wardrobe

Woman in Stylish Dress And Sunglasses
Image Credit: Eloise Ambursley | Unsplash

Looking good never hurt anyone. So whether you’re looking to ask someone out for a date or just casually chilling out with friends, dressing up can give you that much-needed confidence boost that makes you shine. Who knows? You might just turn some heads on Singles Day.

Here are some styling options to consider:

Ladies, Get The “French-Girl Style” From TMall:

Look like you’ve just stepped out of a French Auteur film and exude a classic French elegance with this dress and a beret:

Image Credit: HSTYLE/韩都衣舍 | Tmall
Product Name: 韩都衣舍2017韩版女秋新款裙子宽松显瘦长袖荷叶边连衣裙RW7126瑒

This dress would have cost you ¥658.00 on normal days but will be ¥158 with Tmall promo on Singles Day. It’s friendly on your eyes and friendly on your pocket, plus you look like you just stepped off a plane from Paris.

Men, Get A Good Pair Of Jeans From ASOS:

A good pair of jeans is a staple in any men’s wardrobe (or any women’s wardrobe too). It is versatile and could either dress up a look (since you’re not in Bermudas) or dress down a look (pair it with a t-shirt and blazer, making you look casual yet smart).

Brooklyn Supply Co Muscle Fit Jeans Bleached Blue ASOS
Image Credit: ASOS
Product Name: Brooklyn Supply Co Muscle Fit Jeans Bleached Blue

Normally these jeans would cost £40 but we hear rumours that discounts can go up to 30% for everything on 11.11 itself. So fill those carts with these ASOS offers – not just these jeans, but pair them with any number of jackets, t-shirts, shirts and more so you can keep wearing the jeans.

Prepare your wallets (and fill those carts) — it’s time for a wardrobe makeover! (Seriously, just buy all the clothes. They’re cheap.)

2. Jewellery and Accessories To Match Your New Clothes

Men Accessories
Image Credit: Vadim Sherbakov | Unsplash

You might think accessories don’t play a big role in first impressions, but you can tell a lot about a person from the watches and jewellery they choose to pair with their clothes.

Guys — Get A Watch on Qoo10

It doesn’t have to be a fancy watch that’ll cost an arm and a leg, just look for a watch that’s simple, clean looking and easy on the eyes. Qoo10 has a few selections from both Fossil and Casio and more (with up to 12% cashback). You could get them from RM 279.90 (instead of the retail price of RM707).

You’ll also get cart coupons (16% with a minimum purchase of RM60 and RM48 with a minimum purchase of RM260) for 11.11 so keep your eyes peeled for those!

fossil watchspree qoo10
Image Credit: Watchspree-MY | Qoo10

This is an example of how watches can get you a date, because matching couple watches are a thing, and you can tell your grandchildren the story about how your shiny new watch you bought on Singles Day with Qoo10 discount code was the very thing that helped catch her eye that starry night:

matching couple watches
Image Credit: Allef Vinicius | Unsplash

If watches aren’t your thing, you could get sunglasses and hats (just don’t wear them indoors), a good, sleek wallet, or even an eye-catching belt. These accessories can potentially start a good, healthy debate with your date on whether people should wear sunglasses indoors. (They really shouldn’t.)

Girls — Play With Your Jewelry Options on Zalora

You’ll be surprised at how much of a bargain you can get for an elegant looking necklace or some cute earrings online with Zalora promo codes. You could get the unicorn to bless you with a date by buying this necklace:

Elli Germany Gold Unicorn Necklace
Image Credit: Elli Germany | Zalora
Product Name: Silver Gold Unicorn Magic Necklace

Because who doesn’t love unicorns? Only people who don’t love magic, that’s who. Love always requires that little bit of magic, so this will help find that magical person. We guarantee it.

girl holding necklace
Image Credit: Amadeo Muslimović | Unsplash

Your accessories will help tell your story, so choose them carefully. Who knows, maybe you’ll be wearing a ring on your finger next Singles Day. Now that would be a story to tell.

3. Skincare or Grooming Products So You Don’t Look Like Crap

Anna in Frozen with Messy Hair
Image Credit: Disney | GIPHY

Please, for the love of God and all things wonderful, make sure you look good before you head out of the door. Whether or not you put on makeup is really up to you, but what is not up to you is how you take care of yourself.

We can tell if your hair is greasy and you haven’t washed it in a year, or if your pores have been neglected for so long, the dust in the air is stuck under your skin.

Acwell Aqua Weekly Sleeping Recharger
Image Credit: Acwell | Althea

To prevent a dating disaster, brush your hair and teeth (not with the same brush), and make sure your skin is in the best possible condition it can be in. So here’s a tip: put a mask on before you sleep to cheat your way to beautiful skin.

Try Acwell’s Aqua Weekly Sleeping Recharger (RM56, up RM73) from Althea (up to 9.5% cashback). It customises a mask for each day for one intensive week of moisture replenishment so you can say goodbye to dry, flaky skin.

4. Sports Equipment To Go Get Healthy

Image Credit:

It’s time to buy new sports equipment this Singles Day, like a new pair of running shoes. Why, you ask? Because you’ve been lazy all year and you haven’t been exercising and it shows. Remember what we said about personal grooming? That extends to how you take care of yourself inside.

So sweat it out while rocking with your new pair of running shoes you bought during 11street sale, and maybe you’ll meet someone new while you’re trying to figure out how to use that new machine at the gym.

4. Phones And Cameras For That Perfect Tinder Profile Picture

Man taking a selfie
Image Credits: Djamal Akhmad Fahmi | Unsplash

Behind every Facebook or Instagram profile picture, there’s either an awesome camera or a quality phone. So get a good camera to take good photos, and a good phone to put in all the digits.

Take advantage of the electronic sales on 11.11 Singles Day at Lazada sale (up to 20% cashback) where you can get new phones and camera at almost half price.

If all else fails, be a hero to someone by lending them your power bank and charge your way into their heart.

5. Books So You Can Be An Interesting Conversationalist

Image Credit:

Woo someone over with not only your looks but also your brains. You can become smarter, wittier and funnier just by reading a few books. Books also give you stories to tell.

So stock up on some books during this Singles Day. Here are some books we recommend you get from Kinokuniya (with up to 6% cashback):

  1. The Course of Love by Alain de Botton (RM41.95) tells a tale of a love story after marriage. Botton’s a philosopher, so this is an exploration of what happens after you fall in love. A good read for anyone who wants to know how to stay in love.
  2. Ready Player One by Ernest Cline (RM45.10) is about a world where everyone is plugged into the virtual world. It’s packed with 80s pop culture references and will be released as a movie soon. For anyone who wants to escape reality.
  3. Yesterday by Felicia Yap (RM67.91) is a murder mystery and romance set in a world where people can only either remember one day or two days. The author grew up in Malaysia, and the book has recently been translated to Malay.

P.S. You get free shipping using Kinokuniya coupon code so there’s no need to carry those books yourself with a minimum purchase of RM120 (WMsia) or RM240 (EMsia) by 30 November 2017.

What will you buy this 11.11 Singles Day to up your game in your dating life?

*Featured Image Credit: Grekov’s | Shutterstock