The fasting month, otherwise known as Ramadan, is approaching in just a few days!

Besides abstaining from sinful acts, it is also known that Muslims need to fast, which is to avoid consuming any food and drinks from sunrise till sunset.

Hence, the pre-dawn meal, also known as sahur, is extremely important for Muslims as it will be your fuel throughout the day. Since waking up and preparing for sahur can be quite the chore, furthermore with the time constraint if you’re prone to sleeping in, we’ve come up with 13 fuss-free recipes that you can prepare for sahur in less than 20 minutes!

Before we begin, click HERE to download our PDF recipes for all the recipes below!

Recipe #1: The SuperBowls.

These breakfast bowls are your morning fuel. Jam packed with antioxidants and bound to give you energy throughout the day!


Recipe #2: Mmmm.. Smooth and Tasty!

I love a good cup of smoothie. Oh, did I mention pudding too?

Ramadan pre-dawn meal recipe for banana mango oat smoothie and yoghurt chia pudding


Recipe #3: Pudding Haven!

I can’t choose my favourite pudding recipe so I chose them all! Try them out throughout the whole month of Ramadan!


Recipe #4: Time for the Savoury Treats.

Breakfast doesn’t have to be all things sweet.

P.S. I tried the Veggie Egg Cups and they are THE bomb.

Click HERE to download your Sahur Recipes PDF!

Recipe #5: Best of both worlds!

Quinoa and oatmeal, fruits and nuts. I love the combination of all these power foods!


Recipe #6: Sometimes, the best dish takes time.

This on requires a little more effort to prepare the night before, but it will be so worth it.


Recipe #7: The Classic.

Classics are here to stay. Besides, what’s a breakfast recipe without the quintessential avocado toast?


Recipe #8: Time for you to show your MasterChef skills!

This particular recipe require a bit of work. But trust me when I say even amateur chefs can nail this.


Recipe #9: The Crowd Favourite!

Ending things on a sweet note, pancakes are my go-to breakfast. This recipe is super easy to follow and you can serve up to 4 people in just 2o minutes.

Click HERE to download your Sahur Recipes PDF!

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