So, you might have heard the news that Amazon has finally come on board with us at ShopBack Malaysia. Hooray to that! You might also have heard about how big Amazon is as a company.

So, you’re looking to shop at one of the world’s biggest online store but feel daunted by the thought of having to pay the fees to get it shipped internationally? Well, ShopBack has got you covered. How, you ask? Well, we will reward you with cashback of up to 10.0% on your international shipping fees when you use ShopBack’s partner courier.

But first, let’s talk numbers. Big, big numbers.

Amazon Company Facts & Figures

1. Year Amazon was founded : 1994
2. Number of Amazon employees: 97,000
3. Number of Amazon warehouses:  89
4. How many users: 244 million active users
5. Number of countries with Amazon sellers in them in 2014: 100 countries
6. Percentage of web shoppers that go to Amazon for product searches: 44%

Sales Facts & Figures

7. Amazon’s estimated 2015 gross sales: $88 billion
8. Amazon Q4 2015 revenue:  $35.75 billion
9. Average amount that an Amazon Prime member spends on Amazon: $1500 per year
10. Average amount that a non-Amazon Prime member spends on Amazon: $625 per year
11. Amazon’s annual revenue from book sales: $5.25 billion
12. Amazon’s share of the Chinese ecommerce market: 1.1%
13. Amazon’s share of 2015 Black Friday ecommerce sales: 35.7%
14. Total number of units ordered, worldwide, from Amazon sellers on Cyber Monday 2014: 16 million units
15. Number of products purchased from Amazon Marketplace Sellers in 2014: 2 billion

Product Facts & Figures

16. Average number of books added to Amazon per hour: 12 books
17. Estimated number of books available on Amazon: 34 million books
18. Number of items on Amazon eligible for Prime: 20 million
19. Number of Amazon Marketplace sellers: 2 million
20. Number of clothing items available on 30 million items

I don’t know about you. But just by looking at all these gasp-worthy millions and billions involved in Amazon is enough to impress me! Numbers don’t lie and these numbers speak the truth about their status as the premier online shopping destination.

Shop on Amazon through ShopBack!

When you shop on Amazon through ShopBack, you can earn 10% cashback on your international shipment fees. That’s up to 70% cheaper international shipment fees than other couriers! All it takes is just a few simple steps.

ShopBack Amazon Courier Service

Step 1: Clickthrough from ShopBack

As with all other online stores, a clickthrough from ShopBack is required for us to track your orders. Do ensure that the email in your account details for both your ShopBack and Amazon account is the same.

ShopBack and Amazon Courier Service

Step 2: Checkout with ShopBack’s unique USA Address

You can then proceed to shop at Amazon as you usually do. Except for one thing. Remember the partner courier we were talking about earlier? Well, instead of inputting your usual shipping address, you input our unique ShopBack USA address:

Address Line 1: 18221 150th Avenue
Address Line 2: KUL9034
City: Springfields Garden
State/Province/Region: NY
ZIP: 11413
Country: United States
Phone number: 718-553-8740

ShopBack and Amazon Courier Service

Step 3: Receive the Shipping Confirmation Email

You will then receive two emails, one of which is the Order Confirmation email from Amazon and the other is the Shipping Confirmation Email of which the latter is of utmost important to both ShopBack and you!

ShopBack and Amazon Courier Service

Step 4: Forward Your Shipping Confirmation Email

You should then forward your Shipping Confirmation Email to Accompanying the forwarded email should be your Shipment Tracking Number, Home or Delivery Address and your Mobile Contact Number. Do ensure that the subject title of the Shipping Confirmation Email is not altered in any way upon forwarding.

ShopBack and Amazon Courier Service

Step 5: Make payment and receive your cashback!

Our friendly courier partners will then contact you via the mobile phone details provided with information regarding your parcel and the delivery fees you’ve incurred. Payment should then be made to our courier partner’s friendly deliveryman upon delivery of your parcel straight to your doorstep! You can expect to receive your Cashback within 30 days of your parcel’s arrival.

ShopBack and Amazon Courier Service

So what are you waiting for! With millions of products available for purchase on Amazon, you are sure to find something to your fancy! ShopBack is not only your trusted courier service, but you can earn cashback and save up to 70% on international shipment fees!

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