Sometimes your bank account isn’t really reflective of your wants and needs – especially when it comes to travelling. Let that not hold you back because even with only a few hundred to spare, you can still satisfy your urge of wanderlust. As proof, I have scoured the premier travel deal website, Agoda, to show you what RM 100 can get you in Malaysia’s most exciting states!

1. Johor Bahru

a. 1 night stay in: Orange Hotel Bukit Indah from RM 96.91

Orange Hotel Bukit Indah

Image Credit: Agoda

If Legoland is part of your itinerary, Orange Hotel Bukit Indah is the perfect hotel for you, located just a 10 minutes drive away. Rooms are clean with all the standard budget hotel amenities.

b. 2 nights stay in: Warm Blanket Hostel from RM 47.68

Warm Blanket Hostel

Image Credit: Agoda

If Legoland is part of your itinerary and you’re on a really tight budget, Warm Blanket Host is the place for you!

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2. Kedah

a. 1 night stay in: T Star Cottage from RM 59.09

T Star Cottage

Image Credit: Agoda

Located in the island paradise of Langkawi and within such close distance to Pantai Tengah that you can practically taste the salty sea breeze from the beautiful beach that place has to offer.

b. 2 night stays in: Chenang Lodge Motel from RM 45.21

Chenang Lodge Motel

Image Credit: Agoda

Still in Langkawi (i mean, its Langkawi, come on), but this time it’s a stay near the much more popular and developed but no less picturesque Pantai Cenang. It’s cheaper too!

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3. Kelantan

a. 1 night stay in: The Room @ Zishi Hostel from RM 88.68

The Room @ Zishi Hostel

Image Credit: Agoda

Located in the heart of Kelantan’s capital city is The Room @ Zishi Hostel. Situated conveniently near truckloads of attractions such as museums, Chinatown, night markets and food hot-spots, this hotel promises to be a steal! With awesome interior to boot!

b. 2 nights stay in: My Place Guest House from RM 35.00

My Place Guest House

This is a cheaper option in the same area. If you’re willing to cut back on some of the luxuries this is the perfect place to be. The owners are friendly and the place is clean. You can even throw in an extra day and still be only RM 5.00 over the RM 100.00 budget. Now isn’t that cool?

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4. Malacca

a. 1 night stay in: The One Vacation Home from RM 77.19

The One Vacation Home

Image Credit: Agoda

If you’re looking for a stay in this historic state near all the attractions such as Jonker Street, The Baba-Nonya Heritage, A Famosa, the Maritime Museum and the Mahkota Parade, The One Vacation Home provides a welcoming and comfortable place for exactly just that!

b. 2 nights stay in: The Cardamom Hostel from RM 45.00

The Cardamom Hostel

Ditto that for the Cardamom Hostel albeit a little more basic but the service is all the same!

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5. Pahang

a. 1 night stay in: Juara Mutiara Resort from RM 65.76

Juara Mutiara Resort

Image Credit: Agoda

Tioman is heaven on earth, or to be more precise, it’s heaven right at your doorstep simply because the Juara Mutiara is just a few meters away from the beach! That’s alone justifies the price – which isn’t too shabby by the way!

b. 2 nights stay in: Kuantan Guest House from RM 49.32

Kuantan Guest House

Image Credit: Agoda

This strategically located guest house is minutes walk away from everything; malls, food spots and best of all the very scenic Teluk Cempedak Beach. Great value for money!

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6. Perak

a. 1 night stay in: Shamrock Guest House from RM 97.82

Shamrock Guest House

Shamrock Guest House is a popular choice for weekend travelers. Boasting spacious rooms and conveniently situated in Ipoh City near local attractions and eateries serving food that has made Ipoh a favorite destination for travelers, this choice of stay is quite the steal.

b. 2 nights stay in: Pangkor Waterfall Beach Resort from RM 44.43

Pangkor Waterfall Beach Resort

Surrounded by the aquamarine waters and white sandy beaches is Pangkor Island.  Pangkor Waterfall Beach Resort should be your obvious choice of stay to enjoy such luxuries without having to leave you poor as a pauper till the end of the month. It is also really close to the Pangkor waterfall if wading in beaches is not your kinda thing.

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7. Penang

a. 1 night stay in: Lazyboys Guesthouse from RM 54.25

Lazyboys Guesthouse

Image Credit: Agoda

As awesome as it is, Penang is not all about Georgetown. An equally intriguing destination is Batu Ferringhi where the beaches are idyllic and the view expansive. At just over RM 50.00 it still leaves some room for your subsequent stay in Georgetown at our next entry for an even more complete Penang experience.

b. 2 nights stay in: Thirty Three Stewart Houze Guest House from RM 49.74

Thirty Three Stewart Houze Guest House

Image Credit: Agoda

Once you reach mainland Penang, there is no way you’re heading home straight without a stay in Georgetown. This UNESCO World Heritage Site is a treat for all your senses. Steeped in culture and packed with delicious food you can’t you’ve visited Penang without a visit to Georgetown. Thirty Three Stewart lets you experience just that, located in the heart of Georgetown with easy access to virtually everything this town has to offer.

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8. Sabah

a. 1 night stay in: Ayana Holiday Resort from RM 77.00

Ayana Holiday Resort

Image Credit: Agoda

We head east to Sabah and in to one of the state’s biggest attraction – Kota Kinabalu National Park. Imagine waking up to misty greenery and calming sounds of nature, its just the peace and tranquility you’ll need to rejuvenate your tired senses. Ayana Holiday Resort provides you the perfect platform for just that and without the astronomical prices of having to stay in a conventional resort.

b. 2 nights stay in: Borneo Global Backpackers Hotel from RM 40.73

Borneo Global Backpackers Hotel

Image Credit: Agoda

It is a lesser known fact that Sabah is home to nice beaches and one of that is the Tanjung Aru beach. Located just a stone’s throw away, this budget hotel might not be much but at that price it matters not.

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9. Sarawak

a. 1 night stay in: The Village House from RM 87.56

The Village House

Image Credit: Agoda

Nestled in between the idyllic Damai Beach and the Taman Negara Kuching Wetland near the western tip of the island of Borneo is The Village House. This provides you the option of enjoying two of nature’s attraction that Sarawak has to offer – or you can just take an extended stay since it’s so affordable.

b. 2 nights stay in: BB Bunkers Hostel from RM 42.88

BB Bunkers Hostel

If you’re still of two-minds about that extended stay a look at the rates BB Bunkers Hostel is sure to help you come to a positive decision.  You’re welcome!

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10. Terengganu

a. 1 night stay in: Samudera Hotel from RM 89.62

Samudera Hotel

Image Credit: Agoda


Nestled in between two of mainaland Terengganu’s beautiful beaches, Tanjung Jara and Pantai Air Tawar is the Samudera Hotel. Samudera Hotel is the perfect place to experience Terengganu’s beaches or you can set up camp temporarily before heading off to the popular Perhentian Islands.

b. 2 nights stay in Pandan Laut Beach Resort  from RM 47.17

Pandan Laut Beach Resort

Image Credit: Agoda

Sitting on the fringes of Terengganu’s coastline is the Pandan Laut. Just minutes away from the beach and with invidual housing in the shape of cute teepees, this choice of stay is perfect for a lazy beach getaway where days are spent taking a dip and nights spent stargazing.

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