selfie-buns-hunAre you sick of using your phone for all your selfies? Is it because your phone’s front camera quality is poor? Then change it up! Instead of using your phone, a digital camera gets the job done better! Digital cameras are redefining what a typical selfie experience is like. We’ve seen how the GoPro camera changed extreme sporting experiences. Now, selfies are evolving too!

Adjustable screens, accessible snap buttons, stylish designs, and top-of-the-line lenses are just some of the great characteristics present in these cameras! Let’s zoom in to some of these cameras!

Sony Cyber-shot DSC-KW11


Let’s start off with a camera that looks incredibly sleek and trendy while at the same time functional. The Sony Cyber-shot DSC-KW11 looks almost congruent to what women carry in their handbags — perfumes. All the better! It’ll settle inside your bag inconspicuously, posing as a harmless perfume (not that a camera is harmful in the first place!). Of course, whether you’re male or female (or freely identify between both) the camera will suit your style and needs. It comes in various colours. Best thing about the camera is its aesthetics! It is coated with a silky pearl finish that shines and sparkles with help of embedded Swarovski elements. Classy!

The camera itself boasts 19.2 megapixels augmented by Sony’s specialty Exmor RS CMOS sensor. You’ll be able to snag some great selfies even in low light situations! Your selfies in da’ club will be on point! Couple that with the 21mm wide angle F2 lens, and you’ll be taking wefies more than selfies (because hey, what’s clubbing without a massive social circle?). Other functions include NFC and Wi-Fi! Connect your camera to other devices!

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Casio Selfie Camera EX-ZR50


The Casio Selfie Camera EX-ZR50 may look like an ordinary digital camera, with its plain-looking rectangular shaped body and big lens. However, don’t let its modest looks fool you. The camera isn’t just your typical camera, it is a selfie camera! Simply bring the adjustable screen up vertically and it will display your face, just like how a smartphone does when you use the front camera.

The shutter button is right on the side of the lens, which means easy snaps! Hence, with an adjustable screen and an accessible shutter button, your selfie experience will be easier! You won’t be frustrated from accidentally tapping the screen (since the shutter button is on screen for smartphones) and getting your selfie dragged on and delayed. It happens a lot on smartphones and we hate it.

Here’s another cool function on the Casio Selfie Camera EX-ZR50 — the Motion Shutter! What it does is that the function senses your hand movement when you wave to the camera, activating the shutter release timer. Other functions include the make-up mode to refine your facial features; picture-sharing with smartphones; and EXILIM Engine HS ver. 3, for lightning quick operation!

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Samsung NX Mini


Similar to the Casio Selfie Camera, the Samsung NX Mini offers an adjustable screen that can be flipped up for selfie purposes! While the previous camera features a motion shutter that activates when you wave, the Samsung NX mini does this differently— and way cooler. You just need to wink! Yes! You read that right. Command the shutter button by winking. Cool.

With the Samsung NX M mount, you’ll be able to change the lens to suit your selfie needs! Wide angle selfies? Sounds fresh! Fish-eye selfies? Sounds rugged! Why go with typical angle shot when you could play around with it? Make your selfies look more hip than your peers! The camera features a whopping 20.9 megapixel. Crystal-clear pictures are abound!

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Altek Cubic Smart Mini


The Altek Cubic Smart Mini is as unique as it gets. It may seem similar to a GoPro camera, but it is far cheaper (and cuter)! What’s cool about the camera is the fact that it works as an external camera to your smartphone! Synchronise your smartphone to the camera through NFC or Wi-Fi to view the Altek Cubic Smart Mini lenses through your phone! That’s how you’ll be able to snap pictures from impossible angles — even selfies!

It comes with 13 megapixels camera and Full HD 1080p video recording. It even has it own built-in microphone! For a camera as small as this that weighs at about 65 grammes, it comes with chock full of functions and hardware! Now, that’s how you revolutionise the selfie experience!

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