Looking to do some interstate travelling or perhaps even to Singapore? With a whole network of bus operators on board, CatchThatBus can get you to any of the 500 destinations in Malaysia and Singapore.

Coach Bus Malaysia

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Let’s take a look at the 4 people whose lives have been made easier with CatchThatBus. And now your life can be made easier too! With ShopBack, you get to enjoy 4% cashback and promotional savings on your bookings with CatchThatBus!

1. The Student

He or she travels for studies either on a daily basis or during their vacation break. Be it within Malaysia or from Singapore, CatchThatBus makes everything easier for them, with the consolidated information and easy to use interface. Students can now focus more on their studies instead of worrying if they can get a bus back to and from school.

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2. The Permanent Resident

For many reasons, people relocate across the causeway and have established their lives as a permanent resident in our neighbouring country, Singapore. With CatchThatBus, the permanent resident is able to hop on the bus with hassle-free online bookings.

Permanent Residents stay in local housing

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3. The holiday-goer

Going for a holiday doesn’t necessarily mean you have to take a plane. Be it for a short trip within Malaysia or to Singapore, taking the bus can actually save time and money, especially with promotion codes or discount coupons. CatchThatBus is for that holiday-goer who wants to enjoy a short vacation for the weekend or public holiday!


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4. The Worker

They travel for work, having to cross the checkpoint daily, weekly or monthly. With the constant travelling, ensuring they can get transport to and fro, is a very important concern. With CatchThatBus, these individuals can secure a bus ride home hassle-free. Now they can be more productive at work, knowing that they can easily get that transport home.


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Can you think of anyone else who might benefit from CatchThatBus? With ShopBack, you can save more with 4% cashback on your bus ticket bookings!