Sick of visiting all those common travel destinations just like we are? Come on, everyone has visited the Louvre in Paris; it’s really nothing spectacular to shout about. If you’re looking for a cool place you can brag about having visited, then you’ve come to the right place. Check out these scenic destinations that are sure to dazzle you, even though you’ve probably never even heard of them before.

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Mount Bromo, Indonesia


When you think of mountains, Mount Everest, Mount Fuji and the Matterhorn probably come to mind. But Mount Bromo…. whaaaaat? Well, fun fact: Mount Bromo is probably the most popular volcano to visit in Indonesia. Sitting at the Eastern part of Java, Mount Bromo is a must-visit site if you like watching sunrises. While you could opt for a jeep to send you to the peak, we recommend walking instead – you get to be closer to nature while getting some morning exercise. Personal tip: stop about 500m before the summit to watch the sunrise; you’ll get an equally good view without having to jostle other tourists at the peak.

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Akihabara, Japan


If you’re an otaku fan, then Akihabara, Japan is going to be your heaven on earth. Akihabara is a well-known shopping district for all things video games, anime and manga related. One thing you must do when you’re there is visit their maid cafes. At these cosplay restaurants, waitresses dress up like maids and serve customers like their masters in their private home, rather than as restaurant patrons.

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Lake Hillier, West Australia


Cobalt, aquamarine and teal are colours you’d probably associate with a lake. Maybe you’ve seen green lakes (filled with algae) and brown lakes (with incredibly murky waters), but pink…? That’s a first. Out of all our recommendations for travel destinations, Lake Hillier is our personal favourite of the lot. In a flamboyant and obnoxious shade of bright pink, Lake Hillier would probably make you do a double-take if you happened to look outside the window as your plane flies across Western Australia. The lake is safe to swim in, so it’s time to take out those bikinis and trunks!

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Rottnest Island, Australia


Okay so, Rottnest Island sounds like a terrible place, we know. Sounds like it could be littered with bird’s nests emitting a rotten, foul smell or something. But hey, don’t judge a place by it’s name; Rottnest Island is one hella’ beautiful place. A stone’s throw away from Perth, Rottnest Island is the perfect getaway from the city life. We recommend going snorkeling or diving while you’re there!

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Sisters’ Islands, Singapore


Just a fast 15-minute boat ride away from Marina South Pier, Sisters’ Island is the place to go for an afternoon of snorkeling and coral reef admiration. The best part is that admission to the island is free, and you could even camp there overnight!

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Aren’t you glad to have been introduced into the Inner Circle of obscure travel destinations? Now you can unleash the hipster in you and post Instagram pics of places other than the super-overrated Leaning Tower of Pisa.

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*First Published 12 Mar 2015, Last Updated 3 Jul 2018