Window cleaning

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We all want to live in a clean space, but achieving a shipshape room or home takes time and effort. We’ve teamed up with the cleaning experts at ServisHero to uncover and share cleaning shortcuts for those who would much rather be spending their free time with something other than their collection of cleaning supplies. Doing your chores has never been quicker!

Bust the dust

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Trying to eradicate dust from surfaces that are lined with fabric, like lampshades, speakers or headboards, can be a major pain. Using a wet cloth to wipe these surfaces tends to spread the dust around instead of cleaning it off. Plus, who has time to break out the vacuum cleaner? Instead, save the time and the hassle by using masking tape or a lint roller to lift the dust off fabric surfaces. Not only will you be able to effectively remove the dust, you’ll also avoid making more of a mess than when you first began.

Let your dirty blender clean itself

How to clean your blender

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Ah the joys of preparing your own food with the help of a trusty a blender. There’s nothing quite like whizzing up ingredients to make a warm bowl of soup on rainy nights or your own fruit smoothies in the morning. What’s not so fun is the cleanup that comes afterward. We say, why clean your blender when it can clean itself? Simply fill your blender halfway with water, squirt in some dishwashing liquid and let it blitz for about 15 seconds. Do this a few times before the final rinse. You’ll end up with a sparkling clean blender and zero cuts.

Spill-proof your fridge shelves

Using cling film to spill-proof your fridge

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Your refrigerator is one of the most important items in your kitchen. It helps to keep your perishable foods fresh and makes it possible to have leftovers days after a meal is made. That’s why it’s also important to keep the inside of your fridge clean so that your precious food stays fresh longer and avoids getting contaminated. Unfortunately, spills are bound to happen. To save yourself from having to clean up each time, line the shelves of your fridge with cling wrap. When a spill happens, just rip off the cling wrap and replace it with a new sheet.

Clean your kitchen sponge and microwave together

How to clean your microwave

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When was the last you cleaned your dishwashing sponge? And no, simply rinsing it under running water doesn’t count. Get rid of the nasty bacteria on your kitchen sponge by heating it up in your good old microwave. Just dampen your sponge with some soapy water and pop it in the microwave on high for at least two minutes. While you’re at it, you may as well clean your microwave too! The steam from your damp sponge will loosen any gunk stuck in your microwave and you’ll easily be able to wipe away it afterwards.

Squeegee away dust on carpets

Cleaning up pet fur

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Carpets help give your home a cosy feeling. But if you have furry pets who happen to love your carpets as much as you do, you may find yourself having a date with your vacuum cleaner every now and then. Thankfully, there’s an easier and faster way to get rid of all that fur. Simply use a squeegee! That tool you use to neatly wipe off water from your mirrors and glass surfaces also serves as a handy tool for removing pet fur on your carpet. Just run a squeegee along your carpet surface and watch the fur magically clump together for easy removal.

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