With prices of items on the rise, everyone is lamenting on how expensive it's getting to survive in big cities like our capital, Kuala Lumpur. Naturally, the capital of our beloved country is also where the cost of living is at its highest. I mean, you know stuff’s getting real when your nightly mamak sessions rival the price of an extravagant affair. And lets not forget other forms of entertainment. What will we do when it gets too expensive to go watch a movie in the cinema, check out the latest chic cafe on the block, or meet up with friends at a local bar?

No matter, you don’t have to resort to entertaining your friends at home, with pirated movies and a grand spread of Gardenia Twiggies as snacks. There are still things to do around KL that don’t cost much. Or, even better, absolutely free. Yes, you heard me FREE. RM0. Excited yet? Read on.

Central Market/ Pasar Seni

Of course, you haven’t lived in KL without having been to Central Market or Pasar Seni. Feast your eyes on displays of arts and crafts from every state in the country and from every local ethnicity. While there are stalls selling knick-knacks, sculptures, traditional handiwork and beautiful souvenirs, you don’t have to buy anything. You can have an equally good time wandering around admiring the beautiful items.

central market KL
Image Credit: Central Market

Perdana Botanical Gardens


Love nature? Then you should definitely visit the Lake Gardens, a recreational park that is like a green retreat amidst the bustle of the big city. If you are into botany, then you can check out the different speciality flower gardens. If you like animals, there are also enclosures housing animals like cute deer! Since it’s a recreational area, you can grab some buddies and go for a run or something. Entry is free but the speciality gardens may have a minimum fee charged upon entry on weekends, and if you feel like getting around the area quicker (its a big park), you can rent bikes.

KL Craft Complex


Less well-known than Pasar Seni, this market is home to a museum dedicated to traditional artwork. They also have workshops within the complex where you can witness local artists in action at their craft. You can chat with these friendly bunch and learn about the skill and dexterity that goes into producing the artwork!

Wheelie Sundays @ Publika


There is always something going on in Publika at Solaris Dutamas. They have had various events such as the recent 1600 panda sculptures that were on display to be “adopted”, to other exhibitions and shows. But all of them cost money. What doesn’t cost money is Wheelie Sundays. Every Sunday, Publika closes off its roads from 7am to 10am, providing an open space for the public for recreation. They also loan out bikes and tandems (whee!) because it isn’t “Wheelie” Sunday without the wheels!

Free movie screenings


When in doubt of what to do or where to go, go to Publika. Catch a free movie screening at the mall’s courtyard stage every Monday. Movies differ and can range from local flicks to regional shows. Screening starts at 8pm so you better be quick to grab front row seats!

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