It’s back to school for some of you lucky guys out there, and I know you are just ecstatic to be back into that daily grind of schedules and books and assignments galore.

I’m only kidding. School can be awesome, but having to return to a strict routine after a nice long break isn’t much fun. Well, we have a few tricks up our sleeves to help you get through another round of the school year as painlessly as possible.

How you may ask? By shopping of course.

Shopping for the right things. A few essential tools can help smoothen out the cracks in your daily routine and enhance your daily productivity so you get more time to play video games, engage in other leisurely activities to de-stress. And we get it, being a student means being dirt broke. That’s why we’ve got you covered with these amazing sites to direct you to the best deals in town. What’s more, we will pay you if you shop there.


Get Them At: Ensogo

An essential for school is definitely a backpack. And with all those books and gadgets that you have to carry around, you’ll need something that is not just affordable, but durable. I’m sure you guys are all familiar with Groupon for getting deals on weekend getaways and dining experiences, but I bet you’ve never thought to look at it for necessities, like your backpack. Well, start now because Groupon has deals for all sorts with discounts that go up to 90%!

Get the Winner Laptop and Travel Backpack for only RM65.70 (retail: RM211.90); it’s strong, lightweight construction with enough roominess to accommodate laptops makes it a great option for those who don’t want to end up looking like Quasimodo before graduation. Best of all, it’s tough enough to take along as a travel bag for any of you out there that are heaving with wanderlust.

You’ve Just Saved : Over RM146 at a 69% discount, plus you get a great looking bag that can be used for all occasions. All occasions where a backpack is practical at least; please don’t bring this to your prom.


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Get Them At: Lazada

Most schools are going the paperless route so that means no more having to worry about losing your notes on loose sheets of foolscap paper (and no more “my dog ate my homework” excuses). What you need now is a thumbdrive to back up all your work and make sure its safe even when using finnicky technology (the school library computers’ sole purpose in life is to die on you mid-assignment)

Grab a Toshiba 8GB Hayabusa USB2.0 Drive for only RM 17.90 (Retail: RM 31.70) during a Lazada sale! Not enough storage you say? Then you can go for the Orico 2.5-Inch USB3.0 HDD/SSD Enclosure for only RM 49.80 (Retail: RM 61). It packs a whopping 2TB of storage for such a small price. That’s enough storage to sort you out till you are 70.

You’ve just saved : Over RM 13 on the thumb drive or RM 11 on the hard drive, along with your relationship with the computer lab technician.


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Get Them At: Groupon

As students, it is general knowledge that you are broke. Even if you have a day job, money doesn’t seem to last very long in your care. And we all know that everything comes with a cost, and that includes an interesting social life. Yes, it’s fun to hang out at the basketball court after hours, but sometimes a change of scenery is nice.

That’s where Groupon comes in. I am sure that all you cheapos out there know about Groupon. You can find deals for almost everything on site: food, vacation packages, appliances, gadgets, apparel and more!

Want to have a yum cha session to bond with friends? Get an All-day Breakfast voucher for 4 people at only RM55 (retail: RM 124) at Piccolo Cafe in Seri Kembangan. Feel a bit flabby? Purchase a 1-month unlimited access pass to All About Fitness in Petaling Jaya for only RM 38 (retail: RM 168). And you definitely cannot forget about planning for your graduation trip! Celebrate the end of an era with your friends with Groupon Getaways. You can chill out locally at resorts in Port Dickson or Seremban, or venture further around Asia or even Europe!

You’ve just saved: With discounts up to 95%, you are saving a sweet ton of cash depending on what deal you select. Also, ShopBack members who purchase a Groupon through the site will also get up to 14% cashback. Sweet!


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Get Them At: Rakuten

After hitting the snooze button a million times, it’s a mad rush to get ready for school. Breakfast is not an option when you have to curl your hair, shave your beard, pluck your eyebrows, pick your nose, or whatever you have to do to look presentable.

That’s why fast and easy breakfast solutions are the way to go. Dont fuss about waiting for your bread to toast or your oatmeal to cook. Rakuten has stores that stock up on healthy treats and eats to sort out your next meal.

Visit the store, Mrs. Enak for some delicious organic treats like the Xongdur “Grainna” Black Sesame and 8 Whole Grains Cereal Bar (RM 8.90). Packed with a good dose of vitamins, fibre and a decent dose of carbs and natural plant-based proteins, you can have it to start your day or throw it in your backpack for a quick pick-me-up treat later. Organic 2U (BMS Organics) is another store worth checking out for healthy snacks. They stock a range of delicious O’Choice Healthy Pop’s Popcorn (RM 7.90) which you can eat as a wholesome snack, or even with milk as a cereal! So hop on the clean eating and wellness trend that is all the rage now without having to spend all your time and money making avocado toast at 7.00am.

You’ve just saved : With the market price of granola bars and healthier cereals going at around RM 9 – RM 15, you save around 40% on average by purchasing them from Rakuten. And we can’t forget about that 5% cashback you receive from using ShopBack to shop.


Get It At : Lazada

Procrastinating: we all are guilty of doing it. Keep your assignments and commitments in check with a good organization system. At the very least, this method will allow you to be able to clearly define the span of time you are allowed to procrastinate since you know when all your deadlines are. While most of you are probably using apps with calendars and reminders to keep you on track with your work, I say nothing catches the attention more than having a prominent visual reminder staring me right in the face in my room.

The HomeWork Caddy – Hang It! File It! Organize It! for RM49 may be listed as a children’s product, but it is a great tool to use for all ages. Use it to write down your ‘to-dos’ for the day/week/month, organize your notes in the hanging folders so you don’t conveniently lose them, jot down daily tasks, deadlines and even little personal goals on it like “work out today!” to remind you to get off your butt and be productive.

You’ve just saved: Yourself – from missed homework due dates, forgotten romantic dates, and social meetups. Plus, with the extra cashback you get from buying this baby off Lazada on ShopBack, you’ve got some extra cash in your pocket to fuel your that social life of yours. Your welcome.

All of the Above and More

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Get Them At:

You can find over 500 retailers all in one site making it easier for you to get everything you need. Shop for things from gadgets, to clothes, to even food. Whats more, if you sign up with ShopBack, you not only get the aforementioned discounts, but you also get coupon codes, updates on promotions, exclusive access to selected sales, AND cashback! That’s right; you get cash back from your final payment price with every purchase you make with us.

Why are we giving you cash? Because we’re nice people and we like to share. We also know how difficult it is as a student to keep your hands out of your pants (when you reach to get your wallet, of course). When you make a purchase through us, we receive a commission from the retailer and it is this amount that we split with you as cashback! Find out more about the cashback earning process here. And if you want those great deals, sign-up with us today and we’ll give you RM5.00 in your account to start you off.

You’ve just saved: Tons of cash with each purchase which you can accumulate and save up for that vacation to Phuket on your next semester break.

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