Every traveller has their own list of essentials that they bring whenever they’re leaving the country. You should too! These important items are daily necessities that will aid in your overseas stay. Priced at only RM 25, it’ll ensure that your purchases remains under your stated budget! Oh, and these items might actually save you when you wake up finding yourself lost in a desert or in the dense jungle in the Congo Basin. We're not sure how long these items will stay stocked in the stores so don't lose out! Get them while they're available.

1.  Portable Charger

Something needs to be charged. Every modern traveller brings a thousand and one mobile devices when they go on a journey. A mobile phone, GPS navigator, laptop, MP3 player, and camera are just some of the things that require charging. You might need it when you find yourself lost in the desert or dense forest, with a dead phone. You might feel lonely and would want to take a look at your girlfriend’s face. But again, your phone’s dead. Oh no, what a volatile situation you’re in! You could mentally break, eventually ending up like Tom Hanks in Cast Away. Moral of the story? Bring a portable charger.


The Phoneparts PWPF-2598 Perfume Powerbank is available on Lazada at only RM 11 after 72% discount! Click here to get to ShopBack’s portal before your purchase to earn 3% cashback!

2.  Sunglasses


When you find yourself lost in the vastness of the Gobi Desert or the denseness of the Amazon and the scorching sun is burning your face, you really need those sunglasses to protect your eyes. The last thing you’d want is to be paralyzed by blindness and unable to save your exhausted, lonely and exasperated soul. Consequently, you’ll realize that you’ve been walking around in circles the whole day and again, you’ll start to shiver and break under all the negative thoughts, inevitably ending up like Tom Hanks in Cast Away.

If your trip is going very well instead of ending up in the worst way possible (like getting trapped in a desert), your sunglasses will help you look stylish and fabulous while you relax at a non-threatening place — like the beach. Furthermore, imagine finding yourself at a nude beach. You’re pressured to take off all your clothes but you’re uncomfortable and not really used to walking around stark naked. Perhaps those sunglasses can help you put some kind of clothing on your body! Wearing those cool shades while walking around the beach naked might actually be the new fashion statement. It totally screams “Hey look! I’m naked and that’s cool, but these sunglasses make me look even cooler.”

So much class.

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3.  Earphone/Earpiece


Earphones are extremely important if you’re a music lover. What’s a music player without earphones? It’s like a desert without sand. It’s like forests without trees. It’s like Cast Away without Tom Hanks. Thus, it is important to always carry your earphone and music player because you never know when you might need them especially if you’re riding the public transport in a foreign country. The sights beyond the glass window could be beautiful and you need to further augment their beauty with music suited for an adventure!

In contrast, you might discover that you are in the middle of the Sahara desert and conclude that you’re lost. The only thing that can motivate you to stay alive in those trying times is probably music that you love. Thus, you need those earphones. Also, you need a portable charger to ensure that your device doesn’t die while you’re trying to survive. So remember to get one of those too.

Anyway, these Super Bass Brand In-Ear Noise Cancelling Earphones are available on Ali Express for only USD 4.90 or RM 17.95. Don't you just love cheap stuff?

4.  Facial Wash


Alright, this one’s for both the ladies and gents. No matter where you are, there is never a reason not to wash your face thoroughly. There is no such thing as “But this trip is only for a week. My face won’t turn into a gremlin if I don’t use facial wash for a week!”. NO. Your face WILL turn into a gremlin when you don’t use facial wash for a week. Your face will look like Tom Hanks in Cast Away by the second day of non-facial wash face. By one week — gremlin. Definitely gremlin.

Jokes aside, you don’t really know the difference between the contaminants in the air of your country and foreign countries. There’s just too much dirt on Earth. It’s definitely good practice to wash your face once in a while. Make it a habit!

The Olay Regenerist Cream Cleanser is available at Luxola at only RM 13.50 after 30% discount! Get it now. Or tomorrow if you’re procrastinating.

5.  Pens

Pens are an essential. You never know when you need it. Remember those pesky arrival cards that you need to complete when you've landed in another country? Is it just me or is there never a pen around when you need one to complete them? You need your own pen. Also, do you know why Tom Hanks had to draw Wilson the Volleyball’s face with his own blood? Because he didn't have a pen. Never again.

You know what’s better than a pen? A set of TWO classy Caterham F1 pens! You can sign forms, write down your number for that cute guy/girl you met on the plane and fill in your disembarkation forms with class. Hey, they say that the pen is mightier that the sword, so you could even use this strong carbon-fibre writing tool as a self-defense weapon if you get assaulted in anyway (which we hope that you don't)!


Get a set of two of these stylish pens at only RM 19 from Groupon! Also comes in a sleek PU leather clam shell box so you look extra classy when you whip these out to write. Click here to get them!

With these 5 items, you’ll not only be ready for all the travelling that you’ll be embarking on, but you’ll even survive if you get lost in the desert (ok, maybe not)!


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