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For the uninitiated, it is incredibility difficult to find the right wine to pair with your perfectly cooked 5-course meals. Thankfully for us, our friends over at Wine Talk have come up with a list of 5 wines that will work with any occasion.


Usually aged in oak, Chardonnays have a tendency to take on flavours that lean towards the buttery and nutty tones. When aged properly, this type of white wine creates a full-bodied tang, best paired with dishes cooked with milk or cream.

Mancura ‘Etnia’ ChardonnayMancura ‘Etnia’ Chardonnay
Originally 56.00RM per bottle | 53.20RM after Cashback

Sauvignon Blanc

A contrast compared to Chardonnay, the Sauvignon Blanc veers towards a light-bodied wine, that is best distinguished by its strong yet fresh aroma. This wine can be found with notes like passion fruit and grapefruit, coupling it perfectly with classic French cheeses.

Banrock Station Sauvignon BlancBanrock Station Sauvignon Blanc
Originally 57.00RM per bottle | 54.15RM after Cashback


Historically a dessert wine, Moscatos have become wildly popular in recently years, owing its popularity to its sweet taste and easiness to drink. Although best consumed on its own, you could try pairing this satisfying drink with spicy food, to strike that balance of flavours.

The Tapas Wine Collection MoscatoThe Tapas Wine Collection Moscato
Originally 59.00RM per bottle | 56.05RM after Cashback


Known for their mild and fruity tang, the Merlot is a very gentle and delicate wine, perfect for those not yet acquainted with red wines. Merlot wines feel almost like velvet on the tongue, and due to its soft and palatable taste, we suggest pairing this wine with seafood and shellfish, to accentuate the overall effect on the palate.

Finca Las Moras ‘Inits’ Merlot-MalbecFinca Las Moras ‘Inits’ Merlot-Malbec
Originally 59.00RM per bottle | 56.05RM after Cashback


Unlike the Merlot, Shiraz red wines are notorious for their intense and full-bodied flavours. With earthy qualities of pepper and truffle, we recommend you pair this wine with heartier foods. Steaks, thick homely stews and red meats go great with the Shiraz, and are best served during the main course.

Tempus Two ‘Silver Series’ ShirazTempus Two ‘Silver Series’ Shiraz
Originally 67.00RM per bottle | 63.65RM after Cashback

Bonus: Spirits

Not a huge fan of wines? Not to worry, Wine Talk also carries a huge range of spirits for all your liquor needs. From carefully curated specialty whiskeys to the best gin money can buy, impress your guests with these amazing choices. Our personal favourite, however, would definitely have to be Stolichnaya’s Premium Russian Vodka.

Stolichnaya’s history is the premium choice for vodka lovers date back to a time where the Soviet Union still existed. Made from wheat and rye, which give it a sugary-cream taste, this classic still holds on its own even till today.

Stolichnaya Premium VodkaStolichnaya Premium Vodka
Originally 220.00RM per bottle | 209.00RM after Cashback

No matter what your taste or preference, Wine Talk has got you covered. With over 2500 brands from countries all over the globe, you will definitely be able to find something for your alcohol needs. Purchase your wines and spirits from WineTalk through ShopBack and receive 5.00% cashback on all your orders! Remember to drink responsibly, and not to drink and drive!