We all know that there is no place like home. You have the liberty to sit however you want, kick up your feet if you felt like it and most of all, you can pause and run to the loo without worrying about distracting other people or missing THE CLIMAX! But the only setback is of course, the cinematic experience that lacks of  a THX sound system, giant screens, and no doubt the giant chairs. Hashtag #toughlife, am I right?

Well, if that was your predicament – don’t worry! We have just the solution for you to transform your home into your very own mini cinema in your very home with these 6 very simple, very affordable ways:

1. Mini LED projector


All you really need with this portable LED projector is an empty wall at home and an external USB or hard drive. Plug that in and you are good to go! I cannot believe it is that simple either but it really is.


You can get this LED projector from Groupon from as low as RM 169. How’s that for a portable and affordable big screen? Time to start planning that movie night! Don’t forget, if you purchase with ShopBack, you can enjoy 6.0% cashback, too.

2.  Popcorn Machine


No movie is complete without some good ole’ popcorn. But you know what is even better than stale movie popcorn? Your own homemade personalized popcorn! Invest in a popcorn machine and watch the magic happen with the endless variety of popcorn flavours you can conjure up. If you’re on a tight budget, purchase a popcorn machine from HipVan at RM 130 via ShopBack and enjoy 5.0% cashback! Or if you aren’t much of a popcorn wizard, you can use your credit card as your wand and purchase Poco Gourmet Popcorn with flavours ranging from Classic Caramel to additional flavours like Hazelnut and Almonds, for only RM 14 from Lazada and receive 4.5% cashback. Receive additional discount when you use Lazada coupons!


Click here to get your very own popcorn machine from HipVan.

3.  Comfy Beanbags


Now that we’ve got the giant screen checked and popcorn checked, the next in our priority list is none other than a comfortable place to plant yourself in for the next 2 hours. If you are looking for funky, hipster bean bags that not only serves its purpose but adds a touch of personality to your room, check out HipVan for their large choice of adorable bean bags that you can’t help but wish you had them all!


If that’s not your cuppa tea, check out the minimalistic and practical Foldable Memory Foam Futons at Groupon for an affordable option that doesn’t compromise in comfort.

4.  Speakers


Sound effects and soundtracks can easily be the backbone of a good movie – you derive your emotions from the sound and the music of the movie and it really does set the mood of the show. If you have all of the above but no good speakers to emulate that THX experience, then you are only halfway on the pursuit of a homemade cinema. But fear not! You can get your own Sony Mini Hi-Fi system from Groupon for RM 839 or you an even opt for Bluetooth speakers for as low as RM 68. If you purchase with ShopBack, you can get 6.0% cashback as well!


Get your home theatre system or portable speakers here at Groupon. Click here for more details.

5.  Air Fryer


This might seem arbitrary but if you think about it, an air fryer expands your choice of home movie snacks that you can’t get from any cinema. Imagine being able to enjoy fried Mars Bars, sharing your latest golden, deep-fried creations with your friends in the comfort of your own home. Plus, the air fryer doesn’t use any oil – its healthy and sinful all at the same time. Your waistline will be pleased! Don’t miss out your chance to grab your own air fryer from Groupon’s deal on air fryers going for only RM 279 (retail: RM 699)!

airfyerEnjoy your guilty pleasures minus the guilt with this Air Fryer from Groupon. 

Blankets and Pillows


As much as blankets and pillows are not always in the equation of a cinematic experience, I know we all have been in the position where having some would enhance the enjoyment of the movie. So, why deprive yourself of that in your own home cinema, right? From 2-in-1 blankets and pillows, to microfibre fleece throws, you can get them at a steal from Groupon from only RM 40 with a 6.0% cashback if you purchase with ShopBack! It’s a simple but thoughtful touch that everyone will thank you for.

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