ZALORA started as a humble 3-man company, conceptualized and grown right in neighbouring Singapore. Just 5 years after it first came into existence, ZALORA has grown into South-East Asia’s top online shopping site, encompassing more than 1500 employees in 11 markets across South-East Asia.

Like many other rags-to-riches stories, ZALORA has had its share of tribulations and jubilations. Today, we dig deep into ZALORA’s juiciest traps to find the secrets to their success. These are the 6 things that have taken them from a small humble office tucked away in ulu Ubi, Singapore back in 2012, to a global fashion force.

1. MYR$900M in 3 years

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ZALORA has raised nearly MYR$900 million in the first 3 years since its inception to fund its expansion and broaden the range of ZALORA products. In case that doesn’t sound immense enough, we’ll like to point out the fact that the US reached a population of 300M back in 2006; and that Singaporeans produce 300M m3 of CO2 everyday. Also, Instagram only gained 300M users after its 5th birthday. You get it?

2. Expansion rate nearly one-tenth of the Universe

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Since its inception, ZALORA has expanded to Indonesia, our very own Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam, Brunei, Australia, Taiwan and Hong Kong. The total surface area of its expansion covers a whopping 127,518,000km.

In comparison, space is pulling itself apart at the seams at a rate of 74.3 kilometers per second per megaparsec, based upon the latest figures measured on the NASA’s Spitzer Space Telescope. Considering that ZALORA has only been around for the past 3 years, this means that ZALORA has been doing a pretty decent job, expanding at nearly 1/10 the rate of the universe.

Another testimony to their growth success is that the ZALORA’s iOS app became the number one lifestyle app within 24 hours of its launch in Singapore, Malaysia and Vietnam, according to reports from Ventureburn. And if that’s not something to be proud of, we don’t know what is. Someone give ZALORA a medal already, please.

3. Sephora and even Converse is on ZALORA

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ZALORA stocks more than 30,000 products, including those from major international fashion and beauty brands like Sephora, Mango, River Island and Aldo. This is alongside local fashion brands and designers, the most well-known being Something Borrowed. A whooping total of over 500 brands could be found on the website.

Aside from these big brands, ZALORA also has its own private label for men and women. Find collections like the  ZALORA Collection, ZALORA Premium and more according to your tastes. Drawing inspiration from the catwalk, celebrity looks and street style, the ZALORA label features key seasonal trends; taking cues from the international fashion shows and making them accessible and affordable for fashion fans throughout Asia Pacific. ZALORA also launched the Zalia Collection, featuring Muslim wear that combines traditional concept with modern designs, in May 2015.

4. Express delivery

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Did you forget about your anniversary again this year? We’re not saying that’s a good thing, but with ZALORA’s express delivery (RM11.90), we feel that it’s a mistake easily rectified. Order your girlfriend’s (or boyfriend’s!) favourite sweater or that pair of boots that they’ve always wanted with Zalora coupon code now and get it safe and nestled in your hands by the next working day.

5. Hidden ZALORA Easter Eggs

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That’s right, ZALORA has its share of Easter Eggs and ZALORA discount codes for you to discover!

Some of them may require you to own certain membership cards such as the ongoing Standard Chartered credit card promotions, but some of the best ZALORA discount codes are hidden right on the website. To make your job easier, we have compiled a list of the best ZALORA discount codes and ZALORA coupons to help you save more when you spend more.

6. It rains money on the ZALORA parade

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Betcha’ didn’t know that you could get paid to shop with ZALORA. On top of the awesome money-saving deals that ZALORA offers, you can get an extra 2% cashback for shopping through ShopBack! So what are you waiting for? Head over to ZALORA and start grabbing all that cash right now!

In addition to deals on Zalora, ShopBack will be having our inaugural Shopping festival ShopFest later this year. Happening from 9th September to 3rd January; ShopFest is the go-to event that will help you shop the Smarter Way throughout the 6 major year-end sales.

First published 16 Feb 2015, last updated 14 Sep 2017