Flying across the Pacific Ocean to the United States for your long awaited dream trip to Disneyland or Universal Studios? That jittery excitement in your stomach will usually disappear after being cooped up in the small enclosed section of the plane, painfully counting down the long hours. Frequent travellers on long flights understand this misery. Thus, we have come up with 8 tips for newbies who are planning a long trip in the upcoming holidays to stay sane while in the air.

Tip 1:


Purchase a book to entertain yourself during parts of the flight. If you feel like browsing a bookstore, reading all the blurbs on the books, and trying to select a good read for yourself, is too tiresome, then grab a good read online from BetterWorldBooks instead. With over 34 categories of literature including bestsellers (*cough* Fifty Shades of Grey *cough*) you will be spoilt for choice. Fun fact, BetterWorldBooks even has used books, new or used school texts and even bargain bin offers for all bookworms out there looking for an online version of the Big Bad Wolf Book Fair!

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Tip 2:

duwop-stickStay fresh! Constantly look good and smell good! Shopping online from the Luxola provides options for a wide variety of women perfumes, men’s cologne and also makeup essentials including mascara and eye pencils.

The Duwop Flight Stick (image above) is perfect for post-flight touch-ups as well having added hydration benefits to keep you glowing when you step off the plane!

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Tip 3:

headphonesDitch the traditional earphones that give your ear an earful of pain. Bring along a comfortable headphone that fits snugly over your head, providing a soothing experience as you watch movies and listen to music during the flight. Lazada provides a wide selection of headphones for you from top-notch noise cancellation technology like the Bose QuietComfort series, to affordable pieces with excellent sound quality like the TDK Life on Record Over-Ear Headphones. Take your pick from thousands of brands and with 2.5% cashback awaiting your purchase, you’ll be spoilt for choice.

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Tip 4:


Tired of the old movies shown on the in-flight entertainment system? Switch to your iPad for your own entertainment instead. Continue your legacy in The Banner Saga and engage in battles with crafty strategies ensured to keep you off from tracking the time for at least a few hours. Thinking of getting an iOS tablet? Head over to the Apple online store to view the iPad Air or iPad mini series.

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Tip 5:

3piecetravelsetPurchase a travel kit like this one from Lazada for only RM25 where you get an inflatable pillow so that your head doesn’t loll onto a stranger’s shoulder while you sleep, an eye mask to shield your eyes from cabin lighting, and ear plugs to block out that awful dull hum that all airplanes have. The perfect trio for a good long sleep on your flight! Psst, the item description says you can even use it in your office, if you so desire the lunchtime nap!

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Tip 6:

jurlique-lavender-mistUpon hearing the long awaited announcement from the pilot to tighten the seatbelt in preparation for touchdown, grab the Hydrating Mist from your bag to tone and soothe your face. Keep your face refreshed and all ready for your vacation. Jurlique Lavender Hydrating Mist can be purchased from SaSa’s online store.

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