You want your shared apartment in college to be somewhere comfortable and attractive where you, your roommate, and your guests can have a good time. This means you need to work with your roommate to make some bold decorating decisions. We’ve got seven tips that will help you create a fun and interesting shared college apartment.

1. Start with Storage

You need to start by having enough storage to neatly hold everything you and your roommate bring to the apartment. Lazada has some of our favourite storage options for a college apartment, including this simple yet functional Adjustable Double Pole Shelf System. You want enough storage to prevent personal clutter (dirty laundry, admit it) while also hiding that stack of in-progress college assignments that should not be on display anyway.

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2. Create Texture on the Walls

You want more than just flat colours or posters on your walls. Try to create interesting textures on it’s surface instead. You can do this in a few ways. Hang three-dimensional objects on the wall like artwork, interesting antiques or decorative household items. College life is tough, maybe one of HipVan’s inspirational wall quote might jazz some mojo back into your life.

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3. Get Gentle Standalone Lighting

The last thing you want to do is rely on the built-in light fixtures in your apartment. Get some gentle standalone lighting. You want at least one floor lamp and several smaller ones for tables and shelves. Position them around the apartment to create dramatic lighting that highlights the best parts of each room. You can even put different coloured bulbs in the lamps for something a little more unique. The right lighting can spice up all the common areas in your shared college apartment.

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4. Unify the Colours into a Scheme


Something that can make your apartment look boring is if you do not have a solid colour scheme. An apartment full of random colours without rhyme or reason will look muddled, confused and uninteresting. Work with your roommate and the major items you have to build a unified colour theme. Choose just three or four complementary colours and work with them throughout the apartment. This will tie all the spaces in the apartment together.

5. Add Some Exotic Plants

Do not underestimate the cathartic power of a few plants around the apartment. Find a few exotic plants that have unusual foliage or blooms, or go organic by starting your own herb garden with help from Click & Grow. From chilli to mini tomatoes, you get to plant your own food plus some extra crib points for going organic!

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6. Put Down Throw Rugs

You don’t want bare floors in your entry and living areas. Throw down some attractive rugs in key locations. These should be throw rugs that have patterns or designs that match the rest of the common decor. You mainly want to have these rugs under coffee tables or in front of couches. You can also put them in entry hallways or common hallways for some added style. Would it be okay if we added this product in as an image?

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7. Think Vertically

The space from eye level to the ceiling is usually a dead zone in many shared college apartments. Think vertically while decorating. Hang up high shelving or put items high on the walls to take advantage of that vertical space. A few high accents will make the apartment appear far more fun and exciting rather than if that area was left completely empty.apartment-wall

It is important to work with your roommate while making decorating decisions. Your roommate could have ideas or furniture that will make a real difference. You can have a fun and interesting college apartment if you find the right items online and collaborate with your roommate to make the space special. Using ShopBack, you’ll save even more on these great home pieces for your pad – your friends will never want to leave! gives you up to 50% Cashback when you shop online for Fashion, Holidays, Electronics and more at over 500 stores!

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