Everyone knows NigaHiga, Smosh, Jenna Marbles and their like, but we have also seen a rise of Malaysian YouTubers bringing in the fun contents. The largest name with the highest following by far goes to JinnyboyTV, who also works with other YouTubers to provide quality entertainment. As JinnyboyTV races ahead with over 776,000 followers, what are some other channels to look out for? Here are 7 Malaysian YouTubers that will give any YouTuber a run for their money. In no particular order.

1. GermaniProductions

The YouTube channel run by Joseph Germani features parodies, fun scenarios and combining them with local references for added humor. Check out his most popular video, Chinese Songs in Real Life:

2. Ray Mak

Fill your headphones with a series of musical covers by Malaysian Ray Mak. Playing purely by ear, he has covered a wide range of music around the world, including pop, rock, and even dubstep. Ray Mark has had many classics from our childhood covered, including Linkin Park, Rihanna and Eminem. Here’s one of the audience’s favourites:

3. DanKhooProductions

Another channel that brings forth hilarious scenarios and parodies, DanKhoo Productions is not an unfamiliar name. You might have seen of them alongside JinnyboyTV, among other collaborations with fellow Malaysian YouTubers. Check out their parody of global phenomenal song, Despacito that is unexpectedly relatable.

4. Shazreen Fazlynda

A female YouTuber, but more importantly, an incredibly funny and socially conscious YouTuber that offers a startling (and welcome) change of pace from the more traditional Boys V.S girls short sketch format that have seem to taken over YouTube. Check out her mighty impressive short film, Retaliation, below.

5. CodyHongTV

Having started his channel two years ago, Cody Hong has gradually amassed interests with his slapstick-risque edits (vaguely reminding us of Japan Youtuber Hajime Syacho) to sincere and heartwarming short films. The channel has unboxing content, travel vlogs, pranks and more, suited for those who liked to watch a bit of everything.


The GRIM FILM is no stranger to the Malaysian Youtuber circle. Started off as a one-man-team, Jared Lee, it has now evolved into a channel with several short films, animated discussions and the trendy ‘how to be’ videos. It has since gained over 100,000 subscribers. Their short film ‘The Long Distance Relationship’ was no doubt a huge hit, reaching over 2.8mil views, but don’t miss out on other short films as well.

7. TheMingThing

A sketch comedy channel that goes the extra mile in terms of continuity compared to the aforementioned channels. Instead of four or five segments with different scenarios, TheMingThing goes through different scenarios, usually two of them. that culminates in a parallel punchline. Plus, MingThing is an amazing name to say rapidly a few times.

Spoiled for choice?

GermaniProductionsFun scenarios combined with local references for added humor
Ray MakPiano: Wide range of music around the world, including pop, rock, and dubstep.
DanKhooProductionsHilarious scenarios and parodies
Shazreen FazlyndaFunny and socially conscious YouTuber, Short Films
CodyHongTVUnboxing content, travel vlogs, pranks and more, a bit of everything
TheGRIMFILM Short films, animated discussions andtrendy ‘how to be’ videos
TheMingThingSketch comedy channel

Who have you subscribed to, and who else are should we keep our eyes peeled for? Let us know in the comments!

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