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You may be an avid reader, or not. Either way, we are sure that you would have encountered some books with the strangest titles that catch you completely by surprise. Well, the beauty of Ebay is that you can buy books, new or used, at a fraction at their original price, and sell them to the next person once you have finished reading them. Here, we bring to you 7 books with peculiar titles for you to take an adventure with. Who knows, you might just end up falling in love with them!

Foghorn Flattery and the Dancing Horses

Foghorn Flattery and the Dancing Horses

Even if you don’t know who or what on earth Foghorn Flattery is, the idea of horses that dance must have already brought up a giggle or two in you. If the title sounds cheeky enough for your liking, you might want to grab this book off Ebay for a light-hearted, enjoyable read. While it is a children’s detective story, this novel about two siblings investigating the cause for a missing horse in Vienna, is suspenseful and funny enough to keep you on the edge of your seat and engaged to the very end.

Price before cashback: RM$1.50

Price after cashback: RM$1.48

The Song Dog

The Song Dog

First we had dancing horses, now we have a title that is hinting at a singing dog. Before you think that this is going to be another comical book, wait a minute. What we have here is actually a masterpiece of South African mystery writing. Sounds exotic and enticing enough, right? This gripping story about the violent death of a police officer and his wife not only makes for a fascinating detective thriller, but also provides an insightful commentary on the social and political background in South Africa.

Price before cashback: RM$4.50

Price after cashback: RM$4.45

The Economics of Fishing and the Developing World: a Malaysian Case Study (Fishermen and the fishing industry in Malaysia)

Economics of Fishing and the Developing World

Now for those of you who are interested with truly obscure academic topics, this one will be right up your alley. Well, this very formal sounding title should be enough of a heads up for you to know that you’ll be in for a very educational time about how fishing isn’t just about putting a worm on your hook and dozing off until the next fish comes. Are you looking for a unique kind of intellectual stimulation? This book should do the job for you in terms of helping you understand the Malaysian economy from an unexpected point of view.

Price before cashback: RM$70.00

Price after cashback: RM$69.30

Quidditch through the Ages

Quidditch through the ages

This one’s for the diehard Harry Potter fans, and also for the science fiction geeks. Can you guys actually believe that JK Rowling – yes the legendary JK Rowling herself – actually wrote a whole book on Quidditch? Shows how seriously this author takes this wonderful magical world of Harry Potter that she has created at the tip of her pen. And for us Harry Potter lovers who didn’t know of this before, the fact that we can get our hands on this fantastical piece of non-fiction magic is just good, good news.

Price before cashback: RM$17.00

Price after cashback: RM$16.83

The Journal of Mortifying Moments

The Journal of Mortifying Moments

Just imagine having one single record of all the embarrassing incidents in your life. Sounds like the perfect recipe for disaster. This is precisely what has been concocted in this whacky novel about a woman who begins to trace down the reason her life has gone completely awry. Full of dramatic, hilarious, messy and extremely relatable details, this novel is the best therapy for anyone who feels like their life can’t get any worse right now, because hey, it’s nice to know that you are not alone.

Price before cashback: RM$12.50

Price after cashback: Rm$12.375

Confessions of a White House Ghost Writer

Confessions of a White House Ghost Writer

If you thought that this book was going to be about ghost stories that occurred in the American White House, you are not alone (cough, cough). Well, turns out that this is not going to be anything close to spooky, but instead unexpectedly helpful. Written by a man who has helped numerous American presidents write their speeches, this book is full of helpful advice on public communication and human relations. On top of that, you get a nice dose of White House gossip!

Price before cashback: RM$23.99

Price after cashback: RM$23.75

1959 Girl Scout Handbook with vinyl cover

1965 Girl Scout Handbook

1959…we bet most of you haven’t even been born yet! Meant to be a practical guidebook for aspiring girl scouts during that era, this book is literally a time capsule for our generation. Those girls that this book was written for are probably mothers and grandmothers now, and it is pretty fascinating to picture what life was like for them then. Not to mention that this book is probably going to rise in value as an antique over the years and maybe earn you some cash in say, a decade’s time.

Price before cashback: RM$15.00

Price after cashback: RM$14.85

If you happen to love to read, we hope that these books will intrigue you enough to explore something you might not have thought of reading before. And if you don’t like to read, these funky books might be a good place for you to start, if only for their novelty value. Even if books aren’t really your thing, Ebay can keep you entertained with its wide collection of everything under the sun!

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