In lieu of Taobao being the latest addition to our list of vendors, we have conjured up a list of some of the more interesting and surprisingly useful items you can get from Taobao. If you are a fan of all things weird, wonderful and cheap, check out this list for some ideas of what you may stumble upon on Taobao!

1. Basket + Colander



Ever found yourself in a situation where your vegetables or rice keep spilling out of the basket? If only someone invented a mixture of both, right? Well, look no further because someone did and it is the most beautiful lovechild procreated. A basket with little holes at the side for water to escape without jeopardizing the cleanliness of your food! Now that’s a breakthrough.

You can get this Basket + Colander from from RM 2.85 only! Plus, if you purchase via ShopBack you can even enjoy up to 10.0% cashback!


2. Mop Shoes


tabao 2

Why do we even bother going through the trouble of mopping the floor with our arms when we can just glide in mop shoes? Look at this genius invention! You can be walking around the house doing other chores while cleaning the floor. Talk about maximizing productivity!

From RM 10.22, you can enjoy these fabulous mop shoes from and furthermore, if you purchase via ShopBack, you can enjoy up to 210.0% cashback for more savings!

3. Vegetable Peeler

tabao 3

Safe, convenient and so easy to use, this vegetable peeler is a must have for every kitchen! You’d never think that there would be a different way to peel your vegetables, now did you? If this peeler intrigues you, is selling them from RM 1.81 only! If you use ShopBack to make your purchases at, you can receive up to 20.0% cashback, too!


4. Fringe Leveler + Scissors

tabao 4

This falls under the “slightly weird” category in this list. I’m not exactly sure as to who may have the need to level their fringe for the straightest of bangs but hey, if you need one or may find this of use, then this is just the product for you! Bang maintenance should be taken seriously, too. This handy tool is available on from RM 10.79 and you can enjoy up to 20.0% cashback if you shop with ShopBack!

5. Nutcracker Scissors

tabao 5

Got a stubborn pumpkin seed or nut that needs some crackin’? Here’s an easy way to solve those problems: a pair of nutcracker scissors! Well, it isn’t a pair of scissors per se but it sure functions like one. So easy, so portable and so wonderfully innovative! You can get this amazing contraption from from RM 5.76 only with up to 20.0% cashback if you shop with ShopBack!

6. Phone Holder

tabao 6

Ever felt that you needed a place for your phone to rest on while it charges? Or is your cable too short your phone tend to dangle mid-air? Your worries are now answered with this phone charger holder contraption that keeps your phone off the ground and resting comfortably on the holder! No more messy cables all over the floor and no more accidentally kicking your phone around – everything is sleek and neat.

Get this simple invention from Taobao from only RM 1.27 with  up to 20.0% cashback if you shop with Shopback!


7. Donut Float

tabao 7

The donut float is taking Instagram and every other social media platforms by storm and if you want in on having a delicious photograph of yourself with a wonderful The Simpson-esque donut, albeit bitten, this is for you. Among other food related floats, the donut seems to be everyone’s favourite and now you can get your own at an insanely affordable price from from RM 63.40! With ShopBack, you can enjoy up to 20.0% cashback if you purchase from our website. Plus, there is always Taobao coupons for you to get further discounts.

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