Valentines' Day

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Valentines’ Day is just around the corner, and rather than racking your brains over what creative gift to get your other half, why not treat the both of you to a romantic trip with CatchThatBus? Here are some suggestions for places you can explore and unwind at together – besides, what better way to get to know each other better than taking a trip together!

Banjanran Hotsprings in Ipoh, Perak

Banjaran Hotsprings Retreat

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We all know that Ipoh is famous for its amazingly delicious cuisine, but not known to the regular traveller is the romantic side of Ipoh in the form of luxurious Banjanran Hotsprings. The exclusiveness of the spa is why this makes for a perfect Valentines’ Day destination to pamper your loved one and yourself. Planted in the idyllic setting of a lush tropical valley, a short bus trip to Banjanran Hotsprings is a good idea for a short getaway to relax and share some quality time with your other half.

Nearest bus terminal: Ipoh

Cameron Highlands


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Need a quick weekend refresh? Surround yourself (and your other half of course) with flora and fauna, coupled with loads of cool, clean air at Cameron Highlands. Simply enjoying each other’s presence while strolling through the tea plantations or admiring the same stunning view – now that sounds like a pretty dreamy way to spend Valentines’ together.

Nearest bus terminal: Cameron Highlands

Penang, Georgetown


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Georgetown in Penang is the place to go to for good food, drinks and many Insta-worthy shots. It is no secret that Penang has some of the best street food in Malaysia, and in recent years, it has sprouted a number of pretty cafes that serve good strong brews. Get the best of both the worlds in Georgetown, AND on top of that impress your friends with your quirky couple Instagram shots with the fun street art found along the streets! Pics or it didn’t happen!

Nearest bus terminal: Penang

Tiong Bahru, SingaporeYong Saik Street

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If you are looking to just take a short day trip with your other half, Tiong Bahru would be a good place to go especially if the both of you are food and coffee lovers. With a reputation for being the café-hopping paradise of Singapore, Tiong Bahru lives up to its name with its eclectic mix of trendy and interesting cafés, restaurants, indie bookstores and galleries. Small enough to explore within a day, Tiong Bahru has such a big personality that you gotta check it out for yourself.

Nearest bus terminal: Singapore (Golden Mile Complex)

Haji Lane, Singapore

Haji Lane

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Another Mecca for the hipsters, Haji Lane is similar to Tiong Bahru in terms of the many cafes that line its streets. However, what differentiates Haji Lane from Tiong Bahru is the strong historical and cultural climate that permeates the place. Besides patronising the cafes and boutique of Haji Lane, visiting the nearby Arab Street and Masjid Sultan would give you interesting insights into the lives of Malays living in Singapore. Not to mention that you’ll often get a good bargain for fabrics and rugs at the shops in the area!

Nearest bus terminal: Singapore (Golden Mile Complex)

Sunway Lagoon in Subang Jaya, Selangor

Sunway Lagoon

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Pump up the adrenaline levels with your other half by spending the day at this spectacular water theme park! Sunway Lagoon boasts Malaysia’s first surf simulator, Flowrider, as well as the world’s largest  water ride, Vuvuzela. Other than a whole slew of amazing water rides and slides, it also has bungee jumping and archery facilities. There is definitely something in Sunway Lagoon to appeal to the adrenaline junkie in the both of you!

Nearest bus terminal: Sunway

Gunung Baling

Gunung Baling

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Hiking through Gunung Baling tops the list of adventures to conquer with your other half if the both of you are experienced hikers. While beginners are not advised to undertake the hike due to the slippery treks, seasoned climbers should not find the journey too strenuous. Furthermore, the reward of admiring a magnificent sea of clouds at the peak with your significant other far outweighs any exhaustion along the way.

Nearest bus terminal: Baling

Singapore Flyer


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Indulge in a lavish dinner with your other half on the Singapore flyer, where you are treated to the stunning views of the Singapore glittering cityscape at night. This is a foolproof romantic activity, proven by the fact that multiple wedding proposals and wedding photo shoots have taken place here. If you are looking for something exciting to do before dinner, check out the Formula One track nearby, where you can get a taste of the thrilling experience of riding in a ridiculously fast race car.

Nearest bus terminal: Singapore (Golden Mile Complex)

Whether you are a chill or adventurous couple, there is certainly somewhere for the both of you that will make Valentines’ Day this year very special. Besides romantic Valentines’ Day trips, you can use CatchThatBus coupons to find the best rates for bus rides to wherever you want to head to in Malaysia and Singapore!