As 9.9 Rewards Day draws closer, we are overwhelmed with a plethora of offers available to us. But have no fear, ShopBack is here!

If you plan on travelling during the end-of-year holiday, this guide will show you where to get the best travel deals. We have also included a few places where you may find beauty deals to help you get ready for your trip.


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Travel to anywhere in the world by booking your flight and/or hotel on Expedia. Whether it is to the historical city of London or to the exotic beaches of Bali, get an Upsized Cashback of 9% (was <6%) when you book your flight/hotel through Expedia. Remember to make sure that ShopBack is the last clicked link before making a purchase! Also, from now till the 9th of September, you get to save up to 60% when you book a hotel on Expedia.


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Traveloka is another online flight and hotel booking service but with a focus on domestic travel. Travel within Malaysia to explore the beautiful sights in Kota Kinabalu or indulge in the street foods of Penang and get up to 50% off local hotels.

Make your reservations through Shopback to get an Upsized Cashback of 9% (was <6%). The Upsized Cashback ends on 10 September so be sure to make your bookings now!

Now that you’ve booked your flight and hotel, you might want to plan for your trip.


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Apart from clothes, personal care items and cosmetics, 11street also offers tickets for attractions at a fraction of their original prices. Admission tickets for Universal Studios Japan are available for just RM185 (originally RM398) while Seoul Everland Theme Park retails for RM136 (originally RM199). What a steal!

Remember to also mark your calendar from 9 September to 11 September for the Love 11 Day event where you stand a chance to get exclusive coupons ranging between RM20 and RM150.

On top of all of that, if you make your purchase through ShopBack, you get an upsized percentage of 7% of your cash back (was <6%).


Perhaps you have decided on the places to go and have bought the tickets for the various attractions that you intend to visit. Now you would like to do some shopping to prepare for your trip. From clothing to cosmetics to toiletries, here are a few online places where you may get your much-needed shopping done.


On 9.9 Rewards Day, Lazada has brought on-board more than 100 brands to offer their consumers discounts of up to 90%. What’s more, there are over 2000 vouchers up for grabs!

Lazada Some By Mi Skincare 9.9 Sale
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On top of an already discounted price, 9.9 Rewards Day brings about additional reduction in prices of many of their items.


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Taobao promotions 9.9 Sale
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Taobao also has many promotions from now till 9 September listed below:

  • Every day at 10am and 4pm (GMT +8) between 5 September and 9 September, you stand a chance to redeem a voucher of up to 200RMB (approx. RM121.40).
  • Receive a daily voucher of 60RMB (RM36.40).
  • Spend a total of 300RMB (approx. RM182.10) across any stores (as long as it has the “99” symbol) on Taobao to get 30RMB (RM18.20) off your total bill

Quality down jackets for RM160? 3 bottles of facial wash for RM11.50? Be right back while I add some of this stuff to my cart.

For those non-Mandarin speakers, fret not! We have a step-by-step guide that shows you how to navigate Taobao like a pro. Alternatively, you could also right click anywhere on the page and select “Translate to English” or any other languages that you’re most comfortable with.

Done shopping? Perhaps you’d like to pamper yourself with a manicure or a massage because online shopping is so tiring.


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Fave has promotions for 3-hour massages for as cheap as RM38 and manicure + pedicure package for just RM49. Some highlights for 9 September include flash sales and exclusive giveaways. Do make your purchase via so that you can get up to 4.5% cashback!

That’s about it folks! Do keep a lookout for many other great deals this 9th of September to get the most bang for your buck.

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