1.  Thai iced tea


How can you not love heaven in a glass? We all love thai iced tea. It’s like your regular milk tea, only sweeter and thicker, and more satisfying.

Try: Chafae from Cafaeyen (RM6.90), available on Foodpanda. (Cafaeyen serves premium and authentic traditional coffee and tea from Bangkok.)

2.  Raspberry lemon iced tea


I mean, look at the beautiful mix of colour in it. It’s summer in a jar. Okay, not really, it tastes like raspberry lemonade in the summer. The lemon zest tingles your tastebuds and cools you down instantly.

3.  Sparkling blueberry ginger iced tea


Sipping this in the comfort of your living room would be as perfect as sipping this drink on the beach. The drink’s fizziness, paired with a tinge of sourness of the blueberry, makes the humid weather seem less torturous.

Try: Blush Berry Frappe from Cafe Coffee Day (RM13), available on Foodpanda. (Cafe Coffee Day is one of India’s most-loved coffee shops, and they bring in the most fragrant beans.)

4.  Iced green tea latte


Matcha is one of the best things on earth. You haven’t truly lived if you haven’t tried matcha! And green tea latte, iced – just in time for summer (all year round). We don’t know about you, but the thick aroma and sweetness of the matcha is strangely comforting.

5.  Hawaii fruit tea


Never been to Hawaii? Don’t worry, now you can taste Hawaii in a cup! Fruity, sweet, with a tropical hint to it, you don’t even have to imagine yourself by a beach in Hawaii. It’s all in the drink.

Try: Hawaii Fruit Tea from Chatime, available on Foodpanda. (A Taiwanese franchise, Chatime provides only hand-made beverages with freshly brewed tea on the spot.)

6.  Kumquat tea


Kumquat is considered a therapeutic treatment for a sore throat. It soothes nerves too, so grab a kumquat drink when you’re feeling stressed out. It’s a little sweet and sour, but when it’s in tea form, it’s weirdly soothing.

Try: Kumquat Tea (RM4.90) from Daiwan Tea, available on Foodpanda. (A small little bubble tea shop that serves a huge range of bubble tea.)

7.  Spicy mango bubble tea


A spicy drink? In this weather? You cray? But it’s the pearls that are spicy, not the drink. The drink itself is cooling enough for the weather, which is the real cray cray one here. The spiciness in this drink can’t be tasted at all – it’s pretty much just a mango bubble tea drink.

8.  Nutella milk bubble tea


The best food on earth, mixed in a single drink = bliss. Nutella’s rich, chocolatey taste infused with bubble tea – this mega sweet combination leaves you wanting more.

Try: Java Chip Frappuccino from Starbucks (RM15), available on Foodpanda. (Starbucks is a popular coffee chain.)

9.  Grass jelly milk tea


Grass jelly has some medicinal uses, like lowering temperatures or fevers. Sip on a grass jelly drink and feel the smooth, cooling texture of the jelly swish down your throat – that’s why it’s on our list of drinks you can have to beat the heat.

Try: Milk Tea with Herbal Jelly from Gongcha (RM5.90), available on Foodpanda. (Gongcha is a popular milk tea and beverage chain.)

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