Move aside, contouring. Strobing is the new kid in town — and all of us are dying to make friends. No one liked contouring anyway; trying to seamlessly blend lighter and darker tones added a ton of time to our morning routine, which could have been spent on doing more productive things (like sleeping).

Strobing is the hottest makeup trend right now and has been spotted everywhere, from celebrities to runway models. Strobing enhances our best features and gives us a radiant and fresh-faced glow, giving off the illusion that screams “I only eat fresh fruits and vegetables and hit the gym three times a week!” But honestly, that never happens because ain’t nobody got time for that.

However, if done wrong, strobing can result in you looking oily-faced and sweaty. Don’t worry if you’re still eager to jump on the bandwagon — we have written a complete guide to strobing, and a list of products from Sephora that will make the process of achieving a natural look effortless. Read on to find out more!


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1. Prep your skin

With strobing, it’s all about the glow — so the golden rule is to start off with a fully moisturised face. An oil-free moisturiser would be an ideal choice, to prevent your face from looking too shiny. Our favourite moisturiser would have to be Benefit Cosmetics Triple Performing Facial Emulsion, which protects your skin from the sun with SPF 15 PA++ and also provides your skin with instant hydration.

Benefit Cosmetics Triple Performing Facial Emulsion

Benefit Cosmetics Triple Performing Facial Emulsion | RM 135.00

After moisturising your skin, add a few drops of hydrating serum and you’re set!

2. Get your base ready

The next step would be to prepare a flawless base ready for all the highlighting — start by applying foundation and blend it out using a foundation brush. Tarte’s Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Full Coverage Foundation offers perfect and seamless coverage for an all-natural look that prevents your face from looking cakey.

You can get this from the Sephora site, and remember to use ShopBack for 8% cashback on your purchase!

Tarte Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Full Coverage Foundation SPF15

Tarte Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Full Coverage Foundation SPF 15 | RM 159.00

After you’ve got your foundation down, use a concealer to hide dark eye circles and correct possible imperfections. Then, use loose powder to set your makeup. Using a matte setting powder is ideal, as it allows for the strobing to be more obvious and radiant. If you don’t have a matte finishing powder on hand, you should certainly consider purchasing Make Up For Ever’s HD MicroFinish Powder, which instantly softens the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.

Make Up For Ever HD MicroFinish Powder 8.5g

Make Up For Ever HD MicroFinish Powder 8.5g | RM 160.00

3. Time to highlight!

Now you’ve come to the most crucial step: the highlighting. An important piece of advice to keep in mind — less is more. Excessive highlighting might make you look like a mirror and give the impression of oilyness. Also, choosing the right highlighter that matches your skin tone is essential. Let me break it down for you — champagne tones for fair skin, pink tones for light to medium skin, and golden tones for dark skin. The perfect champagne-toned highlighter would have to be Benefit Cosmetics Watt’s Up! Highlighter, which has a cream-to-powder formula and a sponge blender for easy application.

Benefit Cosmetics Watt's Up! Highlighter

Benefit Cosmetics Watt’s Up! Highlighter | RM 130.00 

After you have chosen the perfect highlighter to match your skin tone, apply it to the middle of your forehead, inner corners of your eye, nose bridge, brow bone, Cupid’s bow and cheekbones for a fresh and dewy look. Highlighting these features will allow your face to catch the light in all the right places!

4. Add definition 

If you want to further define your features, use a compact powder or sculpting stick a shade darker than your skin tone on the sides of your nose, jawline, and under your cheekbones for added definition. Check out the Tarte The Sculptor sculpting pencil that glides on effortlessly — you can get it on Sephora for RM 117 after the 8% cashback from ShopBack!

Tarte The Sculptor Amazonian Clay Contouring Face Slenderizer - Park Ave Princess

Tarte The Sculptor Amazonian Clay Contouring Face Slenderizer – Park Ave Princess | RM 127.00

 5. Add a pop of colour

To avoid looking like a zombie, add a pop of colour to your cheeks, but don’t overdo it! Remember, we’re opting for a natural and radiant look. Choose a matte blush to prevent yourself from looking like a shiny disco ball — we especially love the Becca Mineral Blush  in the dusty pink shade, Wild Honey.

Becca Mineral Blush in Wild Honey

Becca Mineral Blush in Wild Honey | RM 159.00

Then, choose a nude or light pink lipstick to add volume and colour to your lips! A perfect choice would be 3CE Lip Color in the shade Sha Sha.

3CE lip color 3.5g Sha Sha

3CE Lip Color 3.5g in Sha Sha | RM 78.00

There you have it — the trendy strobing look that leaves you looking radiant and energized. Trust me, strobing is not that hard, especially when you have the right products on hand. So go ahead and get these incredible products from Sephora  — and don’t forget to use ShopBack for 8% cashback and Sephora coupons!

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