As many Malaysians are currently working from home, it means that we have to learn to say goodbye to our usual work environment, and gradually make the transition to our home offices.

While remote working has its merits, most of us have simple desk setups with limited gadgets – and it definitely takes a while to get used to. Since you’re spending most of your waking hours at your new home office, making it a place where you can function at maximum productivity is optimal.

Work-From-Home Office Must-Haves

What better time is it to take it up a notch, and create an impressive home office? Here are 5 of our favourite work-from-home gadgets that can increase your productivity, without compromising the comfort of home!

1. Ergonomic Chair for Comfort All Day Long

Necks craned over, backs slouched, constant back problems due to terrible sitting postures all day long. This is unsurprisingly a common modern day problem, as many of us – students or adults alike – are all hunched over our backs while staring intensely at the computer screen for over 8 hours a day. If we’re already spending almost one-third of our day at the desk, why not make an investment to make that duration comfortable?

An ergonomic chair is the perfect solution to this modern day problem. Comfortable ergonomic chairs are specially designed to support your body and minimise body aches. Trust me, once you make the change to an ergonomic chair, you’ll never want to go back to normal chairs again. Not to mention that they’re extremely durable as well, so you know you’re getting your moneys worth.

acer predator ergonomic chair work from home
Image Credit: Acer | Shopee
  • Recommended product: Acer Predator Gaming Chair
  • Price: RM1,299
  • Features: 4D Armrest, Full length Backrest Recline, Ergonomically Designed Metal Framework, Lumbar Support, Prime PU leather etc
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2. Curved LED Monitor For Quality Viewing

A monitor is another investment that I urge everyone to make, because the utility it brings is for sure worth the price you’re paying for. Although usual computers function fine just on their own, we often have too many tabs open or need to multi-task (sincerely, thank you to the creator of split screens). This makes the viewing screen much smaller, and it can be overwhelming sometimes.

Monitor provides a second-viewing screen – bigger, so everything is more readable. Not to mention that it’s easier on the eyes especially since we spend most of our waking hours at the desk. This is especially useful for Malaysians in the field of engineering, or graphic design. It’s similar to watching a movie at the theatres instead of on our small mobile devices – both work, but the overall experience is just not the same.

shopee anmite curved monitor super slim and sleek home electronic gadgets
Image Credit: Anmite | Shopee
  • Recommended product: Anmite 24″ Curved LED Monitor
  • Price: RM458 (67% off U.P.)
  • Features: zero frame borderless design, ultra high resolution, adjustable tilt, HDMI, VGA
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3. Quality Speakers For Maximum Productivity

Some people find music an energy boost – including me. Music keeps your productivity going and some good quality speakers can definitely elevate your work time. If you are doing intense work under certain deadlines, playing some upbeat music can keep the momentum going. As you wind-down after a stressful work day, pick a softer acoustic playlist and allow your body to relax. No matter the occasion or mood, the speakers can play a pretty important role in upgrading your home office.

Imagine having your favourite Spotify playlist fill the room while you focus on your work, tuning out all external distractions. Sounds like a lit home-office set-up to me there.

tribit shopee malaysia work from home essential bluetooth speakers
Image Credit: Tribit | Shopee
  • Recommended product: Tribit Xsound Go (Upgraded)
  • Price: RM140
  • Features: 16W output, Bluetooth 5.0, Charging C, IPX7 Waterproof, 24 Hours Playtime, Dual Pairing
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4. Vacuum Cleaner to Keep The Room Sparkling Clean

It doesn’t matter whether your makeshift home office is small or big, we all need a vacuum cleaner to keep the floors dust-free.  Before or after work, take a bit of time off and make the effort to clean the office area. This is a seemingly trivial step, yet it makes all the difference. Coming in to a messy environment can affect your mood the whole day. But if you keep the environment comfortable and clean, your mood will get an uplift too.

Getting a lightweight, yet powerful vacuum cleaner is the more tricky part. But with the right products, you’re making your life a ton easier by eliminating the need for manual sweeping.

riino shopee super cyclone vacuum cleaner sale promotions
Image Credit: Riino | Shopee
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5. Eye-friendly LED Table Lamp 

Home offices might not have the best lighting, and some Malaysians might be working at night as well. Therefore, having a good quality, trustworthy lamp to accompany you through the day is essential. This companion can give you a cosy feeling, without taking away the homeliness while you’re hard at work grinding through the day.

The perfect lamp should be your work, sleeping, and ready companion. The lights should be soft and warm to prevent any glare and discomfort to the eyes. Not only are these lights easy on the eyes, but they are also great for the brain as well. Since most of us are staring at the computer screen all day long, having a quality lamp can help reduce that strain.


mijia shopee wireless desk table lamp eye friendly work from home electronic gadgets
Image Credit: Mijia | Shopee
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Best Work-From-Home Upgrades Worth The Money

With that, we conclude our top 5 favourites to elevate your work-from-home experience. Other than our aforementioned gadgets, we have honourable mentions to: headphones, ergonomic keyboards, ergonomic mouses, and so many more. These little additions can improve the overall work experience.

If you don’t want to break the bank, Shopee has an amazing selection of affordable items that you can add to your home office. Tip: Once you find items you like, don’t forget to purchase through ShopBack and get up to 19.10% Cashback for some extra savings! 

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