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From socks to joggers and raglan tees to underwear, here are 7 wardrobe necessities for all the men out there.

The “Cooling” Short-Sleeved Tee

Navy Double Dye T-shirt, RM99

navy-double-dye-t-shirtA trusty, plain old t-shirt is the most basic part of any wardrobe. Given Malaysia’s humid and extremely hot, insufferable weather, its best to have plenty of these to get you through the day.

Once you get into the air-conditioned office or classroom, simply throw on a jacket or cardigan and you’re good to go!

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The Long-Sleeved Tee

Black/grey textured raglan long sleeve t-shirt, RM86


Who can go wrong with a design as ingenious as the simplicity of a raglan shirt? It’s flattering and not boring – perfect for the casual day out at the shopping mall or any air-conditioned place with your bros.

If you don’t already have one… you’d better get your hands on one. Pair it up with jeans or a good pair of fitting berms and loafers. If you get them right altogether, you’ll be looking like a sweet deal to the ladies.

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The All-Occasion, Smart Shirt

Blue texture long sleeve smart shirt, RM136

blue-smart-shirtLet’s never underestimate the importance of one fantastic fitting, plain-coloured formal shirt. Suit up with this long sleeved lady-stunner along with a smart blazer, and you’re ready to roll. Dress the outfit down with a pair of white berms and white sneakers for that smart-casual look that’s actually so easy to pull off.

Mind those sleeves though; don’t roll them up so very often and recklessly like all the other boys do – you’ll end up ruining the impeccable look, and looking like you went to the market to pick out seafood.

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The Lazy Day Hoodie

Blue two colour texture zip through hoodie, RM149


Hoodies are a popular fashion item with guys and that’s because they’re super comfortable and easy to wear. Just pair it up with jeans and sneakers and you’ll look like that cute college boy in no time.

Bring this along in your backpack to combat the sudden, extreme cold from the high-powered air-conditioning in almost every indoor area in Malaysia.

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The Ultra-Comfy Pair of Pants

Frost Marl Skinny Fit Joggers, RM173frost-marl-skinny-joggers

Don’t dismiss joggers as sloppy. These ones are well-fitting, uber comfy and very, very chic. Even though joggers are mostly spotted on fashion students or HipHop dancers, these pants are easier to rock than you think. The trick is to clean up the look with simple, un-complicated tops and shoes to achieve a polished, yet relaxed style.

A lot of stylish guys will even wear joggers with loose tees and a fitting blazer. That’s effortless chic for you. Trying but not really trying.

But then again, of course you can just use joggers for a purpose entirely away from fashion – jogging.

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The Socks

Grey Colour Block Socks, RM19gray-blue-colour-block-socks

Add some colour to your life buy trying out multi-coloured socks instead of plain old white or grey ones. I know, your socks won’t show once you’ve tucked them into your trousers. But there’s a reason why there’s a sock brand called Happy Socks. Socks can serve as a happy surprise lurking beneath those shoes… even if no one really sees them but you.

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The Briefs

Black/grey/white angle waistband 3pack underwear, RM93angle-waistband-underwear-6pack

It’s back to basics, baby.

This trio set of black, grey and white Topman waistband underwear is going to be your best friend. Just be sure to grab 2 packs or so, so that you won’t have to reuse one for 3 days in a row… cos that’s just gross.

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