Remove your makeup effectively with these products and tips!

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Chances are you think you know how to remove your makeup the right way. All you need is one cleanser and you’re done, am I right? But guess what, you might be doing it all wrong. Thorough removal of your makeup is essential before you head to bed as it might cause extensive damage to your skin if you leave your makeup on overnight. Here’s how you can remove your makeup naturally and effectively with Althea!

1. The Style White Tea Lip & Eye Make Up Remover – Missha

The Style White Tea Lip & Eye Make Up Remover - Missha

When removing your makeup, the first step is to remove your eye and lip makeup as they are usually most stubborn to come off. Missha’s The Style White Tea Lip & Eye Make Up Remover is the perfect solution to removing those stubborn waterproof eyeliner and mascara. It comprises of an oil and a liquid solution that will effectively get rid of makeup as well as dirt residues after a long day out. It’s also formulated with white tea and rose water extracts to gently cleanse while hydrating and soothing your eye area and skin, leaving you with fresh and clean skin!

Retail price: RM 20, After Cashback: RM 18.60

2. Orange Cleansing Sherbet – Aromatica

Orange Cleansing Sherbet - Aromatica

Makeup removal balm is a great way to thoroughly remove your makeup while leaving your skin hydrated. Aromatica’s Orange Cleansing Sherbet is a silky balm that removes all makeup from your face. Even your double-protection waterproof mascara will not stand a chance! Infused with orange peel oil, this cleanser deeply cleanses the face while balancing the oil-to-water levels of your skin. Simply scoop out a small amount and gently massage on your face to melt away the makeup and dirt. Then rinse with warm water and you’ll be left with soft and dewy skin!

Retail price: RM 95, After Cashback: RM 88.35

3. I Am Sorry I Am Just Cleansing Water Oil – B-Lab

I Am Sorry I Am Just Cleansing Water Oil - B-Lab

Contrary to the belief that oil cleansers are “bad” for your skin, it is in fact one of the best ways to counter oily skin! Remove the sweat and oil that was built up on your face after a long day out with I Am Sorry I Am Just Cleansing Water Oil from B-Lab! The key here is not to add water to your oil cleanser. Apply a sufficient amount on your dry palm and massage your entire face until the oil turns to the colour of milk before rinsing it clean with warm water. This oil cleanser is ideal even if you have sensitive skin as well!

Retail price: RM 74, After Cashback: RM 68.82

4. Smooth Egg Skin Soap – Holika Holika

Smooth Egg Skin Soap - Holika Holika

Eggs has been catapulted to skin-care stardom with highly-effective skin care benefits. While the idea of lathering raw eggs on your skin might not seem ideal (yet), Holika Holika’s Smooth Egg Skin Soap will certainly do the trick for now! These satisfyingly smooth handmade egg soaps come in a set of 4 different types, each addressing a different type of skin concern. As improper removal of your makeup can result in clogged pores and affects your complexion, these egg soaps help to remove the impurities in the skin and clean clogged pores. Additionally, some egg soaps are targeted at oilier skin and help to reduce sebum and control oil to improve your complexion as well!

Retail price: RM 52, After Cashback: RM 48.36

5. Black & Black Pore Cleansing Set – Nella

Black & Black Pore Cleansing Set - Nella

Another great way to thoroughly makeup and avoid it from clogging your pores is with this incredible Black & Black Pore Cleansing Set from Nella. This cleansing set comes with a pore brush that helps to clean inside your pores with its fine brush lashes. Additionally, the cleansing foam is infused with numerous black food such as blackberry and charcoal to help purify your skin for that lovely afterglow!

Retail price: RM 30, After Cashback: RM 27.90 

6. Vitamin Brightening Cleansing Water – Laneige

Vitamin Brightening Cleansing Water - Laneige

Finally, finished off your makeup removal routine with a cleansing water such as Laneige’s Vitamin Brightening Cleansing Water. Essentially, it is fancy water that helps to tone your skin while ensuring that all your impurities are removed from your skin that your cleanser might have missed. Additionally, it keeps your skin looking clear, bright and revitalised while leaving a pleasant floral aroma on your skin as well!

Retail price: RM 70, After Cashback: RM 65.10

These products from Althea will promise you a clean and fresh face after you remove your makeup! These makeup removal products are pretty inexpensive simple because you can enjoy up to 7.0% cashback simply when you shop through ShopBack Malaysia. Incorporate these makeup removal tips into your skincare routine today!

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