Bonds Hipster BikiniSometimes, falling in love with your body can be a hard thing to do. Both men and women are held to such high standards when it comes to their bodies, so it comes as no surprise if we aren’t comfortable in our bodies every now and then. However, everyone deserves to feel comfortable in their own bodies, regardless of their body shape and size. Thankfully, Bonds has 6 pieces of undergarments that are bound to make you feel sexy!

For Him


Boxer briefs are out; Trunks are in! Men all over the globe are opting for this flattering cut, which was once relegated to poolside status. Due to its boxy cut, which ends right below the butt cheek, men with meatier bodies should opt for this type of underwear. Not only does the cut make your waist look smaller but drawing the eyes inwards, it also makes it seem as if your muscles are just that much more defined.

Fit Trunk in BlackFit Trunk in Black
Originally AUD$26.95 | AUD$25.33 after Cashback


On the flip side, we have the tried and true classic. Briefs have been around longer than most of us, and will continue to live on, after we’ve all gone. What’s the source of its success? The comfortability factor. What more can you ask for?

Elastic Hipster Brief (4-Pack)Elastic Hipster Brief (4-Pack)
Originally AUD$26.95 | AUD$25.33 after Cashback


Walking around in just your underwear might be sexy for a late night rendezvous, but for everyday use age, wear an undertee to accentuate your body. Undertees are a little longer than normal shirts, and they hug tight to your body, helping you look more defined while giving you the illusion of a longer torso.

Chesty in Blue (2-Pack)Chesty in Blue (2-Pack)
Originally AUD$26.95 | AUD$25.33 after Cashback

For Her


An easy trick to feel sexy is to get yourself a pair of comfortable lace underwear – in black. Lace material has been used to make undergarments for centuries now. From then till now, lace has been the go to item when someone needs to feel sexy. What about black? Well, black is just a flattering colour on most, and it’s also very easy to match.

Lacies Hot Shortie in BlackLacies Hot Shortie in Black
Originally AUD$14.95 | AUD$14.35 after Cashback


If you’re a fan of something subtler, try Bonds’ Tails line. Their Tails line promises to eliminate VPL (visible panty lines) to give you a sleek and polished look. No matter what you’re wearing, Tails will make your body looking fresh and fit at all times.

Comfytails Side Seamfree Bikini in BlackComfytails Side Seamfree Bikini in Black
Originally AUD$14.95 | AUD$14.35 after Cashback


Lastly, we have Bonds’ line of print undies. If you’re looking for something a little more fun and flirty, while still retaining that fitted, sexy cut that Bonds is known for, go for their Hipster line of underwear. From bright and colourful, to deep and sensual, they have patterns available for everyone.

Hipster Bikini in Ditsy DazeHipster Bikini in Ditsy Daze
Originally AUD$14.95 | AUD$14.35 after Cashback

No matter the style or fit, Bonds has you covered for underwear that will have you feeling and looking sexy at all times. Shop Bonds on ShopBack today, and receive up to 8.0% Cashback on all your purchases. Shopping and saving money has never been this easy!

All images courtesy of Bonds.

Prices accurate as of 19 February 2017.