Augmented reality sounds like a long shot futuristic concept but it has been around for awhile now. The AR (short terminology for augmented reality) technology has been upgrading electronic device experiences and life itself in the past decade. You can use AR for interactive maps, digital gaming, the superimposition of computer-generated images on real life locations, and more.

Girl Riding A Bike Wearing A VR Headset
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Augmented reality apps are downloaded to immerse one’s self in another world while keeping one foot on reality. It’s not exactly VR (with those huge googles you see up there), but we dare say it’s more convenient and way more fun.

If you’re thinking AR might just be the answer to your woes, you’re not wrong. It’s time for some browsing. Here are some augmented reality mobile apps for both iOS and Android to take your digital experience to a whole new level.

  1. Pokemon Go

Any augmented reality app list won’t be complete without Pokemon Go. Millions of users fell for it when it became the app to download in 2016. Almost everyone was out and about, walking and driving around, catching Pokemon.

pokemon go
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Pokemon Go is a location-based mobile game which utilizes GPS to track a user’s location and move the in-game avatar. The smartphone’s camera is what puts the Pokemon in the real world. The interface is user-friendly and pretty self-explanatory, especially if you’ve been trying to catch pocket monsters long before the app was invented.

The developers of the app continue to improve the app’s features and introduce new ones at the same time. Hopefully, Pokemon Go sticks around.

Pokemon Go is available in both iOS and Android versions.

  1. Ink Hunter

Ink Hunter is a dream come true for people who have considered getting tattooed but just always end up wondering about the outcome. This app allows users to try both pre-created tattoo designs and own in-app editor drawings on body parts through a gadget’s camera.

Image Credit: INKHUNTER | Facebook

Ink Hunter is available at iOS devices only as of this writing. However, it is said that plans are in place to create its Android version.

  1. Google Translate

It may not be completely an AR app but Google Translate also has one augmented reality aspect. Yet again, the smartphone camera is involved.

google translate
Image Credit: Google Translate

A photo containing text that is captured by the Google Translate camera can be translated into whatever needed language. The process is real-time, of course. This feature is available online, as well as offline provided that language packs have been downloaded.

Google Translate has both iOS and Android versions.

  1. Amikasa

Amikasa takes its names from the Spanish term mi casa which translates to “my house” which is what it was made for. If you’re moving to a new unfurnished home or simply rearranging furniture, Amikasa can be your planning buddy. This augmented reality application specializes in 3D home floor planning and furniture design.

Image Credit: Amikasa | Facebook

Using a gadget’s (iPhone or iPad) camera, you can go around your place and decide on the type of furniture or interior layout is best for each room. Your home interior styling will truly be exercised as Amikasa also allows changing and selection of colors.

Amikasa is available for iOS devices.

  1. Tango (testing name: Project Tango)

Tango is an augmented reality computing program developed by Google that is able to run on its own on a tablet of smartphone. It allows applications to track device’s position and orientation within a detailed and recognized 3D environment. Thus, applications like in-store navigation, visual measurement, visual mapping, presentation tools, and design apps are made possible.

Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

The platform brings navigation to another world — it uses computer vision (instead of GPS or signals) and integrates 3 functionalities — depth perception, motion tracking, and area learning. Combining all these 3 functionalities allows the AR program to generate a detailed 3D information about the environment the device is in.

Tango is available compatible with Android devices.

  1. Layar

Layer is a world favorite when it comes to creating interactive prints. Through it, users are able to enhance flyers, postcards, photos, promotional materials, packaging into digital contents like slideshows, videos, music clips, and many others.

Layar is available for both Android and iOS devices.

  1. EmotionsAR

This AR application is novel fiction brought to life. It animates photos! And it’s not just the GIF level of animation. It’s movements and emotions that narrate stories. You’ll know what this means if you take a look at the video below.

EmotionsAR is available in Android and iOS versions.

  1. IKEA Catalog

The multinational company from the Netherlands brought its ready-to-assemble furniture pieces online and then a bit more. IKEA’s online catalog is more than just a catalog. It contains home inspirations presented in 360-degree view of rooms and collaborative content such as images and videos.

The IKEA catalog is available for download at the AppStore and Google Play Store.

  1. LEGO 3D Catalogue

For another amazing augmented reality catalog, we have LEGO. The AR application allows LEGO fans to view the products as 3-dimensional animations.

Image Credit: LEGO 3D Catalogue | Google Play Store

The magic comes from the use of a gadget’s camera over a yellow icon printed on a regular LEGO catalogue. After successful scanning, the 3D animations display short stories, product features, and the 360-degree view of the model.

The LEGO 3D Catalogue is available for iOS and Android devices.

  1. iStaging

iStaging is another interior design tool that allows a user to turn objects and spaces into immersive augmented realities. It can provide actual sizes in real time without need for markers. It supports VR mode to show 360-degree view of cars, furniture, properties, home interiors and other business focused on construction and design.

iStaging is available in Android and iOS versions.

It’s about time you experience a whole new world, a dazzling place you never thought could co-exist with reality. Download these AR mobile applications today at the AppStore or Google Play Store.

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