Before the big day, planning a memorable bachelorette party can be a little stressful for the bride-to-be.  We’re here to help with a lineup of bachelorette party planning tips so you can relax.

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11 Tips for Planning a Memorable Bachelorette Party

1. Personalize It for the Bride-to-be

bachelorette party planning
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Ask the bride-to-be about her preferences, like:

  • Activities or games she wants to do
  • The theme she wants to follow
  • Time or date she prefers (day or night, weekday or weekend)
  • Place where she wants to hold the party
  • Food and drink preferences
  • The scale of the party (Who and how many are invited?)
  • Specific party elements she wants present

Tailor the party outline to the bride-to-be’s liking so she’ll remember this event forever.

2. Make a List of Possible Expenses


bachelorette party planning
Image Credit: Unsplash @kchance8

You can still have a good time, without going over your budget. Set a reasonable budget, and make sure the bride-to-be agrees to the cost. It will also be nice if you consult the guests about the amount they’re willing to spend for the event. This way, you’ll know your limit. Plus, guests can also share their ideas on how you can lower the expenses—maybe they know a place or someone that and who can give a discount or, better yet, free access.

Also, make sure you clarify these things with the bride-to-be:

  • Is she going to shoulder all expenses?
  • If not, ask how the guests will be paying: in advance, as the party goes on, or after all activities?
  • Do guests need to bring cash and/or their credit cards?
  • How is everyone getting to and from the party?

3. Take It Easy on the Party Planning

bachelorette party planning
Image Credit: Unsplash @tomaslundahl

While it is expected that a full schedule gives the guests more memories, it can also get in the way of having a great time. Be flexible. Factor in the small yet intimate or important details like:

  • Getting dressed
  • Travel time
  • Friendly conversations or chats among guests
  • Chilling and relaxing, just hanging out
  • Taking photos or videos

4. There’s No Need to Invite Everyone on the Wedding List

bachelorette party invite list
Image Credit: @caseychae Unsplash

The same goes for those invited that are not on the wedding list. A bachelorette party must be for the bride-to-be and her closest friends. Do run the list with her, and ensure that everyone gets an invite at least three weeks before.

5. Have a Back-up Plan or Two

bachelorette party planning
Image Credit: @omgitsyeshi Unsplash

Accept that the bachelorette party plan will not be followed down to the smallest details. With that said, it’s best to have back-up plans. Be ready to switch things up any time. Keep calm and everyone will stay calm, too, at least before the drinks start pouring.

6. Don’t Hesitate to Ask for an Extra Hand

bachelorette party planning
Image Credit: @johnschno Unsplash

There’s so much work that goes into planning a memorable and special bachelorette party—food, drinks, the restaurant, bar, themed accessories, transport, games or activities and many more. Don’t be afraid to ask for help, especially from invited guests and family members.

7. Streamline Communication

bachelorette party planning
Image Credit: @danielkorpai Unsplash

Establish a group chat. Or create one email thread. This way everyone gets informed and updated. Plus, you don’t have to do double work by texting or calling each guest every time.

If you feel like going the old-fashioned route, you can try sending card invites with a detailed itinerary.

8. Don’t Be Stereotypical

stereotypical wedding
Image Credit: @brookelark on Unsplash

You don’t need to go around the city or town in LBDs, bejewelled crowns and flirty pageant sashes.

Having fun together as a group is the most important thing. You can just stay indoors and have a romantic comedy movie marathon. Just make sure everyone is having a good time, especially the bride-to-be.

9. Ask the Bride-to-Be About Social Media Posting Rules

bachelorette party social media posting rules
Image Credit: @georgiadelotz Unsplash

Ask the bride-to-be if there are rules on posting the event on social media:

  • Can the guests go live on their Instagram accounts?
  • Is there a hashtag to follow?
  • Are you even allowed to post anything on social media?
  • Is taking photos allowed? Or is there a hired professional photographer for the party?
  • Can you take videos?
  • Does everyone agree to be tagged in posts?

What gets posted online spreads quickly. A single photo can ruin a career, a reputation, or a relationship, so be mindful of what you post.

10. If you drink, get a taxi home

bachelorette party taxi
@danielmonteirox Unsplash

This is a safety rule which applies to everyone, even those not attending a bachelorette party. Get a cab instead if you decide to drink. Ride-hailing apps are available, too.

You can designate someone who won’t be attending the party to pick you up as well. Just Do. Not. Drink. And. Drive.

11. Make the Groom-to-Be a Part of the Party (Somehow)

Image Credit: @tyukov Unsplash

A surprise video message from the groom-to-be will be nice as a little reminder for the bride-to-be why she’s getting married and make both the bachelorette party and wedding day more eventful.

Featured Image Credit: @caseychae Unsplash | @designecologist Unsplash.

We hope bachelorette party planning just got ten times easier with these tips. Here’s hoping the bride-to-be, the guests, and you have a wonderful time.

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