This Hari Raya, look your best with the exclusive Zaloraya 2018 collection. Let Zalora take you on a wild ride – a contemporary twist to a traditional take of apparels.

We know that Hari Raya 2018 falls on June 15th this year, but it is never too early to shop for the unique Baju Raya you’ve been eyeing for the past couple of months. You do not want to be that relative who wears the same outfit as someone else, so snag your outfit today! 

ShopBack Malaysia gives you even more reasons to look forward to Hari Raya with the incredible discounts, promos, and cashback for all your purchasing needs  Here are some apparels you should definitely get from Zalora to nail that runway look this Hari Raya. Rock a different style of Baju Raya every new day of the festival with the below-mentioned styles that we foresee will be popping this Raya.

  1. Contemporary Prints – Ezzati Amira

baju raya zalora
Image Credit: Zalora

It looks as though you have a sophisticated piece of abstract art draped over your garment, but at the same time, the very essence of a Baju Raya. Ezzati Amira harmonizes traditional and contemporary perfectly with its distinctive silhouette-heavy hints and vibrant color shades. If you’re looking for a head-turner of an ethnic piece, this is it.

Before Cashback: RM 469

  1. Jungle Psychedelics/Natural Romantics – Lúbna

baju raya zalora
Image Credit: Zalora

As the names of the collection would suggest, Lúbna’s bold floral and fauna influence on their pieces might just be the new fad this Raya. Loud prints of brightly colored flowers prominent across most of their Baju Raya collection this year, while others emulate textures and pastel hues that resemble petals of a flower. With a piece like this at your next melawat.

Before Cashback: RM 125

  1. Zalia

baju raya zalora
Image Credit: Zalora

Zalia insinuates class and moden baju kurung  – all so seamlessly in their 2018 Baju Raya collection. Without looking like something too far off the fringe, it has retained baju kurung’s flared up long sleeves and non-collar, very much still abiding its characteristics of an ethnic costume. Its apparent laces and embroidered floral patterns is the real game changer here, setting themselves aside from your traditional baju kurung.

Before Cashback: RM 179

  1. Alia B

baju raya zalora
Image Credit: Zalora

Stylish and classy designs that shout freedom of expressions, coupled with striking color contrasts across the board, Alia B’s collection this year might just be the centre piece of your melawat outfit. Fashion almost made effortless by the intricate yet not over-the-top expression of the outfits, Alia B takes a turn from traditional, featuring raya outfits with drapes as part of the full costume.

Before Cashback: RM 579

  1. Kaftans – Lúfba

kuftan zalora
Image Credit: Zalora

Another stunner yet again from the house of Lúfba, the Kaftans from Lúfba feature glossy smooth but yet textured look – a consistent theme throughout its lookbook this season. Aside from that, loud and proud brocade designs, immaculately patterned laces and soft chiffons are also major themes from Lúfba this year. With some of its designs flaunting its bolder color tones, the visually appealing textures are sure to be serving up a real look this Raya!

Before Cashback: RM 195

As Hari Raya draws near, it’s time to revamp your wardrobe and get your Baju Raya from the Zaloraya 2017 Collection. You can get up to 9.0% Cashback simply by shopping on Zalora via ShopBack Malaysia. Hurry, grab your new clothes from Zalora for Hari Raya today!

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*First Published: 25 Apr 2017, Last Updated: 30 May 2018