What makes an action camera a good action camera? For us, the most basic requirements for all action cameras would be good video quality and still image resolutions. Next would, of course, be its ability to withstand any harsh conditions you put it through. In this article, we will be reviewing each action camera based on weight, video quality, battery life, price, stills resolution, whether it has GPS and is waterproof, as well as any other additional features it may have.

1. GoPro hero5 Black

Weight: 118g | Waterproof: yes | video quality: 4K | Stills: 12MP | GPS: yes | Battery life: 1 – 3 hrs | Price: MYR 1,829 |

gopro hero 5 black camera

Image credit: gopro.com

One of the most well-known names when it comes to action cameras, GoPro’s latest action camera does not fall short of expectations. Like its predecessors, it is equally durable against harsh conditions, but is now waterproof up to 10 metres even without its casing. Additional new features include voice control and a touch screen function. Voice control allows for hands-free control of your camera, capturing beautiful moments even in the bumpiest of conditions.

2. TomTom Bandit

Weight: 190g | Waterproof: splash proof, with lens swap | video quality: 4K | Stills: 16MP | GPS: yes | Battery life: 3 hrs | Price: MYR 2,289.80 |

tomtom bandit camera

Image credit: tomtom.com

A serious competitor to the GoPro hero5 Black is TomTom Bandit with stills resolution of 16 MP and similar video quality, battery life (or better), and a cheaper price. A downside to this action camera is that it is only splash proof, and requires a change of lens. At an additional cost, you can also purchase their dive lens cover, which offers up to 40 metres water proofing. However, this can prove to be quite troublesome and costly if you are intending to capture some fast action shots and can’t be used for activities like snorkeling.

It has some unique features, however, that gives it an edge over other action cameras. Firstly, it has additional battery sticks that you can carry around with you in case you run out of battery. Secondly, it has a series of sensors that records location, speed, and G force, automatically picking up anything exciting.

What’s more, it also has a “shake to edit” feature which transfers, selects and arranges your clips onto your phone for easy editing and uploading. The TomTom Bandit is a serious contender for the GoPro especially if you don’t plan on using it for any water activities, and adore instant social media gratification.

3. Garmin Virb Ultra 30

Weight: 87.9g | Waterproof: yes | video quality: 4K | Stills: 12MP | GPS: No | Battery life: 1-2 hrs | Price: MYR 1,849 |

garmin virb ultra 30 camera

Image credit: garmin.com

If you are looking for a cheaper alternative to a GoPro, look no further because this is it! Not just visually similar, the Garmin Virb Ultra 30 also has amazing video and photo quality, as well as voice control and electronic image stabilization. It is also waterproof up to 40 metres with casing, making it suitable for almost any conditions. The downside to this GoPro dupe however, is that its voice control is not the most effective in noisy conditions and its image stabilization isn’t quite as good as the GoPro hero5. If you’re just looking for a decent action camera without breaking the bank, the Garmin Virb Ultra 30 is more than good enough.

4. Olfi One.five

Weight: 55g | Waterproof: yes, with casing | video quality: 4K | Stills: 16MP | GPS: No | Battery life: 1-2 hrs | Price: ~MYR 840 |

olfi one.five camera

Image credit: olfi.co.uk

The Olfi One.five is a bargain. For almost half the price of a GoPro and its competitors, the Olfi One.five is serious value for money. Olfi takes pride in its affordable prices yet crystal clear video and photo quality. Aside from its crisp clear 4K video quality, Olfi one.five is also waterproof up to 30 metres, which is ample for activities like scuba diving.

However, the seemingly flawless Olfi One.five is not available in stores or online in Malaysia, and you will have to ship it from overseas on websites like Amazon or direct from Olfi’s online store.

5. Veho Muvi K-series K2 NPNG

Weight: 84g | Waterproof: yes | video quality: 1080p | Stills: 16MP | GPS: No | Battery life: 4 hrs | Price: ~MYR 803 |

veho muvi k2 camera

Image credit: amazon.com

Another action camera in the lower price range without compromising on quality is the Veho Muvi K-series K2 NPNG action camera. This action camera has a considerably

high video quality of 1080p, though not as high as the aforementioned cameras. Veho Muvi K-series K2 NPNG is a good and affordable option for frequent divers who like to capture their dives as it is waterproof with a 100 metres depth.

6. iSAW edge

Weight: 69g | Waterproof: yes | video quality: 4K | Stills: 16MP | GPS: No | Battery life: 2 hrs | Price: MYR 875.90 |

i saw edge camera

Image credit: isawcam.com

The iSAW edge is similar in size to the GoPro and is compatible with most GoPro mounts in the market, making it extremely versatile. It also boasts good stills quality of 16MP, but its video quality could be improved. Its 4K video quality is limited at 10 frames per second, making the video appear choppy – especially when the action pace increases. However, by reducing the resolution to 1080p at 60fps, the video quality significantly increases. It is also waterproof up to 40 metres and makes for a decent action camera if you don’t mind the poor quality at 4K.

7. Kodak Pixpro SP1

Weight: 155g | Waterproof: yes | video quality: 1080p | Stills: 14MP | GPS: No | Battery life: ~2 hrs | Price: MYR 1321 |

kodak pixpro sp1 camera

Image credit: kodakpixpro.com

Like the TomTom Bandit, the Kodak Pixpro SP1 is not in a cube shape, but rather an elongated shape. It is still small and handy, capturing whatever fast-paced action perfectly, albeit a little heavier than the other cameras. It is a hardy camera that can withstand harsh conditions with waterproofing up to 10 metres of depth, -10 degrees Celsius freezeproof, dustproof, and up to 2 metres shockproof.

We would recommend this camera if you are looking to capture footage of extreme sports or vigorous activity.

8. 360 fly 4k action camera

Weight: 172g | Waterproof: No | 360 degree: Yes | video quality: 2880p | Stills: 14MP | GPS: Yes | Battery life: 1.5 hrs | Price: MYR 2,290 |

360 fly camera

Image credit: 360fly.com 

This unique spherical camera is not only aesthetically pleasing, it is also functional and hardy. Most 360 cameras require 2 lens, yet the 360 fly achieves a 360-degree spherical view, with just one lens, comepletely removing any stitching errors that may arise with dual-lens cameras. It is also dustproof and shockproof. However, it is only water resistant, not water proof, and will require an additional dive housing to waterproof it.

It’s possible drawbacks however, could be that it would be a little awkward to use without a mount, and its hefty price tag.

9. Ricoh WG-M2 4K Action Camera

Weight: 136g | Waterproof: Yes | video quality: 4K | Stills: 8MP | GPS: Yes | Battery life: 1.5 hrs | Price: MYR 1,560 |

ricoh wg-m2 camera

Image credit: ricoh-imaging.co.jp

Yet another action camera in the market that steered away from the mainstream cube shape, the Ricoh WG-M2 action camera is elongated yet compact. Similar to other action cameras in the market, it boasts a 4K video quality, but is slightly lacking in stills quality compared to the other cameras with only 8MP. If photo quality isn’t a concern of yours, this action camera is more than sufficient with waterproofing up to 20 metres, shockproof up to 2 metres, -10 degrees Celsius freezeproof and dustproof. It also boasts a 204 degree wide lens view, capturing all the action on footage.

10. Panasonic HX-A1 wearable camera

Weight: 45g | Waterproof: Yes | Night vision: Yes| Video Quality: 1080p | Stills: 2.66MP | GPS: No | Battery life: 1.5 hrs | Price: MYR 989|

panasonic hx-A1 camera

Image credit: panasonic.com

The main star of the show for this camera has got to be its night mode. The Panasonic HX-A1 works perfectly in complete darkness with their 0 lux night mode and only requires users to use an infrared light. As its name suggests, it is wearable and perfect for vigorous activities being ultra-compact and the lightest out of all the cameras mentioned in this article. It is also shock proof and waterproof, but only up to a depth of 1.5 metres. This means you could probably use it for some shallow snorkeling, but not for diving.

If you are only looking for a camera that you can bring along on your extreme adventures and can film in low light conditions, this is the one for you. However, the HX-A1 is lacking in stills photo quality with only 2.66 MP, but has decent video quality of 1080p. It is also relatively affordable for its capabilities.

Depending on what you are looking for, these action cameras have something for everyone. Hopefully, this list makes your purchase decision a less agonizing one!

*Featured Image Credit: Jakob Owens | Unsplash

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