In the technologically-advanced age where competition is harsh, Dyson has managed to win the hearts of many and established itself as a frontrunner in the market. By identifying real problems and designing high-performing solutions for consumers, Dyson is synonymous with innovative and sleek household appliances.

From years of research and development comes the best air purifier that you’ve ever seen. The Dyson Pure Cool TP04 is a bladeless, HEPA air purifier that uses the patented Dyson amplifier.

The timeless and iconic design style of a Dyson appliance is apparent in the Dyson Pure Cool TP04. I have a soft spot for appliances with sleek and classic designs, so the Dyson TP04 takes the trophy for the best-looking air purifier.

Now before we dive into the pros and cons of the TP04, let’s take a quick look at the features and specifications.


Amp width


Base diameter with plate


Cord length




HEPA filter

Glass HEPA Media



Airflow max settings

361 l/s



Number of speed settings


The Dyson TP04 offers much more than an aesthetically pleasing design. Let’s look at the actual practicality and effectiveness of the Dyson TP04.

The Similarity to its Predecessors

The design. That’s about it!

No, really. While the Dyson TP04 looks similar to its predecessors, there were significant changes made to the newest version. Personally, I found the all-rounded oscillation range and the backward airflow mode to be the key motivating factors to go for the TP04 instead of the older models.

Comparing the TP04 to its predecessors is not the main focus here. So without further ado, let’s explore the TP04 in-depth.


  • Real-time air quality; room temperature; humidity and filter life feedback
  • Large amp is excellent for bigger rooms
  • Wide range of oscillation to cover the radius of the room
  • Allows purifying and backward airflow function to work separately.

The thing about pollutants and microscopic allergens is that you can’t see them. They are constantly present in our surrounding air, which makes it extremely important that we use a high-performing air purifier to get rid of these microscopic germs and pollutants.

man and cat with Dyson Air Purifier
Photo: Dyson

The Dyson TP04 is certified Asthma and Allergy friendly and has been awarded the Seal of Approval by PTPA, Parent Tested Parent Approved. This means it will help to relieve sinus pressure and reduce congestion due to its activated Carbon filter which helps to remove gases; and Glass HEPA filter which captures 99.95% of potentially harmful pollutants as small as bacteria and viruses.*  

Furthermore, the Air Multiplier loop has got a tiny detail that serves an incredible function. By reversing the airflow and blowing it through the slits in the loop, the TP04 will not serve its cooling effect but still functions perfectly as an air purifier. This is great on rainy days or for the days when you just want it to work as a purifier.

Dyson Air Purifier with woman
Photo: Dyson

I love the 350° oscillation range. It may seem like a small detail, but ever since my fan (which saw nothing more than a 90° turn) spoilt, the ultra-wide oscillation range captured my attention within seconds.

An LCD display may seem like a gimmick on an air purifier, but Dyson has maximised the potential and purposes of a tiny screen. It displays the air quality; current PM2.5 and PM10 levels; nitrogen dioxide and VOC (volatile organic compounds) levels; as well as indoor air temperature, humidity and remaining filter life.

Dyson Air Purifier Link App
Photo: Dyson

It is a lot of information to pack it into a small LCD screen, but Dyson makes that easy to navigate with the control or the Dyson Link App.


  • A little pricey
  • Fan gets loud at times
  • Rather heavy and big

If you’re wondering if there are any drawbacks to investing in the TP04, yes, there are.

I experienced the initial doubt that many others will have – is it worth investing in an air purifier, or a fan?

The quick answer will be a resounding yes.

It has partially got to do with the potential benefits that ultimately outweigh the cons. Besides being a little pricey, the fan does get a little loud at times especially if the area you reside in is highly polluted. But that means the TP04 is doing its job! Besides, who doesn’t love a little ASMR?

Now, I did find a way to get around the sound. Simply turn on the Night Mode which will dim the display and run the purifier more quietly which is perfect when I’m watching my dramas and want minimal distractions. Night mode will reduce airflow speeds to range from 1-4 which still provides adequate purification without audio distraction.

Also, while the Dyson TP04 had helped to reduce my sinus symptoms at night, the weight and size have made it rather impossible to lug it from my bedroom to the living room. And since it is for the better good of my family, the TP04 has found its place in the corner of my living room.

But even though I’ve left it in the living room for the better good of my family, I can still reap the benefits of the Dyson TP04. This is simply because Dyson air purifiers are designed to work for real homes and are tested with Dyson’s POLAR standards** which ensures that whole-room purification takes place throughout the entire house.

Overall, the Dyson TP04 is the Best Air Purifier of 2020

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*Up to 99.95% particles based on technical tests. Virus testing conducted on H1N1 by third party lab, Feb 2020.

** POLAR tests are conducted in a test chamber of 290ft2, with nine sensors to monitor air quality throughout the whole room.