Shopping toys for your baby can be tricky because they easily grow out of it in just a matter of months. It’s important to buy something that they could possibly use for quite a while and has more than one purpose or function.

Toys are important for a baby’s growth. They can help them develop their senses. And like other parents, you sure do want to be hands-on with your kids. Don’t leave them alone with gadgets. Grab a toy and play with them.

Here are a few suggestions on what kinds of toys you should consider buying for your baby.

Music Box

Music Box
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The sound of the music box always soothes and relaxes your baby. And we all know that a happy baby makes a happy mommy!

Music doesn’t only put your child easily to sleep, but studies have shown that a child who is often exposed to music have better memory and verbal skills.

If you think a music box is just too limited, you can have a music player instead.


Musical Mobile
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Mobiles can sure do keep your child busy while he is lying down in the crib. Any baby would love to see bright colors above them and you’ll just hear them giggle in delight.

You can also look for mobiles which plays music – just like a music box – so your child develops two senses.

Interactive Plush Toys

Sing and Play Interactive Plush Toy
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Plush toys are one of the easiest choices for babies. They are cute and huggable.

But the best plush toys to buy are those which are more than just a plush toy.

Look for plush toys that interact with your baby. Those that moves or makes sounds are great.

If you find that a bit too pricey, you can opt for plush toys which make different sounds and has different textures.

Plastic Rattles and Teethers

Baby Plastic Rattles and Teethers Set
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Just like plush toys, rattles and teethers are no-brainers when it comes to baby shopping. It would be a great combo if these two go together.

A rattle’s sound can easily catch a child’s attention. If they start to fuss, just give the rattle a little shake and they’ll start to tone done.

Teethers, on the other hand, are useful when they start teething. Babies feel uncomfortable when they teeth come out, and they soothe that by chewing on anything they grab on. Teethers help then ease that uncomfortable feeling and, since they’re safe to chew, your baby can just chew away to his delight.

If these can’t keep them quiet, then maybe you need to feed them or check their diaper!

Infant Play Mats

Baby Play Mat
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Isn’t it a joy when your baby’s simply lying down and giggling?

Play mats are not only for fun interaction and play time with your baby. You can also use the mat when you’re changing them and just want to make sure they don’t fuss right away.

Chose play mats which have more colors and toys hanged on it so your baby won’t easily get bored staring at it.

Stroller Toys

Stroller Toys
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Stroller toys are great in keeping your baby entertained while sitting on their strollers.

You can go outside for a walk with you baby and have a stroller toy as his companion. So when he gets bored with the sceneries, he can just play and fiddle with whatever is on the stroller toy.

This is also good to keep him entertained when you go out at the mall and stop to buy something. That way, he won’t easily fuss and make a scene.

Cloth Books

Cloth Book
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Books are important in a child’s growth despite such a young age. They may not be able to read yet, but reading to them is important in their brain development.

Choose cloth books instead of board books. That way, you don’t have to worry about your baby tearing them apart, or spilling liquids on it.

You can look for cloth books which have different textures and sounds for added interaction and fun!


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