From Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) to Fibre Optics and Broadband, there’s endless combinations and packages to choose from for the best broadband in Malaysia. Some of these packages come with service specials, while others include add-ons like cable TV.

ShopBack takes a look at UniFi and Maxis’ internet packages, and compares the pricing and offerings so that you can have a better idea of what to subscribe to.

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Breakdown of Maxis and UniFi Internet Packages

Maxis UniFi
RM Fibre Cable Fibre Cable & Broadband
Packages (home/personal)
  • Maxis 30 Mbps,
  • Maxis 100 Mbps
  • Broadband 1Mbps,
  • Broadband 2Mbps,
  • Broadband 4Mbps,
  • Broadband 8Mbps,
  • UniFi 30 Mbps,
  • UniFi 100 Mbps
Price Range/mth (personal) RM89 – RM129 RM110 – RM129
Packages (business)
  • Maxis 20 Mbps,
  • Maxis 32 Mbps,
  • Maxis 64 Mbps,
  • Maxis 100 Mbps
  • Broadband 1Mbps,
  • Broadband 2Mbps,
  • Broadband 4Mbps,
  • Broadband 8Mbps,
  • UniFi 10 Mbps,
  • UniFi 30 Mbps,
  • UniFi 100 Mbps
Price Range (business) RM208 (dynamic IP) to
RM598 (fixed IP)
RM198 – RM329
Minimum contract period 24 months 24 months

Whether you have your eye on the UniFi 30 Mbps package or the Maxis fibre plan we’ve broken down the cost of each internet package in Malaysia for you — by price, internet speed, and if you’re using the internet package for business or pleasure.

*Price range are prior to 6% GST charges


UniFi broadband plan
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A newer optic fibre internet service by Telekom Malaysia Berhad (TMB), UniFi covers a good number of internet ports nationwide in Malaysia. UniFi uses asymmetrical broadband speed, meaning their broadband is faster for downloads compared to uploading.

This makes it useful for personal use where downloads are usually preferred over uploading. The best part about UniFi is their add-on options. From parental control, voice IDD, additional security & surveillance, customise an internet package catered to your needs. They have also since updated their plans with more Broadband options for both personal and business usage. They also have special plans for students and online business owners for your consideration.

UniFi Personal Broadband

Plan Price per month Maximum Download Speed Maximum Upload Speed
Broadband 1Mpbs RM110 1Mbps 384Kbps
Broadband 2Mpbs RM130 2Mbps 384Kbps
Broadband 4Mpbs RM140 4Mbps 512Kbps
Broadband 8Mpbs RM160 8Mbps 512Kbps
UniFi Basic Plan 30Mbps RM79 30Mbps 10Mbps
UniFi Lite Plan 100Mbps RM129 100Mbps 50Mbps

UniFi personal broadband services come in two versions, the Broadband versions and the UniFi Basic and Lite plans. The Broadband plans come with a DECT phone and wireless router; the 8Mpbs version comes with a UniFi TV set-top-box as well.

Instead of the old Entertainment Pack or Mobility pack, the revamped Unifi plans come in two versions: Basic and Lite for 30Mbps and 100Mbps respectively. All of them comes with a free wireless router as well as a UniFi playTV access on unlimited devices. The 100Mbps version comes with an additional DECT phone and 600 minute talk time to all mobile and fixed lines nationwide.

  • Who is this for? UniFi plans are best for those who enjoy surfing the net casually without much use for downloading or uploading content. Meanwhile, the UniFi plans are great for home users who prefer optimising downloads over uploading, as well as using HyppTV.

UniFi Business Internet Package

Plan Price per month Maximum Download Speed Maximum Upload Speed
Business Broadband 1Mbps RM198 1Mbps 384Kbps
Business Broadband 2Mbps RM228 2Mbps 384Kbps
Business Broadband 4Mbps RM248 4Mbps 512Kbps
Business Broadband 8Mbps RM268 8Mbps 512Kbps
UniFi BIZ Lite Plan 10Mbps RM199 10Mbps 5Mbps
UniFi BIZ Advance Plan 30Mbps RM249 30Mbps 10Mbps
UniFi BIZ Pro Plan 100Mbps RM329 100Mbps 50Mbps

Likewise, UniFi has removed the Entertainment Pack and Mobility Pack. In return, users choose between Business Broadband and UniFi BIZ plans. The customisation upgrades remain, with choices like Office in a Box, Voice Plus and more still available.

The Business Broadband comes with Simple Voice Plus packages, free wireless router and DECT phone. The biggest difference between that and UniFi BIZ, besides the amount of MBps, is the restoration of up to 12 hours. The inclusion of the free HyppTV is available with plans above RM268.

For web-based business owners, check out the UniFi Ebiz BIZ plans with 10Mbps, 30Mbps, and 100Mbps options. Get up to RM30 free calls nationwide as well as unlimited wifi@unifi hotspots access. For more info, simply drop an enquiry sales form via their website.

  • Best for: businesses who prefer one-stop add-ons for convenience and customisation, with a large range of internet speeds depending on intended usage.

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Woman surfing internet on tablet
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Maxis covers a large area as well, going head to head with UniFi. Since their rebranding, they have made their prices more competitive. They also have a referrer rebates plan, where every successful referral will earn the person an RM10 rebate for 12 months.

Every new successful referral will also stack onto your current rebates. The person being referred will also get a perk of having their first month’s bill waived. Furthermore, Maxis has a special feature called Maxperts, where a team of experts will help you out with installations and queries on site. Customers who purchase a 30mbps plan and above will receive free Maxperts service.

MaxisONE Home Fibre

Plan Price per month Maximum Download Speed Maximum Upload Speed
MaxisONE Home 30Mbps RM89 30Mbps 30Mbps
MaxisONE Home 100Mbps RM129 100Mbps 100Mbps

Four different plans are offered for Maxis Home Fibre. Get unlimited calls to mobiles and landlines with free DECT phones; customers opting for the 30mbps plan and higher gets unlimited iflix access at home and mobile. iflix is Malaysia’s Video-On-Demand (VOD) services, which might be enticing for the regular movie junkie and families. There is no download quota set for MaxisONE plans either.

Add-ons are available only for customers with MaxisONE plan.

  • Best for: large families who use internet often and enjoys TV sessions, is not as tech-savvy and requires assistance from external parties.

Maxis ONEBusiness Fibre – Fixed IP

Plan Price per month Maximum Download Speed
Maxis Business Fibre with Fixed IP 30Mbps RM299 30Mbps
Maxis Business Fibre with Fixed IP 100Mbps RM339 100Mbps

Every computer and mobile device connected to the internet gets an IP address assigned by the Internet Service Provider (ISP). Having a dynamic IP address means each time your computer or router is rebooted, the ISP re-assigns an IP address to your device.

For businesses with domain names and servers linked to their IP address, this means your server and emails could become unreachable. Fixed IP, then, is designed so that you get linked to one static IP address. This also helps when VPNs are used internally for business resources.

In short, if your business wants to host your own website and servers, access PC from other places, and make stable VoIP calls like Skype and Facetime, fixed IP is a better bet. Naturally, Maxis Business Fibre does come with a higher cost. With the same broadband width, an additional RM200 is being added for this service.

  • Best for: online businesses with cross-border services, requiring internet-intensive usage, servers, and constant VoIP calls.

Sign Up for Internet Packages in Malaysia with ShopBack

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Keep a copy of the IC and thumbprint for e-verification, and schedule an installation date. Cashback will be sent to the ShopBack account after installation is completed. Convenient, hassle-free and easy!

The cashback is only available for new sign-ups, so check them out if you need a new internet plan. When it comes to the fine print, it’s always better to iron them out with the agents first. For example, the limit of the broadband speed could be geographically limited due to lack of ports. Do also check if your area’s covered by Maxis or UniFi before signing up.

Which of the above internet plans are you using, or which are you planning to go for?

*First Published 9 Oct 2017, Updated 26 Nov— 2018