The best drone cameras have become professionals’ and amateurs’ tools for shooting what handheld cameras can’t—far from the simple mini helicopter backyard toys they used to be. They have gained popularity in recent years. And with the many options in the market, how and which do you choose? Read on for a list of the best drone cameras for aerial photography and videography:

1. DJI Tello Boost Combo

best drone cameras
DJI Tello Boost Combo

The DJI Tello Boost Combo is an ideal drone camera model for newbies as it is easy to control. You just need to download the Tello app in your phone and control it from there. You can also control the drone via Bluetooth connection. It’s also smartphone VR headset compatible for when you want to have a first-person view of your panorama as you take it.

Drone tricks are also easy to do using the DJI Tello Boost Combo:

  • Bounce Mode allows the drone to fly up and down from your hand automatically.
  • You can begin your take by throwing the drone in the air, and it will automatically start flying.
  • Slide your phone screen to do 8D flips in the air.

Camera features:

  • 5 MP high-resolution photos
  • Circle, Up & Away, and 360 for recording coordinated videos
  • Intel Processor
  • Electronic image stabilization

Other key features:

  • Lightweight and durable design
  • Single-tap automatic take-off and landing
  • Alert when the battery becomes low
  • Failsafe Protection for a safe landing even when you lose connection
  • Precise hovering through a quality vision positioning system

Price: RM 579

Available at: Lazada

2. DJI Mavic Air Fly More Combo

What makes the DJI Mavic Air Fly More Combo unique is its foldable design for on-the-go ease But that doesn’t sacrifice the technical features. It can fly up to 40mph for 21 minutes, which is useful if you’re taking a timelapse!

Key features:

  • 8 GB internal storage
  • Flight autonomy 2.0 for a powerful vision sensing system
  • A foldable controller which allows your smartphone to be connected and detached comfortably
  • ActiveTrack feature which can detect up to 16 subjects (perfect when shooting running, cycling, and jumping scenes)
  • QuickShots selections allow for amazing selfie drone shots which are easily shared on social media via the DJI Go 4 app
  • 21-minute max flight time

Camera features:

  • 3-axis gimbal camera for fewer vibrations and steadier shots
  • 32 MP sphere panoramas stitching 25 shots in 8 seconds, plus 180-degree, horizontal, and vertical panoramas
  • 4K 30 fps, 100 Mbps UHD video
  • 1080p 120 fps slow-motion video for high-speed adventures

Price: RM 3,999

Available at: Lazada

3. Skydio R1

The Skydio R1 model is a flying supercomputer and a self-driving machine with an incredible subject tracking technology and collision protection system.

Key features:

  • NVIDIA TX1 256-core processor which builds a detailed 3D map of its surroundings
  • Movement predictability
  • 23 to 27 minutes of flying time
  • 64 GB internal storage

Camera features:

  • 1 main 4K camera, 2 cameras facing down, 2 corner cameras, 2 cameras facing up
  • Records 4K videos at 30 fps you can monitor and get via the mobile app
  • Subject tracking technology for steadier shots

Price: approx. RM 10,438.75

4. DJI Ryze Tello

The DJI Ryze Tello may be small, but it packs a punch with its powerful features. What’s more, you can activate it by throwing it into the air! With so many features for one great price, it’s definitely a buy to invest in!


DJI drone camera
DJI Ryze Tello

Key features:

  • Mobile compatibility which allows direct saving of shots
  • Positioning sensors
  • USB battery charging
  • Mobile phone swipe-directed tricks
  • Customized programming possible
  • 13-minute flight time

Camera features:

  • 5 MP image resolution
  • 720 p 360-video resolution
  • Electronic image stabilization

Price: RM 399

Available at: Lazada

5. PowerVision PowerEye

PowerVision’s PowerEye model has a hawk’s eye view from above and interchangeable cameras. You can control the drone via its mobile app, making it easy and convenient.

Key features:

  • Foldable and portable, with a travel case
  • 29-minute flight time
  • Dual pilot flight

Camera features:

  • 16.1 MP camera resolution, FPV
  • 4K at 30 fps video resolution
  • Interchangeable zoom lenses

Price: approx. RM 5,974.4

Key features to look for when shopping for a drone camera:

best drone cameras
Image Credit: Unsplash | @dyana
  • Control from your phone via Wi-Fi or radiofrequency. A farther range control allows for a broader view.
  • Strength of vibration. Sudden turns and movements can blur your photos or videos.
  • The number of lenses and sensors. Glass adds to the weight of the drone. The lighter it is, the longer its flight time.
  • Presence of collision detector. This is important to avoid aerial accidents.
  • Price vs features. Whether you choose to pay more or less, make sure you can get and maximize the features of the drone model you purchase.
  • Portability. Weight and size are not an issue if you’re using your drone at a single location only. But when it’s a device you which to travel with, you need one you can easily pack and carry.

We hope this guide has given you a better insight into the world of drone cameras! 

Important: Each country has governing laws on use and flying of drones. Be sure to check the UAV laws set by the Civil Aviation Authority of Malaysia before you purchase and fly one.

Featured Image Credit: Unsplash | @dyana, @aaronburden

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