Fitness trackers have suddenly become ubiquitous in our lives. Even our smart phones have basic health fitness apps and tracking straight out of the box. However, simply buying the most feature packed, latest or the most costly device may not be the best device for you.

The best device is simply the one that matches your personal needs. Which functions are you looking for? How active are you? Are you fashion conscious? Considering just how many devices there are on the market right now, there is definitely something for you out there.

Entry Level

These fitness trackers don’t break the bank but offers great functionality at a great price. While it may not boast as many features as their higher priced siblings, those who are looking for a functional tracker will not be disappointed.

Jawbone Up Move – 169 MYR

Upmove fitness tracker
Image Credit: Jawbone

Jawbone is already well-known for their excellent product line. The Up Move, is a pint-sized tracker that you can insert into a watch strap, clipped to your belt, bag, or anywhere convenient. However, if you want the strap, it’s going to cost you extra.

Paying for a plain silicon strap might leave a bad taste in your mouth especially considering that aesthetically, the strap looks like it was made for a young child.

The tracker itself is tiny. 2 x 2 cm and about 1 cm thick, you can easily slide it or clip it anywhere you please and you will almost forget that its there. One downside however, is it is not waterproof or water resistant which is a bummer.

The LED display shows daily goals, syncs seamlessly with iOS or Android. Sleep tracking requires you to utilise the companion app and works pretty good.

Withings Go / Nokia Go – 290 MYR

Withings Go
Image Credit: Withings

The Withings Go is a no frills fitness tracker, with a rugged water-resistant design and basic fitness and sleep tracking features. With a design aesthetic that unashamedly declaring that it is a fitness tracker, this is not the only way that the Withings Go differentiates itself from other trackers.

Featuring iOS and Android support, a whopping 8-month battery life and an E ink display, the Withings Go is a great option for buyers who want a device strictly for exercising and sleep tracking.

For the more fashionable crowd, the design can be a bit of a sticking point but its utilitarian look will not matter to those who are after a fitness tracker that gives you what you want.

Nokia Withings Go In Water
Image Credit: Nokia Health

The downside to the Withings Go is that its tracking functionality and software is a little sparse. Being able to only track running, walking, swimming and sleeping means that people who perform more specialised exercise such as yoga, weight lifting, dance or pilates, are left out in the cold.

A lack of GPS and a heart rate monitor also has to be mentioned as this will mess with the ability for the device to accurately report distances that you have ran or swam.

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These are for the ones who want something that has more advanced features, better materials used or simply more specialized tracking featuers, then these devices might pique your interest.

Misfit Flash – 230 MYR

Image Credit: Misfit

Another entry from the Misfit line, the Misfit Flash is a sleek, thin metallic coin shaped tracker that can easily be attached to a watch strap, clip or a bag without sticking out like a sore thumb.

Aesthetically, it is sleek and stylish enough to not make you want to hide it in shame compared to the frankly childish look of some of the other trackers.

Made out of plastic, this affordable tracker boasts some features of higher end fitness trackers but at a great price. Waterproof up to 30 meters meaning you can shower or swim with the tracker on, battery that lasts 6 months, sleep tracking, step tracking and compatible for both iOS and Android.

The app lays out in a nice, clean format exactly how many steps you’ve taken. While sleep tracking isn’t as in depth or advanced such as detecting REM cycles, you cannot complain about the functionality or value that you are getting.

Moov Now – 300 MYR

Image Credit : Moov

The Moov Now is a highly rated, wearable fitness tracker. Its unique 9-axis accelerometer allows for the tracking of a myriad of stats accurately such as a step counter, sleep tracker, how many reps you’ve done at a gym, swimming laps and even personalised coaching.

This means that it can provide you with a bevy of accurate statistics that allows you to know precisely how much you’ve done each time you work out. The coaching does mean that you will need to have your phone on you with some form of ear-phones which can be a turn off for those who dislike taking their phone with them but, the coaching can help you reach your daily goal or to change up your workout.

It’s really tough not to recommend the Moov Now. While its unique lattice design may not be for everyone, for a fitness tracker that comes packed with as many great features at its price makes it a vastly attractive prospect.

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For those who demand nothing but the best, these devices charge a premium for their advanced tracking statistics and smart features.

Fitbit Charge 2 – 560 MYR

Fitbit Charge 2
Image Credit : Fitbit

The Fitbit Charge 2 provided a big step up over the charge HR and it’s easy to see why. Offering sleep tracking, tracking of steps taken (default goal set to 10k a day), and an intuitive, easy to use app and much more, it comes absolutely packed with features.

One noticeable upgrade is that the Charge 2 tracks multiple types of exercise such as running, weights, cycling and even several types of gym workouts.

Housed in a stainless steel chassis, the newer and sleeker charge 2 will automatically detect whenever you start working out so there is no fiddling with the app, or your phone in the middle of your work-out. All you have to do is strap it on and keep going.

For more accurate readings of specific types of exercise, you should probably set up the tracker beforehand to get accurate data.

Fitbit Charge 2
Image Credit: Fitbit

One thing we have to knock it for is its lack of a GPS function. While it will sync with your phones GPS function, it’s a little disappointing that the Fitbit Charge 2 lacks an integrated function. This means that you will have to carry your phone with you for distance data which could be an annoyance for some. Keep in mind that it is not waterproof so be mindful of getting the device wet.

The Fitbit Charge 2 features a new heart rate tracking technology they’ve dubbed “PurePulse” that is coupled with a guided breathing function.

PurePulse will allow you to see your heart rate with no fuss and the guided breathing feature will advise you on breathing to improve your workout or conditioning. This feature alone makes the Fitbit Charge 2 a standout in a crowded space and its nice to see a tracker pay attention to your breathing and post-workout cool down.

There are even more features in this fitness tracker — features such as a silent alarm, nutrition planning, stair counter, and it even encourages you to move if you are stationary for too long. While it does have its drawbacks, it is overshadowed by its awesome features and ease of use.

Garmin Vivomove – 500 – 1000 MYR

Image credit: Garmin

The pricing for the Garmin Vivomove has several different price points. The cheapest option is the Sport version that goes for approximately 500 MYR while other versions can go as high as 1000 MYR.

Garmin have always been known for their utilitarian, no nonsense aesthetic. With the Vivomove however, its clear that it was intended that this was meant to be a fitness tracker that can be worn to any occasion. The Vivomove is a smart analog watch that syncs with Garmin’s “Garmin Connect” which provides personalized advice, or feedback on your exercise. However, compared to Fitbit, Garmin connect has some catching up to do in terms of usability.

The Vivomove has a stainless steel chassis with a strap in TPU, silicone or leather depending on the version you buy. It is water proof up to 50 meters and all the usual suspects when it comes to fitness tracking with no real stand out features.

Garmin Vivomove
Image Credit: Garmin

Boasting an accelerometer and a motion sensor, the Vivomove does provide some in depth stats about sleep, steps and distance traveled for indoor workouts. One nice little touch is that the Vivomove automatically modifies the number of steps you should take based on your activity.

While it can feel like your device is nagging you or arbitrarily moving goal posts, its a neat touch that does help to push you to reach your goals.

Some may knock it for lacking a smart screen, but analog watch faces never go out of style and for the more fashion conscious, this could be a plus. The Garmin Vivomove is a fitness tracker for the more fashion forward crowd with decent tracking.

Woman exercising on mat

Which fitness tracker do you use to track your movements and your sleep cycle and more? Which fitness tracker is your favourite?

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