Everyone has those lazy nights with friends; you know, the ones when you are all too lazy to get up to cook or to buy dinner. So why not order in with the wide array of FoodPanda deals and curl up in front of the screens to watch your favourite movie, and enjoy your dinner with your friends in ease and in peace.

So here is a list of the best-rated restaurants in Malaysia that you can order in with FoodPanda and enjoy a mess-less meal. This selection was based on the ease of ordering and eating, so you should have little to no problem ordering your food and even less mess eating it. Unless, of course, you decide to start a food war, or begin stealing from your friends.


Image credit: commons.wikimedia.org

  • Chili’s Grill and Bar

Chili's Grill and Bar

Image credits:  Billy Hathorn | en.wikipedia

With a great selection of Western food, you can order your mains (pasta, tacos, and quesadillas) and some sides to share. Chili’s portions are quite large, so do take that into account when you order with FoodPanda.

  • Hot and Roll (Plaza Shah Alam)

Hot and Roll Tacos

Image credits: Levoqd | pixabay.com

Hot and Roll sells a variety of wraps, so just grab yours and eat it fast before anyone else steals yo’ food. This makes the list just because ordering is almost fuss free, and the food is also highly portable – great for eating on couches or beds. These are also great if you are on a budget!

  • Nyonya Valley (Cyberjaya)

Nyonya Valley Kueh Pie Tee

Image credits: Alpha | flickr.com

Nyonya Valley’s collection of Asian food is extensive, serving a good number of traditional Malaysian food. You can either get rice and dishes to share, or get your very own portion of fried rice or noodles. Whatever you choose to order, have a great cosy meal surrounded by great friends, delivered by FoodPanda. You deserve it.

  • Brooklyn B Bagel Bakery & Café

Great NYC Breakfast - Brooklyn B Bagel Bakery & Café

Image credits: JayMantri | pixabay.com

Who knew there were so many ways to prepare a bagel?! They have bagels, bagelwiches, pressed bagels, and a whole selection of bagels within each category! But wait! They also have the staples like pasta, fish and chips, as well as an all-day Great NYC Breakfast! Be sure to either share your food (so you can taste what your friends ordered too) or gobble your food up as fast as possible to prevent theft!

  • Ashley’s by Living Food

Ashley’s by Living Food Gourmet Salad

Image credits: bottlefish | pixabay.com

By far the healthiest selection on this list of FoodPanda restaurants, Ashley’s by Living Food is the go-to for those with special diets. Vegans, vegetarians, and pescetarians would all be jumping for joy when ordering with Ashley’s! They also have “live” food which are vegetables which are only partially cooked, so those who prefer a better crunch for their vegetables, like how they would prepare it at home.

*Note: The above restaurants may not be available in your region. Do check with FoodPanda for more details!

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Featured image credit: Yanks9596 | commons.wikimedia.org