Korean makeup and Korean skincare are all the rage these days. Featured in popular Korean dramas and well-loved by Korean celebrities, Korean makeup and skincare are known to do their job well and can ranges from affordable to expensive products.

Here, we round up some of the most affordable and value-for-money Korean skincare products that are worth every penny. Looking fabulous doesn’t mean that need to burn a hole in your pockets!

Best Korean Skincare Products in 2020

1) A’BLOOM Coco-Me-Up Lifting Coconut Mask

Coco-Me-Up Lifting Coconut Mask (1 Sheet)
Image credit: Althea

Bask in the summer mood with A’bloom’s mask! The Coco-Me-Up helps to firm and lift your skin for a plump complexion. Infused with coconut and tremella mushroom extracts (rare to see in mask), a simple 15 to 20 minutes with this mask will give you that subtle, glowing skin you’ve been craving.

Price: RM3

2) A’BLOOM Berry-Me-Baby Anti-aging Blueberry Mask

Berry-Me-Baby Anti-aging Blueberry Mask (1 Sheet)
Image credit: Althea

Closely related to the Coco-Me-Up mask, the Berry-Me-Baby mask serves a very different function. Poised to tackle fine lines and signs of aging, the mask is chockfull of anti-aging properties (read: antioxidants) and infused with blueberry and pomegranate extracts to repair and restore the youth in your skin.

Price: RM3

3) JARDIN Rose Quartz Face Roller

Rose Quartz Face Roller
Image credit: Althea

Face rollers have been around for centuries but didn’t quite get the attention they deserved, until recent years. This JARDIN dual-ended Rose Quartz Face Roller is  made from 100% natural Brazilian gemstone and helps to improve blood circulation while encouraging collagen synthesis. All these seemingly tiny details will give you a plump and relaxed complexion after use! Chill this in the fridge before use for a cooling sensation.

Price: RM116, was RM176

4) COSRX Acne Pimple Patch

COSRX Acne Pimple Master Patch
Image Credits: COSRX

Having breakout or acne problems? The COSRX Acne Pimple Master Patch comes with 24 patches of varying sizes. Put them on your troubled areas and let it work its magic! It works by drawing out the impurities from troubled spots and effectively ridding the skin of unwanted bacteria while preventing external bacteria from entering.

Plus it works well with larger, stubborn pimples as the swelling goes down when left overnight!

Price: RM16, was RM18

5) It’s Skin Power 10 Formula VC Effector

Power 10 Formula VC Effector Super Size (60ml)
Image credit: Althea

This VC Effector is that boost your skin needs in the morning. Infused with vitamin C and green tea extracts, it lightens dark spots and brightens your complexion while smoothing your skin texture. The lightweight and fast-absorbing concentrate is ultra comfortable to wear on the skin and is suitable to apply before your makeup!

Price: RM25, was RM30 (30ml)

6) Innisfree Green Tea Seed Serum

Green Tea Seed Serum (80ml)
Image credit: Althea

The Innisfree Green Tea Seed Serum has been around for a long time – and for good reasons! Innisfree has harnessed the goodness of green tea seeds from Jeju to give your skin utmost moisture and protection. The serum contains amino acids that will keep your skin hydrated for the day and it is also suitable for use before makeup.

Price: RM60, was RM96 (80ml)

7) Mamonde Rose Water Toner

Rose Water Toner (250ml)
Image credit: Althea

The familiar scent of roses are apparent in the Mamonde Rose Water Toner – and it’s absolutely lovely! It is made with 90.97% Bulgarian Damask rosewater that is great for hydration and also has soothing properties. You will also be glad to know that this is manufactured without synthetic pigments, animal oils or mineral oils – making this ideal for all skin types.

Price: RM42, was RM55


Best Korean Makeup Products in 2020

1) ALTHEA Petal Velvet Powder

Petal Velvet Powder (3g)
Image credit: Althea

Althea’s very own product range features an extensive range of products and this is one of the best. The translucent powder works as a setting powder that gives your makeup a silky finish while controlling sebum production throughout the day. So keep the sebum at bay and look great throughout the day!

Price: RM15, was RM28

2) A’BLOOM Baby Meringue Puff

Baby Meringue Puff (3P)
Image credit: Althea

Did someone say “cute”? These Baby Meringue Puff from A’bloom are adorable and super versatile. Use them dry or damp for perfect and detailed application of your foundation, blush, bronzer, highlighter, anything!

Just resist the urge to take a bite out of them!

Price: RM15, was RM21

3) A’BLOOM Brow Wow Eyebrow Pencil

Brow Wow Eyebrow Pencil (0.18g)
Image credit: Althe

It isn’t rocket science to get your brows on fleek. With the right technique and a great brow product, it is much easier than you think! The Brow Wow Eyebrow Pencil goes from gel-to-powder for an au naturel finished that is clean and well defined.  The angled pencil makes it easy to draw strokes that mimic hair while the spoolie brush blends the product for natural-looking brows.

Price: RM11, was RM15

4) ALTHEA Primer Water

Primer Water (200ml)
Image credit: Althea

Preparing your skin for makeup is extremely important. And to achieve long-lasting makeup, priming your skin is extremely important. The Althea Primer Water helps to smooth, hydrate and plump your skin and preps it for makeup. It creates a smooth canvas which allows products to apply seamlessly and stay on for the whole day, giving you that flawless dewy look throughout.

Price: RM30, was RM52

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First published 4 Jul 2017, updated 2 Jul 2020