Music streaming has become an essential part of our lives and in the centre of it all stands Spotify – the most popular music streaming application around. We jam to our favorite tunes while en route to work, workout to songs that get our adrenaline pumping, or wind down with chill tunes before bed, all with Spotify!

With Spotify, there is an endless supply of catchy tunes to tap your feet to. Spotify allows you to customize your listening experience through personalization and curation of music they think will suit your taste. And it most certainly does. Long gone were the days of trying to find new songs to listen as you discover their Top Hits. Did we mention, there are even Mood Playlists? Perfect for any and every mood you’re feeling.

By now, it’s not the songs and endless playlists you want to know about. But instead, how to stay productive throughout this tiring period – since you’re likely to be working from home. We’ve curated a list of Spotify playlists with tunes that are bound to boost your productivity. Whether you have Spotify Premium or not, these are the ones you’d want to be listening to right now.

1. Productive Morning

For the morning meetings and life without a cuppa, a Productive Morning playlist might just be what you need. Kick start your to-do list with this playlist!


2. Today’s The Day!

Yes, it will be! And even if it’s not, this Spotify playlist will make it the day. Kickstarting with Beyoncé and including the likes of Maroon 5 and Lauv, you’re sure to be bobbing your head to this playlist as you work along.


3. Work From Home – Joe Hisaishi

The music maestro behind the wonders of Studio Ghibli’s soundtracks, including Spirited Away and Totoro, this Work From Home playlist will be classical playlist you love. From the musical soundtracks to other songs from his albums, this compilation of classical tracks will be music to your ears.


4. Deep Focus

If you prefer listening to the sounds of nature, the Deep Focus playlist is filled with ambient and post-rock music. Melancholic and calming, I find this to be effective in boosting my productivity on days when the weather is too warm and I have trouble focusing.


5. Creative Boost

For those involved in creative work, be it designing or writing, that creative juice just seems to run low on certain days. That’s when you’ll need that Creative Boost from music on Spotify. Get your creative juice flowing and let the ideas come naturally, and who knows? They might just be the best ones yet.


6. Your Favourite Coffeehouse

Everyone loves a laidback afternoon in a rustic coffeehouse. Sipping on an iced latte and finishing your work tasks for the day. While that’s not exactly possible now, you can mimic that at home with this Coffeehouse playlist on Spotify. Brew your own cup of iced coffee (or the popular dalgona coffee) and sit where the natural sunlight hits. And there you have it, a makeshift coffeehouse right at your home.


7. Lo-Fi Beats

No singing, just some relaxing beats to focus to. Lo-Fi music is one of the most-streamed playlists on YouTube and is ideal for work and study.


8. Disney Piano

While the Disney Hits playlist feature soundtracks that will make you break out in tune anywhere, the Disney Piano playlist is more suitable for work. It does not lose that Disney magic we’re familiar with, but also keeps it understated and calm enough for you to focus on your work. But if singing while working is your kind of thing, then go for the Disney Hits playlist as you like!


9. Binaural Beats: Focus

Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response (ASMR) has became a huge thing on the internet in recent years. While this Spotify playlist is not related to food ASMR or popping bubble wrap, it actually creates different brainwave frequencies to help your focus peak. If you need to focus on preparing for that presentation, this is the playlist you’ll want to head for.


10. Indie Pop

To end it on a lighter note, if you just need some music to fill the void (that’s otherwise your office chatter), the Indie Pop playlist is my favourite go-to. You’ll also get to discover other indie singers and find something new. Plus, it’s great company to have some music in the background that’s not overly distracting!

It’s a tough period for all of us but we’ll get through this together, and hopefully, these Spotify playlists make your day better too. If you need a steady internet connection to stream your music, check out the likes of UnifiMaxis and Time Internet to get Cashback when you sign up!

Enjoy the playlists and stay safe everyone!