Headphones have definitely progressed beyond the bulky, metallic and uncomfortable contraptions they were a few decades ago. Nowadays you can even choose to go wireless.

Wireless headphones come in different sizes and shapes. How do you know which one is best for you?

There are several types available. Firstly there’s the Bluetooth headphone which looks like regular large headphones. and then there are Bluetooth earbuds which are small, lightweight and fit into your ears snugly.

These are some the types of wireless headphones for different uses:

1. If you’re an outdoor sports enthusiast

If you’re on the treadmill and you want some high octane music to get your going, consider a wireless headphone that’s specifically designed for your active lifestyle.

One example is the Bose Soundsport Truly Wireless Earbuds ( get it at Lazada for RM949). It’s designed to stay firmly in your ear no matter how fast or vigorously you move. That’s because there are soft silicone ‘hooks’ that help secure the earbuds firmly to your ear every time.

Bose soundsport earphones
Image credit: Lazada

2. If you travel a lot

If you’re often on the go and need wireless headphones that support your work and can sync up with laptops and tablets, you should go with a Bluetooth headphone with very long battery life. Consider a headphone like the Sony WH-CH500 (get it from Sen Heng at RM297). It supports up to 20 hours of playback time for each round of charging. The swivel portions around the ears can be folded so that it can be stored more easily while you travel.

Sony wireless headphones
Image credit: Sen Heng Online Store

3. If you want something to use with your phone

For casual music fans that need practical earbuds suitable for daily use, consider some lightweight and affordable earbuds. You can go for the fuss-free Xiaomi Air Dots which are available at Lazada for about RM63. Each pair of earbuds come in a lightweight case that also doubles as a charging port. These earbuds are pretty basic, and they provide excellent sound delivery and muffling of ambient noise.

Xiaomi Air Dots
Image credit: Lazada

4. If you’re an avid gamer

Gamers need superior quality sound, as well as surround sound to complete the whole gaming experience. One of the best wireless gaming headphones available out there is the SteelSeries Siberia X800 (which you can find on Lazada). It is a little pricier than regular headphones as it features some pretty high-end specs. Currently, this wireless headphone retails for about RM1750 to RM 1950.

SteelSeries Siberia X800
Image credit: Lazada

5. If you like to party

If you like music with heavy bass beats, there are headphones out there that cater specifically to your needs. One of these is NEW Beats by Dr. Dre that retails for about RM300. It’s also available on Lazada and features pure adaptive noise canceling or Pure ANC technology. The headphones come with on-ear controls that let you take and reject calls, switch music and turn on Siri.

headphones New beat dr dre
Image credit: Lazada

6. If you want something affordable but durable

Not all wireless headphones and earbuds are pricey. There are certain ones that are pretty decently priced ones that are designed to be resilient against the weather and frequent rough handling. One waterproof pair of wireless earbuds is the WX IPX7 which is retailing on Lazada for only RM82.40. The earbuds are able to connect with any device in a one-step method that’s easy to carry out.

It’s also a bonus that they look incredibly futuristic and stylish.

Wireless ear buds
Image credit: Lazada

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