Love is such a big word. It goes beyond what dictionary descriptions say. So let’s focus on romantic love for now. It is the kind of love that is shared between two people that are not family members. How would you know? Well, the scenario goes like this: You meet someone, get to know that person, and eventually fall in love.

But how can you convince yourself that you’re in love? Our biological makeup as human beings cannot lie. Our bodies can say a lot about what we really feel.

Here are foolproof evidences to make us nod our heads and say, yes, what we feel is indeed love.

Your sense of touch becomes more sensitive

Sense of touch

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When you love someone, it is normal to become a bit touchy. Giving and receiving hugs are normal. Your skin becomes accustomed to this touches and the additional sensitivity can help calm and relax you. It would seem like your skin gives special meaning to the hugs or touches given by your special someone.

Your sense of sight and vision improves

Sense of sight

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You know what they say when you meet someone special, everything else blurs but not that person. Same goes with whatever that person gives you. For example, flowers. The colors suddenly become bright and vivid. This is also connected to the dilation of pupils that happen when we are with someone special. When you look at someone you’re attracted to, the pupils naturally dilate because of something that happens in the nervous system.

Your sense of hearing becomes sharp

Do you notice how sharp your hearing can be when you talk to someone special? It’s like you can almost hear every whisper, every breath, every sigh that person makes whatever the location. Being in love makes you want to remember everything you listen to.

Your sense of smell becomes heightened

One of the most common factors that get our attention is a person’s odor or fragrance. For some reason, there is a certain feeling of recognition when you smell your special someone whether they use perfume or it’s their natural odor. It makes you feel secure, calm and relaxed. We also go for someone with a particular smell that sends signals to our brain.

Your mind becomes clear

Mind is clear

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Do you wonder why you get to remember every detail when you’re in love? All the grand and simple memories are retained. The brain works clearly because of the chemicals that are released when you feel the love.

You feel generally calm and relaxed

Calm and relaxed

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The mere presence of your special someone will magically make your stress and worries disappear. Your muscles ease their tension due to the comfort and contentment that you feel when you are with someone special. You can easily compare this feeling when you are with other people because you are not comfortable with them. There is an unexplained muscle tension when you don’t like the person you are with. It is times like this when you should treat yourself to a much-needed relaxing spa session. Use Fave promo codes to get major discounts for spa, massages and more.

Undeniably, nothing beats being around that someone special who would give you a soul-level soothing effect.

You feel warm all over

There is this familiar feeling when you are with someone that you are comfortable with. The warmth you feel is like something that reminds you of home. This is also something that you feel when you realize your cheeks are naturally blushing when you’re in love. If you feel chilly with someone, then you are not in love!

You get sweatier

This is related to the warmth that you feel whenever you are near someone who is special. This may also be similar to when you feel anxious or panicky or nervous. You tend to feel hot and get sweaty at strange times. It is also similar to when you feel the physical sensation of adrenaline rush. Palms are the most common areas to get sweaty.

Your heart rate synchronizes with the person

Heart beat as one

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Studies reveal that couples who fall in love and spend time together begin to have synchronized heartbeats compared to when they are with people they don’t love. Lovers’ hearts really beat as one! You will need a stethoscope on this one!

You become motivated

There is something happening to the brain that makes you feel eager to do things you were not even noticing during normal days. Your special someone must be a person that has a positive effect on you and your lifestyle. There will even be times that you want to try new things. If he or she inspires you and brings out the best in you, then it’s a sign! Productivity and renewed energy is a good sign!

You feel a kind of high

Love is a drug

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They say love is a drug… a good drug! Researchers say that falling in love triggers a feeling that is the same as the feeling if you’re high on cocaine. It also makes you feel crazy or out of your mind. This has something to do with the chemicals in the brain.

Your voice changes pitch

According to a study published in 2011, people tend to change the tone of their voice whenever they speak to someone they love. Notice how softer and calmer you talk whenever you are in front of someone you like? Your tone is obviously different from when you speak to other people. Voice modulation is also triggered by getting attracted to a certain timbre of the sound of someone’s speaking voice. Females tend to go for someone with a manly voice, while males go for someone with a more feminine-sounding voice.

These are just some of the many ways in which our bodies react to love. You still have a lot to learn when it comes to biological and physical signs of being in love or knowing if you already love someone. What signs do you think are applicable to you? How many signs have you ticked off while thinking of that special someone in your life?

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