Black Friday Cyber Monday Sales 2020 Malaysia

With Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales happening right now, retailers are gearing up to give out big discounts. Some of you might wonder – what exactly is Black Friday Cyber Monday? In the United States, Black Friday is the day when stores reopen after the Thanksgiving holidays, hence the crazy promotions. However in the recent years, it is popularised to be a huge thing in Malaysia too.

With so many sales and discounts, how do you make the best of your buck? Here are some top tips to score that item you’ve been eyeing this Black Friday and Cyber Monday from 27 November (Black Friday) to 30 November (Cyber Monday)!

PS: Stay tuned till the end for some of the best deals you’ve got to look out for with ShopBack!

1. Compare Item Sale Prices

Often, many retailers will have different sale prices. The item you like in one store might be 40% off there, but what happens if you discover the same item after buying it for a bigger discount in another store? If you compare prices, you’ll always be able to find bigger deals!

2. Set your clock to the timezone of the country you’re looking at

Timezones can be a tricky thing to navigate, and especially if you want something from an overseas online store that follows that country’s time. Our tip: have different clocks of the countries whose stores you want to buy from. Or, input different timezones into your phone’s world clock so you can keep track of them all. When the clock strikes midnight in that country, that’s when the sale will start!

3. Have different devices ready

In case something happens with one device or wifi speeds differ, it’s always good to have a backup device to purchase your items on. Especially if you’re grabbing items at midnight and trying to beat the online crowd, you want to have double the chances of getting your desired items. Connect your devices to different wifi routers(or your cellular data if you don’t have another router) so you can get your items without worrying if they’ll sell out!

4. Lurk on social media

Often, retailers will advertise their best deals and flash sales on social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. It’s always good to stay in the know and you might just chance upon a sale on something you really want. If you’re involved in a social media community like ShopBack’s Facebook Group, you can ask for help if you want deal advice!

5. Check The Return Policy

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Before buying an item, it’s a good practice to check the returns policy. If you decide the item you bought during the sale isn’t for you, you could return it if you know what items they accept and what you’re getting back. During sale periods, the terms and conditions for returns can be a little different.  You can check the return policy on the Terms and Conditions page of the online store.

6. Use stackable coupon codes for bigger discounts

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Along with upsized Cashback when you shop with merchants featured on ShopBack, you can combine Cashback with store discounts to save more on your purchases. Check ShopBack’s webpage for coupon codes and special flash deals that will run through Black Friday!

7. Subscribe to newsletters for more information

If you’ve used an online service before, you’ve likely received newsletters from various stores that sometimes end up in your spam folder. These newsletters can contain special deal information and coupon codes ahead of everyone else as well, and keep you informed on the latest events that your favourite store may hold! And speaking of special deals…

Special Black Friday Cyber Monday Malaysia Deals

Here are some of Black Friday Cyber Monday events and deals you can check out on ShopBack!

Black Friday Cyber Monday Flash Sale Calendar

What’s a Black Friday Cyber Monday sale without iconic ShopBack Flash Sales? Here’s a neat cheat sheet for your reference. So mark your calendars for your favourite stores!

black friday cyber monday flash sale calendar

Refer a Friend this BCFM – Earn up to RM30!

Got a friend who loves shopping as much as you do? Refer them and earn up to RM30! You can opt in for the challenge via the ShopBack App.

ShopBack Black Friday Cyber Monday Challenges

While you’re doing your shopping, don’t miss out on getting bonuses & rewards from us too. These simple challenges include making your first order via the ShopBack Button Web Extension (and its free!) or just by shopping at your favourite stores.

For the full-list of challenges, check them out on the ShopBack App!

If you’re new to ShopBack Challenges, read more about how it works here:

DatesShopBack ChallengeBonuses & Rewards
23 Nov - 14 DecDo your year-end shopping from top brands on ShopeeUp to 13.10% Cashback
1 Nov - 30 NovMake your first travel bookingGet 3% Bonus Cashback (capped at RM20)
6 Nov - 30 NovMake your first purchase on selected Beauty storesRM2 Bonus Cashback
6 Nov - 30 NovMake your first purchase on selected Fashion storesRM2 Bonus Cashback
25 Nov - 30 NovFirst purchase on selected Electronics storesRM10 Bonus Cashback
17 Nov - 30 NovMake your first order via the ShopBack Button Web ExtensionRM3 Bonus Cashback

Don’t forget to shop with ShopBack and check this page for the newest deals! You can also check out the deals in Black Friday Australia.

This information is accurate at the time of writing and subject to change without prior notice.

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