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BloomThis is all about creating moments of happiness through beautiful, handcrafted bespoke bouquets. However, when you buy flowers for your loved ones, have you ever stopped to think about what each flower means? Different types and even colours of flowers mean very different things. They can symbolise our emotions, sentiments or even represent important events. They can even tell a lot about the personality of a person based on their preferences!
Here is what your favourite flower might say about your personality!

1. Sunflower | Warm & Cheerful

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The scientific name of the Sunflower plant has its origins in the Greek language. Helios means sun and anthos means flower in English. The sunflower was once worshipped for its beauty and grace in the ancient Incan Empire where Priestesses wore large sunflower disks made of gold. Native American tribes also used to place bowls of sunflower seeds on graves of their dead as they believed that the seeds would guide and sustain them through their journey into the afterlife.

People who like the Sunflower are heartily warm and cheerful people. They love being around people and are often the life of the party. They enjoy being at the centre of attention, exuding confidence and positivity everywhere they go. Their mere presence has the ability to light up any room.

2. Roses | Traditional & Romantic


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The national flower of England, the name Rose comes from the latin word rosa. A popular flower of choice to represent love, the Rose is a symbol of balance, timeless love and beauty.

Traditional and grounded, people who like the Rose are generally passionate and romantic. They appreciate tradition, so new-age romance does not appeal to them as much. But with its beauty, comes its thorns. Rose lovers strive for perfection and excellence in life, and expect the same out of those around them.

3. Baby’s Breath | Commitment


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Baby’s Breath has been a requisite in all weddings fixtures, flower arrangements and bouquets since the early 1990s, coming in delicate shades of white, pink and faint yellow.

A flower that thrives in soil high in gypsum — a soil that is typically too thick and heavy for other types of plants — Baby’s Breath stands for purity of emotions, innocence and untainted love. Hence, people who like Baby’s Breath are true romantics. They value both dedication and commitment, both in romantic and familial relationships. They hold qualities of self-discipline and commitment in high regard.

4. Tulips | Free-Spirited


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Origins of the name, Tulip, comes from a long and convoluted history. There have been debates over it but most etymologists trace it back to the Persian word for turban, delband. Although the Netherlands are famed for their Tulips, native strands have been found in countries such as North Africa, Greece, Ukraine, Turkey and even China.

Bring native to so many countries across the globe, Tulips signify a person’s love for travel. People who relate to Tulips are highly adaptable with a very malleable soul. They love change and it brings excitement to their lives. They are always seeking ways to improve themselves, their lives and even the people around them. That being said, they are still deeply rooted to their loved ones; family and friends.

5. Violets | Loyalty & Purity


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Known as the “Flower of Modesty”, it hides its flowers in heart-shaped leaves. Greek and Roman mythology has it that Apollo, son of Zeus, incessantly pursued one of his sister’s, Artemis, nymphs. In order to prevent that from happening, Artemis turned her nymph into a violet in order to protect her modesty and purity.

People who like violets tend to be shy and reserved. You respect other people’s space and expect the same from others. Honesty and loyalty is highly-valued by them and they tend to keep to a small group of close friends. Having said that, it does not mean that they are cold people by nature. Violet flowers symbolise delicate love and affection and above all, nobility, virtue, intuition and modesty.

6. Carnations | Down To Earth


Image Credit: Pagemoral | commons.wikimedia.org

The Carnation’s scientific name, Dianthus, is derived from the latin words “dios”, which means god, and anthos”, which means flowers. Therefore, they are also referred to as flowers of the gods. 

Carnations represent fascination, distinction and love. People who like Carnations are dependable and tend to be a great listeners. Friends and family look to them as a source of comfort and advice as they are grounded, practical and down to earth people. At times reserved and uncomfortable with change, they are always genuine with their words and actions.

7. Peony | Benevolence


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Peonies play an important role in Chinese culture and tie in deeply with themes of royalty and honour. In fact, the Chinese term for Peonies directly translates to “most beautiful”. Conversely, peonies have a negative connotation in Western cultures. In the Victorian era, Peonies represented shamefulness and bashfulness and in the Middle ages,  it was considered unlucky to dig up a shrub of Peony.

People who like Peonies have a heart of gold! You love surprising people and making their day better. Peonies also represent wealth and riches, so people who like Peonies are upstanding people who bring honour through their personal achievements and successes in life.

8. Hydrangeas | Genuine


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In Eastern cultures such as Japan, Hydrangeas are highly revered are associated with gratitude. The Emperor of Japan supposedly gave Hydrangeas to his maiden for neglecting her in place of business.

People who like Hydrangeas tend to be moody and emotional in nature. People around them can find them to be a tad insensitive at times but therein lies the beauty of their character — being unabashedly unafraid to show their true emotions.

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